fabric resources

so its no secret i love fabric. i mean, i LOVE fabric. i go into a fabric store and get so excited i have to run to the bathroom before i can really get started. every time. its ridiculous, i know. but when i can’t get to a great fabric store, or my local shops don’t carry what i’m looking for, i head to the trusty internet. here’s a few of my favorite places to shop:

www.sewmamasew.com and if you order today or tomorrow with the code CHANGE09 you can get 15% off your order!


fabric shoppe on etsy


materialgirl’s shop on etsy

there are lots and lots more, but these are the standards. i placed a hefty order on sewmamasew last night so in a few days i’ll have a fun stash to share with you! unfortunately, the fabric above was out of stock, so i’ll be searching around for more.

and i just reconfigured my website so anytime i add something new to the shop it shows up on the front page. i added a few new things today, so go check it out!


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