surprise party

last weekend i was able to help a good friend throw a surprise 30th birthday party for another friend. joy and i used to “do” showers together all the time, when so many of us were poppin’ out babies. she is incredible with the food – amazing, really – and i would help with the decorations. we would pool together our resources – serving pieces, paper lanterns, linens, candles – and throw really pretty showers (if i do say so myself!). so we had another fun chance to do that on friday.
although joy had a HUGE amount of prep work and cooking to do, my work was fairly simple. she already had about 25 paper lanterns from a previous party and i used a cricut machine to cut out “30”s in varying sizes. we hung the lanterns in a line above her dining table, which had a centerpiece of silver candlesticks and votives and silver footed bowls filled with treats. we also hung a few lanterns over the bar area and all the rest of the lanterns and “30”s in the main living room. unfortunatley, my camera was struggling with the dim light so my pics are lousy and i didn’t get a decent pic of the birthday girl (and i totally forgot to take pictures until way too late in the evening). and she looked amazing, too! picture a prego mama (with #4!) in a shirt dress with a ruffle placket and hot pink satin heels – so cute!


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    i almost didn’t recognize my house in your photos. everything looked really pretty and the table was really gorgeous, linds. too bad nobody really sat there, but oh well. it was a good time.

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    Jeannett Gibson says:

    Hey, the boys played poker on that pretty table!

    The party was beautiful, the food was fabulous, and if I DO remember correctly, we ladies have an “appointment” for certain “grooming services” to set??? :) Had fun!

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