ooh, i think i just came up with a new word!

this saturday we went to a friend’s garage sale and made out like bandits! we got several pieces of furniture and accessories, get this….. ALL FOR FREE!!! most of these are pieces i’ve secretly coveted for years in their home. they’ve temporarily majorly downsized while they are building a new home. so today i’m going to tease you and only show you one of the pieces we got, but i guarantee you’ll be seeing more.

we were given this beautiful dresser/sideboard thing. no, its not in perfect condition, but it fits great with our stuff. and i don’t have to freak out when the kids crash into it.
the beauty is in the imperfections. (oooh, that was a good one. i should trademark it!)

i knew immediately where it would go – in my bedroom, next to my bed. we have really wide windows on either side of our bed, so tiny tables just look silly and off balanced. i’ve had my beloved parents’ trunk in that place, but the dark wood and the flax walls were clashing.

yes, i made my bed just for the pictures.
ok, thats a lie.
i only made the half of the bed you see.
but how much better is the new dresser!?! it fits perfectly and is less bulky.
love it.
i know i need a lamp. but i need a free one. preferably one like this with a drum shade.

but then i was left with a huge trunk and no where to put it. i’ll get back to that…

here’s my entryway.
thats the problem with this “great room”. its all. one. room. no seperate entry or logical division.
just walk in and boom! you’re in my living room.
so this little table was fine, but i’ve been wanting something a little wider, to take up more space and serve as more of an entry table rather than a side table.
oh, can you see my orchid? its still alive and about to bloom!

so then i shopped my house and knew i had the perfect sized table for the entry wall…
behind my couch.
where it fits perfectly.
although, yes, it still needs to be painted.
ugh, that wood is so yuck.
and its missing one of its ugly knobs.

so i moved it. and i like it.
the size is much better for the space, but now i’m thinking the mirror looks a little blah.
oh, well. an improvement nonetheless.

so i was left with the trunk again.
and an empty space behind my couch.
and this is what i came up with. i tried setting the birdcage directly in the trunk, but it there too much dark going on. the suitcase acted as a divider, but it just looked silly.

then i went totally against my nature and off centered the trunk.
i added the chair from my desk to balance it a bit.
and the wrinkly tablecloth folded under the birdcage to break up the dark on dark.
i like it ok. my husband said it looked like i was using the chair to fill in empty space.
i was.
it still needs a lot of work. but i’m out of tables!

except for this little one that was an orphan from the original entry. it replaced another little table. i like it here, but the cages and tray looked too washed out. something i would have loved 5 or 10 years ago, but now i need a bit more color.

there we go.
thats a little better. and that cream birdcage was from our friends, too. and, they are the same friends that have lent us the other birdcage.

this little stack of books makes me so happy!
so so so much goodness and inspiration spilling off those pages.

so, give me your opinions.
what would you have done differently?
what works?
what doesn’t?
sometimes it helps to see things through others’ perspectives. i love getting other ideas, so help me out here!



  1. 1

    Oh…I like the over all feel of your home…cute!

    I think the only thing I might try would be to paint the piece in the hall as you mentioned and then take the blue piece off the wall, place the painted table there and hang the mirror (or a bigger mirror). Then you could place something on the table to drop your keys into etc?
    Behind the sofa…I think I’d remove the suitcase.

    LOL..well you asked!
    Love the piece in the bedroom from your friends! Can’t wait to see what else you scored!

  2. 2
    unfinished says:

    I emailed your garage sale friend last Saturday about the white dresser and he was supposed to get back to me with the measurements the next day. I was thinking about it for the loft (at your suggestion). Too bad he forgot, but lucky for you. Maybe I’ll have to go shopping to see what else you scored. mom

  3. 3
    Carmen Rigby says:

    What doesn’t work for me is that I’M SO JEALOUS! Not fair! Not fair! (stamping my feet here…) :)

    Super cute, keep up the great work, oh and uh don’t forget to stop by and do your magic on my house, k? K.

  4. 4

    Wow! I love everything! And free! Holy Moly!!! You lucky thing!

    But seriously, everything looks really good! I love the bird cages!

  5. 5

    I love your style!

    It was after reading your blog a while ago that you inspired me to take in things and fix them up… I saved a couple things from the trash since then!

    I should start hitting up the garage sales around here!

  6. 6
    Heather says:

    I love it! I absolutely love your decorating style! What great finds!!


  7. 7

    adorable ! I’m a lover of anything old and falling apart that needs some lovin, so I love what you’ve been up to and the overall look and I love the chair behind the sofa !!

    and the only thing I would do…rough up the table in the hall and paint it or stain it vintagey like and replace the knobs with cool ones from anthropolgie {which is my answer to everything that has or needs knobs}

  8. 8
    Cadance says:

    What great finds…don’t you just ♥ that!!! Came over from The Gift Closet…You got really cute stuff and a great blog…I’ll be back again…hope you don’t mind! Enjoy your week!!

  9. 9
    lindsey says:

    welcome cadance! so glad you’re here!

  10. 10
    Jennifer says:

    i like the new dresser and it looks like you updated your bedding also.

    instead of the chair behind the couch stack a few old suitcases, maybe two, maybe only one and then put the brown magazine holder that is on the side of the couch on top of the suitcases.


