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my mind is racing, but my body is resting. i’m laying in bed on a sunday afternoon, 2 kids napping, 1 watching a movie, and one tired man sleeping in a ball next to me. life is good! so here’s a little compilation of my thoughts:
– i am dying to do some crafting for the house! i’ve been saying i want to paint the sofa table for so long. when will i ever do it?
– the girls and i need to start on their valentine’s, otherwise we/i will end up doing them very last minute and not make them very special.
– what do you guys do with all your kids c.r.a.p.? i mean the little foam thing they make at friends’ houses or the “treasures” they bring home from school? do you display them? how long? where? {clarification: i mean the random scribbles or something covered in stickers, or a glittered picture frame, not the artwork or special work they’ve done.}
– i rearranged the playroom to hopefully make it more “home school friendly”. we’ll see how it goes this week. i’m still waiting to get in the groove of this home school thing.
– now 2 kids are up.
– we’re having dinner tonight with a very old friend and her family. she was actually our neighbor in the house i grew up in until i was 5. very weird to be meeting up with her again, but fun!
– another old friend moved back into town with her daughter. i’ve known her since i was 5 – we went to school together up through high school. its been really fun to start our friendship over again as moms, and to have such a long history together.
– my bedroom needs a serious makeover. i love the wall color and the big tall mirror, and like the bed frame and the curtains, but other than that… not so much. there’s a bunch of leftover pieces in here, stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else: an old wooden chest from my parents, a folding 6 ft plastic table (holding an artful arrangement of laundry and still-to-be-gifted christmas presents), a baby dresser that matches silas’ crib, and a small wooden outdoor bistro table. i want to redo the bedding and get some replacement furniture, but there’s no money for this. maybe in a few months when the garage sales pick up?
– husband’s up.
– what’s for dinner? probably should figure that out since guests will be here in an hour and a half. do you meal plan? how’s do meals work in your family?
– i still have yet to actually do the chores on my new chore chart. tomorrow i’ll start… but we did clean most of the house today. that should count for something, right?
– i need to get my few valentine’s decorations up. that holiday comes and goes so quickly. i also really want to be more purposeful about loving my loved ones on valentine’s day. the kids need to be treated special on that day. and sean, too.
– sitting here in bed, i can see directly into the room where my parents’ bed will be when the guest house is done. hmmm… window coverings?
– kid #3 is up.
– sorry about the lame looks on my blog lately. i’m kid of in a blog funk. lookin’ for my groove. i either want to go totally simple – all white – or something really fun and custom. ??? thoughts?
– have you checked out the pleated poppy lately? i have lots of new products and need to make room for another batch. there are still a few sets of valentine’s posy pins left, too.
– sorry for the business plug. and now i must go!



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    oh, my! I hope this doesn’t get too long :) My “kids” are now 38, 33 and 30 and up in our attic I have one box EACH for EACH year of their lives from first pre-school to 6th grade!!!—-you do the math-LOL As for displaying, well, some things stayed for YEARS (my mother still has a drawing on her wall that our 38 year old did when he was 4) That’s way over the top though!! I still have the Christmas ornaments they made when they were in pre-school, jr. choir, scouts, Sunday School that I still put on the tree every year. I know you probably don’t want to hear this kind of stuff, but I am SO sentimental *sob*

  2. 2

    i have allowed the kids to display their c.r.a.p. on the back of their bedroom doors. that way they can see it when they are in their rooms, but i do not have to look at it. :-)

    i have been trying hard to meal plan on crazy days, thinking about meals i can get even 2 or 3 meals out of. i have a few crock pot meals that have made my life simpler.

    YES curtains!!! one word…packing!

    keep the trunk in your room for sure, i really like it in there as a side table.

    hope you are well! love you.

    btw- kids ALL loved their christmas gifts.

  3. 3

    ooh, back of the door! great idea, denise. and i need to start using my crock pot more often – its so easy!

  4. 4
    Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do in your home. Your decorating style is one of my favorite things about your blog – I study each picture to glean as many ideas as I can.

  5. 5

    aw! thanks laurel, thats so sweet. i really need to get back to my home stuff. its definitely a creative outlet for me that i enjoy so much. its fun to reinvent your everyday space so its not so “everyday”!

  6. 6

    I always wondered where to keep my kids projects as well, I was thinking of just putting up a cork board in thier room an just changing out the crap as it comes, saving some and tossing the others, like the broken or ripped pieces of crap. I do it when they are not looking because if they saw me they would be mad. As far as meals go, my husband likes to cook for himself most nights, but when I do cook it’s a miracle and I feel like a real mom. He just likes a certain kind of mexican food that I cannot make even if I try. Good luck with all your projects.

  7. 7

    i kind of phide those things they bring home, maybe just put them out of sight(out of mind) and once they have totally forgotten i hit the recycling bucket.

  8. 8


    Just my two cents’ worth, but I take a picture of the “item” and put it in a special folder on my computer so he can always look at his project. He thinks it’s a great idea!!! Someday it will become a part of a scrapbook, Tanner’s Projects. Just an idea that I took from someone else, of course. It works!

    Have a great week!!!

  9. 9

    what color is your bedroom painted?

  10. 10

    my bedroom is painted “flax” from restoration hardware. i just take their swatches and have them matched at home depot because its a lot cheaper. the color is almost like milk chocolate – its beautiful!

  11. 11

    I really hunt a place everytime to keep my kids projects and your back of the door idea sounds good, I will keep in mind..Color of your bed room seems to be good,and I always love your decorating style and it is one of my favorite things about your blog.

  12. 12

    i display kids’ stuff for a bit but i do throw quite a bit mostly because i am not a saver. if it is special or a first type of project i have a tub in the garage i put it in. when i was teaching i kept a three ring binder with page protectors and made a book of all the pictures etc.. kids gave me. it was displayed but didn’t have to be hung up. i like the ideas of taking a picture and denise’s idea of the back of the bedroom door.

    i meal plan by the month. lance takes a pay check once a month so i guess that is why i do it monthly. i keep it flexible. thursday nights are always leftovers, tuesdays are a soup/stew/chili, mondays are “beef”, wednesdays “chicken”, friday is pizza/breakfast food generally easy since we don’t get home from gymnastics with morgan until late. saturdays are fish/steak/ pork chops, pizza, and sunday nights are low key since we usually have church that night. when i put the meal on the calendar i also make my grocery list for any items i need to stock up on and i mark down on the calendar where the recipe came from – ie which cook book, recipe box, etc.. sorry that got long. the meal planning makes our nights very low stress and it totally helps with the budget!

  13. 13
    monkeyseemonkeydo says:

    I keep her scribbles and musing and such up on her cork board until she’s ready to switch them… I toss the things that are just random scribbles while she’s at school so she won’t get upset and the really cute stuff we save in a box and store it…

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