new year’s resolutions and goals

this list is probably a little bit more for me than you. its kinda therapeutic to get this stuff down on (virtual) paper.
*spend time with my husband EVERY night after the kids go to bed. talk about the day, the kids, and the days ahead.
*nmbk j kj (that would be silas getting on my computer. again.)
*plan homeschool work the night before, not the morning of or during. i’m super lazy. i should say, “plan homeschool work on sunday nights”, but i just said i was lazy and i know thats not realistic.
*have a clean kitchen before going to bed
*don’t buy sweets. i can make them or they can be given to me (i got a “cookie of the month” gift this year!).
*be content. with my house, my cooking skills, my stage of life.
*buy less. food, clothes, junk, unneccessary things.
*buy smarter.
*play more with my kids.
*respond quicker to my kids. less “just a minute”s.
*do more crafts with the kids.
*be a better gift giver. be a better birthday remeberer. be more thoughtful.
*be more tactful. use a filter before talking.
*no gossipping.
*use kind words.
*learn to enjoy what i do more, and do more of what i enjoy.
*craft more for the home, not just for work.
*blog more. aim for 3-4 times a week.
*learn to be more business minded. ask for help.
*deepen friendships that need to be invested in.
*get more involved in school.
*be more consistent – in discipline, in work hours, in educating, in cleaning, in grocery shopping.
*depend on God. i’ve tried, a lot, and i just can’t do this all by myself.
*get last year’s christmas cards out this month. better late than never, right?



  1. 1
    Shealynn Benner says:

    The first picture is ADORABLE – the last picture – HILARIOUS!! Love those shots. :)

    Great resolutions! I did some too… except I called them goals instead. ;) Easier for me to keep at ’em.

  2. 2

    I think I’m gonna just copy and paste your list (I’ll have to change a few thihgs – haha) No really these sound like good goals :) Love ya and miss ya already!

  3. 3

    that’s a great list. i haven’t got all of my christmas cards sent out yet either. your pictures are very cute!!

  4. 4
    Jacquelyn says:

    and find 10 more hours in the day to do all those things, right?

  5. 5

    yes, jacquelyn! that’s exactly what i need!

  6. 6

    first, the bottom picture cracked me up.

    second, valentine cards instead of Christmas cards. a fun unexpected surprise in the mailbox.

    third, great list. there are so many of the same things on my list for this year. the friendship one especially. it keeps coming up in my life so God must be telling me something.

  7. 7

    Love the pics! I love the print on them :)
    Great resolutions, a few of mine are the same..

  8. 8

    well, i’d say you have achieved your thrice weekly blogging resolution. good job for the first week! and i really like your new blog layout. are you sure you need me to work on the others? you look like a pro!

  9. 9

    I LOVE the pictures and the new look of your blog. How fun. Good luck on all those resolutions!

  10. 10

    Love the pics. Very ambitious list there – I need to work on the filter myself!

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