  11. 11

    I always love what you do! So what are you using as a chair at your desk??? I think you need to find a really cool old chair to go behind the sofa! love ya ~

  12. 12
    bluecorduroy says:

    i love the before and after shots! looks like you were having fun this weekend. isn’t it funny how you can get one new thing, and the next thing you know, the whole house gets rearranged!!

  13. 13

    What a super-fun journey that was! Truly riveting. Have I mentioned that your house inspires me?

  14. 14
    anxiously hopeful says:

    I am so jealous of your new freebies! The changes are fabulous.

    I like think that it would look great to use some of your vintage suitcases next to the trunk, behind the couch. Maybe stack them or just line them up in decending size next to the trunk.

  15. 15
    lindsey says:

    shan – i haven’t worked at my desk since i moved the chair! i’ve been lazy and doing all my work in bed late at night and watching shows on the computer. there you go, my secret is out. i’m a lazy crafter!

  16. 16

    i really liked the trunk in your room, but before that i really liked it by the front door with the window above it. it is a beautiful piece, with family value, should be on display more. i also liked the other table behind the couch it was the perfect size (would be great painted the color of silas’ room, with little glass knobs).
    that’s my 2 cents.

    free is very good!

    have you ever looked to see if you have a “freecycle” in your area?
    it’s internet free recycling. that is how i got my treadmill. who knows what people might be getting rid of. the only catch is you ahve to get rid of something too. can be anything, just as long as you join in on the frecycling.

  17. 17

    i meant mirror above trunk. window, mirror. mirror, window.. tomatoe tomata :-0

  18. 18

    THE TRUNK IS CUTE BEHIND THE COUCH… WITHOUT THE CHAIR I THINK!! I always have a hard time decorating! Everything is cute though:)

  19. 19

    i’m so jealous that you went to the garage sale–if it’s the one i’m thinking of. i totally was going to go, but then we scheduled a hike with hubby’s parents in town and i didn’t have time to go. i’m comforting myself with the fact, that i don’t need anything, and as much as i love stuff like that, most of it doesn’t go in our house. but, yay for you! and now i’m freaking a little, because i had just decided on flax paint for my house, but i do have lots of dark wood. hmmm… you’ll have to expand on that for me.

  20. 20

    You sure made out. Your home is beautiful you have great taste.

  21. 21
    rae events says:

    love the pics. that table fits perfectly in your bedroom. is there anyway to center the entry way table on the wall instead of having it right up against the door? or would the front door open into the table? i am curious as to how the mirror would look flipped on its side…could look bad, but could look really good too. i like the trunk behind the couch centered with no chair…would be cute with a tall lamp next to it, but i know that costs money and defeats the purpose here. just an idea though. :)

  22. 22
    rae events says:

    meant to say i love the table cloth in between the trunk and the bird house! definitely a good move!

  23. 23
    Joyful Weddings and Events says:

    I love it! Looks cute. It was susie’s right? I just put up a memo board we got from her when we were up there a few months ago and put your cute push pins and it makes my office so much happier :) And, yes, I’ve had both of those items for months and months and just put them up today.

  24. 24

    I just came over here on my daughter’s recommendation, and I join your other fans in saying that I am so inspired by your blog!
    Thank you for the before-and-afters. What a good idea!

  25. 25
    Lisa Stone says:

    Wow! With so many suggestions, I don’t know if you need any more, but I just can’t help myself! Your style is wonderful and very much like mine. I have a trunk and cages and chippy mirrors… well, you get the point!

    I love what you did behind the couch, but I think that instead of the chair, you should have a big, beautiful green plant to add some “life” (in the nature sense!)

  26. 26

    Oh, I looooove that piece you got for free! It totally fits the decor in my house. Now I’m inspired to go garage saling!

    I just found your blog recently and enjoy it. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  27. 27
    poole party says:

    i LOVE seeing all these shots of your home! all the changes are great!

  28. 28
    Kimberly says:

    I love that your husband said it looked like you were trying to fill up the empty space with the chair…I am so thankful that my husband gives me his honest opinion when I ask, but sometimes I’m trying to convince myself that something will work and I dread asking because I know he’s going to tell me the truth…and it will prove that my clever decorating trick is not as clever as I hoped :D

  29. 29
    Phil and Bri Seston says:

    Hi Lindsey. Quick question. I am looking for new interior doors and love your white doors. They remind me of an old farmhouse. Do you know what they are called, or where you ordered them from if you did? My email is if you have the time to reply! Thanks. Love your house, more pics please i love decorating ideas!! :)

  30. 30
    Jennifer says:

    I like the newer entry table, but not with that mirror…and I think that the whole ensemble sort of clashes with whatever is hanging to the left. A darker mirror, even one with a black frame, would look better (perhaps a scrolled mirror painted? I just picked up an oval shaped one with gold scroll work for 5 bucks at a flea market, but I am definitely going to paint it, either white or a bright color)
    So, in my opinion, change the mirror, get rid of the thing hanging to the left, and find a chair to sit below where it was hanging…chairs look great in entryways, it is a place to toss your coat, or to sit down and take off your shoes.

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