family hike

we finally went on a family hike this weekend. we’ve been intending to for so long, but either the weather was bad or something else took priority.

there is a chain of mountains that is strung through our town through to the ocean. one of them is called madonna mountian, and has a big white “m’ on the side of it. we have a view of that “m” from our house. my husband rides his bike all over madonna, but in all the years we’ve lived here, i’ve never hiked up it. since we had the kids with, we decided to go the shorter route, instead of going all the way to the top, we headed most of the way up to the “m”.

(fyi – my husband’s name is not earl.)

the kids all did great, although i was pulling lily more than i would’ve liked to have been. she kept saying, “i caaaaaan’t walk faster” as she drug her feet.
it made me remember that we went to europe with the girls when gracie was lily’s age, and she wasked the entire time because lily was always in the stroller as she wasn’t yet a year old. she walked miles and miles everyday. it showed me we’ve babied lily a bit more ;)

the view from the top was incredible! this was the perfect day for a hike, nice but not hot. and the hills were still so green – beautiful!

i had some pretty cute hiking partners, too!



  1. 1
    bluecorduroy says:

    what a cute family!!

  2. 2

    What wonderful family time!! I am gonna make plans to do a family hike!

  3. 3

    So fun :) We another SLO hike!

  4. 4
    Danielle says:

    Aww. what a gorgeous moment. looks like fun. my parents use to drag us all around the country, we walked for miles and miles. I didn’t appreciate it then. but I do now.

  5. 5

    I recognize those mountains…I can’t wait until we sell this house, and relocate to your area. Looking forward to some slo living!!

  6. 6
    Amanda Fry says:

    I love SLO…I was born there and I'm so jealous that you get to live there!

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