christmas cards

its not looking good. i have these cards about halfway done, and my other to-do’s are quickly gaining importance above sending out last year’s christmas cards. all hope is not lost, after all, i already spent money on printing them at kinkos, so i can’t quit. i just am not motivated to continue, so i thought i’d let you see where i’m at on them. all of the pictures were taken by a sweet friend of mine. didn’t they turn out fun?! you can see some of the pictures better on her site.

“what’s left to do”, you ask? my original plan was to print these pictures on cardstock, double sided, cut ’em out and send them off. but the cardstock made the pictures even grainier and harder to see, so now i have 2 sides of the card, mostly all cut out, then i need to cut a piece of cardstock for between the paper because its pretty flimsy, then i want to stitch with my machine around the edges to hold the layers all together. oh, and i still need to get envelopes and address them. and gather all the addresses. so, not much to do. (obviously i’m avoiding any kind of work right now, because i’m here blogging and not working.) my son is sleeping, the girls are at school, I HAVE GOT TO GET TO WORK!


  1. 1

    these are so cute and creative, just like everything you do. Love them. Good luck with the project.

  2. 2
    Lisa Leonard says:

    they look amazing! i want one!!

  3. 3
    Mama Mote says:

    You sound like me. I had every intention of sending out our Christmas update letter while I was down south with Dan and, wouldn’t you know – I left the bag of cards, letters and addresses safe and sound in my room at my mother-in-love’s. I probably should send some out since I went to all the trouble to print them up. Thanks for the encouragement.

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    Anonymous says:

    Is your new banner a maxi-pad?

  5. 5

    is that you, sean?!?! no, it is not a maxi pad! dork. i redid my blog with a free template (can’t remember where i got it from?), and thats what it came with.

  6. 6

    I hear you, Lindsey. This sounds like me every year. Mine are always the last to arrive, and half the time they get filed somewhere in my house due to lost addresses. But your project and adorables are so cute that people won’t mind whenever they arrive!

  7. 7

    Those look so sweet! You are so very creative!

  8. 8
    Momofgirls says:

    They are worth the wait…and the time invested! My college friend who lives in Florida and I always send each other the cards we received during the holidays…it is so fun and we get to see other’s pictures that we don’t normally get to see!

    Yours are so beautiful I hope you do a “how to” on them!

  9. 9

    need to redo my blog too. maybe i will use a tampon :-) for m y heading.

    please remember where you got template!

    and i’m waiting for my card, i did make the cut right?

  10. 10

    man! it totally does look like a pad! i don’t know how to fix it – i know nothing about computers.
    and i’ll try to find where i got this template from…

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