orchid make-over

see this sad little flowerless orchid? it was destined for the trash can. i mean, really, you can get these gorgeous flowering plants at trader joe’s for like $12. they are cheaper than a bouquet of flower and last for weeks. but then the flowers die. and you’re left with bare stems and big fat leaves. not very interesting. so tend to just toss them in the trash if i don’t see new life sprouting up after some time. but i got lazy (shocker!) and ignored this little guy for a long time and, lo and behold, it has bgun to sprout new life! but this little tin vase as doing nothin’ for me, so i decided in honor of it’s new life i could give it a new home…

so, in case you are an orchid novice, they usually come in these little plastic pots and then inside another vase of some sort. i just popped mine out of that pink diamond patterned thing, let it soak in the sink filled with a couple inches of water for about 15 minutes, then..

found a vase i had in the cupboard, just calling out to be used again. i think the last time it had seen daylight was for a baby shower.

and look what happened to be inside! i never emptied out that vase and it was left holding some old oasis (floral foam) and reindeer moss (that’s what its really called!).

so i stuck the orchid in, and it was a bit wobbly…

so i balanced it with the floral foam…

and covered that ugliness with the reindeer moss!

voila! a 5 minute make-over for a soon-to-be-beautiful-but-still-a -little -bit -ugly orchid! please, do try this at home!



  1. 1

    i am top of the most wanted list for mass murdering of orchids. i have banned. for life.

  2. 2
    bluecorduroy says:

    I love this orchid make over!! that vase is amazing! i would love to have one of those “just in the cupboard”. do you find these things at antique shops, or thrift, garage sales? i frequent the thrift shops, and often find beautiful things, and wonder sometimes if i need to be broadening my “shopping for treasures” venues. grow little orchid, grow!

  3. 3

    my mom and i have a thing for milk glass, especially the hobnail variety. i can’t remember where i got this, or if my mom gave it to me. i used to have a space at an antique mall where i’d sell vintage finds, and this may have been one of the treasures i kept for myself. lots of scouring garage sales and estate sales and flea markets.

  4. 4
    unfinished says:

    i found the vase at one of the thrift shops in oakhurst 7-8 years ago and new you would love it. lucky me, i found another one for my collection a year or so after that at another thrift shop in town. mom

  5. 5
    bluecorduroy says:

    so there’s still hope to find one at a thrift shop. i’m keeping my eyes open. i also really love this kind of milk glass, it’s so feminine.

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