look! i’m famous!

ok, not really, but my posies are being worn by a blogging world superstar with a celebrity. that counts, right? the nester (please tell me you all know who she is. she is HUGE in the blogging world and stinkin’ hilarious. oh, and her blog is wonderful and full of all sorts of inspiration for real people. put her on your blogroll if she isn’t already) did a giveaway for me awhile back and i’ve been spotting her wearing her posy pins. she wore them at blissdom and at a dinner where petrozzi, from hell’s kitchen, was the chef. too bad there wasn’t a big business card hanging from the posies. that would’ve been good for business! but i have a feeling that wasn’t the look the nester was going for, you know?

set of 3 posy pins – $15



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    Melissa @ The Inspired Room says:

    Ha, and there I am….(sitting on the bed) :-)

    Just bought your pins. I love them :-)



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