introducing: my best friend

my older daughter has a best friend, a friend she’s known for over 3 years. they are the kind of friends where one can be playing with the other’s hair, and neither even notice. it is just natural.

i have a best friend, too, although she’s too far away for me to unconsciously be playing with her hair. she now lives about 700 miles away, up in oregon. nicole and i met through our husbands, who have known each other since childhood through church. we me just before our weddings, but didn’t get to know each other until a couple years later. oddly enough, so many details of our weddings were nearly identical- same flowers, centerpieces, aisle decorations… weird. and our birthdays are a day apart, although she’s a year older, as i often remind her. when i was pregnant with my oldest was when we got to know each other. our husbands already had a great connection, so it was natural for us to try to get to know each other. and with nicole, its hard not to get to know her. she’s chatty. really, really chatty. before we moved up here, when we both still lived in orange county, we spent all our spare time together. we were renovating a duplex and nicole’s husband is a contractor. i was choosing fabric for bedding for gracie, and nicole knew how to quilt. nicole was an event planner and she let me tag along with her. so each week we’d look at our calendars and plan out which night we’d be at who’s house, and we’d lug tools and bags of fabric back and forth. it was a great relationship.

when we decided it best for our families to move, we kept the friendship strong through daily phone calls. i was very pregnant and lonely in a new town, then a very lonely mom of a newborn, and nicole helped me through those hard times. we have probably spent thousands of dollars on our phone bills over the years because we talk every day. did you hear me? e.ver.y. day. multiple times a day. sometimes its for 5 minutes, then a break to discipline a child, then back on for an hour. its like waking up in the morning. its just something i do. i can feel something missing when we haven’t talked during a day. we have been through 6 babies together (she’s got her fourth on the way!), experienced joys beyond measure and losses beyond words, and laughed and cried together for it all. what i have in this friendship is beyond what words can really say.

this isn’t just a love letter for nicole, but its an introduction, too. i want you all to meet the wonderfulness of nicole. she’s going to be a guest blogger here and i can’t wait! she’s an incredible mom, ridiculously creative, has an beautiful home that her husband just built and 3 adorable babes. she’ll be here to give a house tour (at my request), show some of her crafty projects and how-to’s, and make you guys laugh as much as i do. expect her here this week…



  1. 1

    Was yesterday’s baby shower for her? (It was aDORable, by the way!)

  2. 2

    nope, it was for a friend from church. nicole is just starting her second trimester.

  3. 3

    Looking forward to it! There is nothing like a best friend :) That makes it even more special that your husbands are close. Its very hard to find that, either the husbands click and the wives don’t or vice versa.

  4. 4
    rae events says:

    two creative minds coming from one place. i can’t wait! :)

  5. 5
    Leon Basin says:

    I want a best friend myself.

  6. 6

    What a wonderful connection/ friendship to have! I’m looking forward to seeing Nicole’s posts!

  7. 7
    Cathi Hamen says:

    so sweet!! love the photo of Gracie! i love seeing my girls with their close friends.. they truly can be themselves without any fear of judgement… makes me feel good that i hope i have modeled that in my friendships too!
    love the guest blogger.. looking forward to seeing sweet Nicole’s posts!
    take care!

  8. 8

    Yay for best friends :) And yay for Nicole (love that girl) XOXO

  9. 9

    this post made me cry. what a sweet tribute to your best friend. i love that you became friends as young wives and mommies. what a beautiful friendship and such a gift.

    i can’t wait for nicole’s posts!

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