all i needed was a little PIE

PIE – perspective, inspiration, and encouragement.

we are part of an amazing school. gracie attends school with 11 other kindergartners twice a week and i home school her the other 3 days. sometimes figuring out the balance of life and schooling can be difficult, so there’s a wonderful committee at the school called the PIE team and they host PIE nights, where we can get together, over dessert of course, and discuss relevant topics and get ideas, help, we can vent, some cry… its a time and place where you can relate to others in your same situation and find some sanity and encouragement.

so last week was another PIE night and i just wanted to tell you all some of the things i took away from that night, besides the super deliscious still-warm-from-the-oven brownies. the main topic was overall organization.

1. use baby wipes for everything. get the kids involved. this seriously works. all 3 of my kids have helped me clean 3 rooms, so far, from floor to ceiling with the wipes. while i’m up high on a chair cleaning above the doors and windows, they are down low wiping off fingerprints on the door jambs and cleaning my baseboards… happily!

2. don’t mop your floors, skate on them. it was suggested to put wipes under your feet to slide around the floors for a quick clean, but it didn’t work out well for us. instead we used damp rags under our feet and really got a good workout sliding across the floors. the girls didn’t want to stop, it was so fun!

3. morning chores. we’ve been implementing this for awhile, but tend to fall off the wagon. before starting our day, whether its a stay-at-home day or not, my girls must make their beds and get dressed. i try to have the beds made while i’m making breakfast, but it doesn’t always happen. i don’t demand perfection. lily is only 3, but she can do a great job pulling up her sheets and her quilt so they lay nice and flat, then i let them get creative on how they want to decorate with their pillows each day. somedays they simply lay in a pile, other days its more couch style. it allows them some ownership to do it how they want, but still getting the job done.

4. so i can’t really speak from experience on this one, but this was recommended by a fellow blogger recently (brianna?). over at they have a “printable chore planning system to help you have a clean and organized home and still have time for yourself!”, and its only $8 a year! what has drawn me to it is the fact that it really does seem do-able. here’s today’s list, for example:

-change dishcloth/towel
-change handtowels in bathrooms
-clean light fixture – hallways/entryway
-pull dead leaves off houseplants
-clip children’s nails
-dust children’s/guest rooms

now this is in addition to daily chores, which are:

-make beds
-load/run/empty dishwasher
-sweep kitchen and entryway
-clean kitchen sink
-plan/cook dinner
-wipeout bathroom sinks
-empty trash
-do laundry

since i am a serious procrastinator, i’m patting myself on the back for the fact that i have not only purchases the chore planning system, but have also already printed it out. now it sits next to me, waiting for all its little boxes to be checked off!



  1. 1

    “if i’m not proactive, i’m reactive, and that can be very u n attractive.”

    with all this you should be able to have you pie and eat it too.

    i’m gonna go look at that chart.

  2. 2

    i love those ideas . . . my girls would have so much fun!

    i ordered the motivated moms system too . . . such a great idea if i would actually print it out and do it!

  3. 3

    That IS inspirational. THanks for sharing. I’m going to order the to-do list, too. One less thing to think about, right?

  4. 4

    Thank you SO much for telling me about the motivatedmoms thing. I purchased it today. I tend to get overwhelmed with the mess in my house and just do nothing..which creates a bigger problem, of course…it’s a vicious cycle. I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own chore list..but again…don’t know where to get the idea!! I really think this will help me keep up with my housework which in turn will help me to feel like less of a “failure”.


  5. 5

    what great ideas! that daily chores list thing sounds really good.

  6. 6

    Love the chore thing!! That is a HUGE struggle in our house. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. 7
    Wendi Garland says:

    Our daughter goes to coastal academy (near san diego) and we LOVE it too!!! I haven’t been to a PIE night yet, but you’ve inspired me to get on it and go! Love your blog! Many thanks…

  8. 8

    good ideas… i am glad you have a group to get together and discuss ideas, share concerns, etc…. thanks for sharing with us.

  9. 9

    Ok, you convinced me! I just went and ordered the chore charts, printed them, cut them, punched holes and placed them into my daily planner. My whole life is wrapped up in this planner as I have a horrible memory. I write it all down and refer to the planner all day long SO, now I have no excuse because the lists are right there looking at me just waiting to be checked off. Thank you for reminding me about this system. I did try it once before but never even printed it out so I forgot about it. My husband thanks you too, I get so easily off track and just can’t say “no” to anyone so this will definately remind me that my home is important too! Love your blogs and your creations. You are SOOOO talented and I can’t wait to treat myself to your precious poppies!

  10. 10

    Even though my youngest will be five in a few weeks, we still by baby wipes by the case at Sam’s Club. I use them for just about everything. (They even life some spots out of fabric!) . I also keep a container of Clorox wipes by the bathroom sink and toilet and swipe those surfaces daily before I jump in the shower. I also play “who wins the shower scrubbing”. I sprinkle the tub/shower with baking soda in between showers (when it’s still damp- and whoever finds it wipes it down before they finish taking shower. Because it’s not a chemical- even the littles can pitch in. i use clorox wipes to swipe the kitchen counters down frequently too.

  11. 11

    ps. I love the concept of PIE !

  12. 12
    Louisiana Laura says:

    Thanks! 'I needed to 'meet' you this morning.' met you by way of accidental housewife, by way of 'we are that family'- looking for good options for our year, and years to come home-schooling.
    Can't wait to look at more of your creative items too!
    have a wonderful day- Laura

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