the birth of a quilt

my best friend nicole is preggers with baby #4, boy #3, so while we were together this weekend we focused a bit of our time on the bedding for this little guy. we were able to hit a few fabric stores and that got us started.

nicole had a vision that i just wasn’t seeing, but it all came out great in the end. she has a collection of old license plates that she’s planning on hanging in her boy’s room and wanted to do the quilt in all greens to compliment the plates.

she ended up going with kelly green, lime green, olive green, turquoise, black and brown. i never would have put black and brown together, but it really worked. the fun thing about doing a quilt with nicole is that she opens my eyes to things i wouldn’t choose on my own, so it pushes me to be creative outside the box.

so the first step was to get fabric. we went a little crazy and got a lot more fabric than she actually needed, but we were in a hurry and had limited time, so we basically chose any fabric that we liked in the colors she was going for and got 1/8 yard of it.

then we used that fabric plus some from her stash she brought, and played and played with it until it felt right. many fabrics were eliminated, some brought back into the mix.

then we settled on a strip quilt and started laying the fabric out in the order we thought looked best, trying to balance all the colors and patterns. after we settled on that and still removed even more fabric, we started to cut each piece down to size. each piece is a random width, some skinny, some fat, some in between.

the actual sewing of the quilt top was done in about 45 minutes, including ironing. then we just had to square up the sides, and done!

left for nicole to do is the backing, but it shouldn’t be too hard because i think she’s just going with a solid piece. cute, huh?



  1. 1

    That is going to be an awesome quilt. I love the strips, and all of the colors together.

  2. 2
    les_mason_curt says:

    She did a great job picking out the colors… I would have never used that combo before either, but it looks fabulous!

  3. 3

    i love the quilt top! great color/pattern combos. i love how easy that is too, long strips. i’ve done shorter wonky strips for my daughter’s quilt but i’m brewing up my son’s big boy quilt. thanks for the inspiration. now for the fabrics… favorite part!

  4. 4

    Very very cute! It almost looks like a bunch of ribbons running through it in places! Great job!

  5. 5

    I was wondering about all those funky scraps pieced together. It’s really cute and sounds relatively easy. I may contemplate making a quilt now at some point.

  6. 6

    Beautiful! Thanks for the description of the process and the timing. Now it seems a lot less daunting to do this kind of project!

    Thanks for the info on the skirts, too. I’m going to have to try that one, too.

  7. 7

    THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! You guys are both so talented! What lucky kiddos you guys have!!!

  8. 8

    i have to comment on that great black chair i see at your dining room table. wow! that is a perfect match! where did you ever find such a perfect matching chair?

  9. 9
    Lisa Stone says:

    It is so great that you guys have each other! I can’t seem to find anyone who ever has any of the same interests! I wanna come and play!

  10. 10

    Just beautiful, what a cute idea, I like the strips and the colors. You girls are so creative.

  11. 11
    Once Upon a Twig says:

    I love it! 45 minutes? Ya’ll are amazing!

  12. 12
    Shannon and Carey says:

    This is precious! What a great gift.

  13. 13
    sweetfunkyvintage says:

    That is so awesome! What a treasure!

  14. 14

    So “boy” and I love the color combo!

  15. 15

    What a darling idea! I just finished my first quilt in January and I hope to make some others!

  16. 16
    bluecorduroy says:

    Very Cute! you guys did “boy” perfectly!! how is she going to quilt it?

  17. 17
    MommyBrain says:

    Gorgeous! I am officially green with envy :) The fabric choices are so unexpected and yet perfect! The stripes are fun, fun, fun!

    I read your blog all the time, and I can’t even sew a button … you can imagine how I salivate over your delightful projects!

    Luv from the NW!

  18. 18

    thanks for sharing the evolution of this quilt. i love the colors and the end result!

  19. 19
    Deborah W says:

    Love this, especially for a baby boy. The different widths are so much fun! Thx for a great idea.

  20. 20
    Stephanie says:

    that is VERY cute! I love the colors and I never would have thought to do strips. I love it!

  21. 21

    i am in LOVE with this quilt. love it. actually as i read i thought to myself, i might be able to do something like this. now to convince my husband i should get a sewing machine.

  22. 22

    I LOVE the color combination, what creative vision! Your blog is so cute…it’s funny because i’m a Lyndsey and married to a Ricky to!

  23. 23

    lyndsey – just for clarification, my best friend is married to ricky, not me. we’re close, but not that close! ;)

  24. 24

    Oh, oops! Still love the quilt idea, I actually went out and picked up some fabric to start my very first quilt tomorrow.

  25. 25
    Jennifer DeDonato says:

    this quilt is so awesome I don’t know where to begin…I LOVE it.

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