lily: “clip and pontail. mommy, clip and ponytail almost rhymes”
me, controlling my laughter: “umm, no honey, they don’t”
lily: “oh.”


  1. 1

    Come on – they both have the “phhh” sound!!! Tell Auntie says they rhyme!!! Were they surprised this morning??????

  2. 2

    yes, shan, they were very surprised! thanks for sending her!

  3. 3

    is she wearing a button necklace?

  4. 4

    ummm…they both are worn in the hair, so i say that’s almost the same as rhyming.

  5. 5

    nope, not a button necklace, just a funky glare off a clear beaded necklace. but that sure would be cute!

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