superhero capes

i’ve been making these capes for quite awhile now as gifts for all the little super heroes in our life. they also work great for little girls – both my girls have one and so do many of their friends and cousins.

i am now taking custom orders on these. they can be just about any color, you can choose 2 colors – one for the inside, one for the outside. i’ll do a custom monogram and we can talk about any other little details you’re interested in. each cape is $35 plus $3.50 for shipping. email me for details at



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    Deborah W says:

    Love the capes! I hope you do great with your sales.

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    I have a question. Since you are so handy with the sewing and scrap fabric. I have a bunch of old shirts of my daughters with stains on parts but perfectly great fabric on the rest. What would you make with them, I was considering using the fabric to make something more quilt like, altough I have no sewing experience and wanted to know if you knew of anything easy. I would love to try to attempt to make something out of them, rather than just throw them away. thank you so much in advance. I love your blog.

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    candace – i would totally do a quilt with them. martha stewart had a quilt done with old baby clothes in an old baby mag. you can find it online. its adorable. but you could also just put some appliques over the stains if the clothes still fit. or, you could make little dolls out of them. the black apple has a great doll pattern. hope that helps!

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    Momofgirls says:

    Precious! I love the warm feeling of all your Christmas decorations!

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