handmade valentine’s cards

last weekend i helped the girls make their valentine’s cards for their classmates while silas was napping (only time to get anything done).

and when i say “helped”, i usually mean i basically did it for them because i had an idea in my head of how i wanted them to look and i strongly guided their hands in that direction until they no longer wanted to do it and i finished it for them.

but this time, all i did was cut out hearts for them and add tape to the back of the hearts. i gave them each their little pile of blank white cards and gave no suggestions, no gentle (or not so) nudges, no hand guiding. i just them them make their own valentine’s. novel idea!

they had so much fun, and i was very impressed with lily’s talent with the glue bottle and tracing hearts with a bead of glue.

so far, each of the cards are smattered with paper hearts, red heart doilies, and dark pink glitter (i lied. i did help with the glitter. its the really fine stuff that gets everywhere). we let them dry today and tomorrow lily will stamp her name on, unless she wants to write it 16 times, and gracie will write her name and her classmates names on her’s.

letting go of control is so hard, but so good. please tell me you’re as bad as me?


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    it’s really a lot less work if you just let them do it. but, then, this year, my little neighbor girl helped eli with his valentine’s. i had something else in mind, but decided i should let it go. besides, your girls are related to you, so they totally have lots of creative genes and you know their stuff isn’t going to be too bad. the cards look really cute!

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    I have a hard time with this too but I keep reminding myself I already lived my childhood, produced my “kid art” did my grade school projects … now it’s the kids’ turn and they could never live up to my “grown up” asthetic. It’s hard to realize that the kids need less hands on help from me and more encouragement but i’ve realized that I really cripple their decision making process when I try to get them to pick the things I think look better. Good luck with it!

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    kaylin rose and mara anne says:

    I am just as bad, but I am working on it…slowly!

    The cards look really cute!

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    great job on the cards girlies! they look great.

    i have a hard time giving up control in other areas but i am not a crafting genius like yourself so i am happy to let them take control (theirs generally look better than mine would anyway). sometimes i turn my head and do a little eye roll but they are handmade with love and the kids are oh so proud of them.

    good job mom and letting them do it on their own.

  5. 5

    you’re such a good mom! i am a control freak! i should probably put freak in capital letters. or maybe control. ash loved her valentine card from gracie. know her hard work… and your hard work for letting go was so cherished by my little girl.

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    Yes I have to “help” as much or maybe more than you did. I did let Leigha draw her own Valentine pictures for her friends, which included: humans, windows, and buildings. Maybe this is why I feel like I need to help, nothing says I love you like a window!

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    worse! and you know it’s true.

  8. 8

    I am as bad as you! I don’t have kids yet but I know I will want things to look just so.

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    p.s. the girls look great!!

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