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head on over to the pleated poppy for a fun little giveaway!



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    Lindsey, would you make a Christmas hair clip for me for Madelyn please? If you only sell them in 3’s that’s fine! I love the set of three pins you did. Or, can you make a miscellaneous set with one Christmas, one pinks and browns and another one of whatever! Blessings! Priscilla

  2. 2

    will do, priscilla!

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    home2k9 Alpha says:

    This is a sweet giveaway! I’m partial to your checkbook covers… probably because I’m in need of one right now. Checkbook cover #1 with an aquatic print is lovely! If I win the posy pins they would go in several directions, one for me (often I wear this sort of thing in my hair) and the other two for each of my oldest nieces.

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    home2k9 Alpha says:

    P.S. I follow the Pleated Poppy Blog in Reader.

  5. 5
    The Tulip Lady says:

    Hey there, thanks for the giveaway!

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