baby shower invites

i’m helping a friend with some shower details – invites, a few decorations.
the mama doesn’t know what she’s having so we went gender-neutral.
i’ve been dying to try this invite for awhile and it was really pretty simple,
especially when someone else does half the work for me!

we printed the shower info on the right side, printed them 3 up on a sheet of cardstock.
they fit great in a business size envelope.
then my friend made a simple cardboard template for the buggy – an oval with a 1/4 cut out of it.
she cut out all the fabric and i used double stick tape to hold the fabric into place and used my machine to stitch them on.
easy peasy.
the trusty glue gun came to my aid once again for the buttons.
adorable fabric is from heather bailey’s fresh cut collection.
i can’t get enough of that stuff!



  1. 1

    what an adorable idea for an invitation!

  2. 2

    those invites are so cute.

  3. 3

    Super Cute invites! You must have a lot of “baby” going on around you!

  4. 4
    Mama Mote says:

    Cute invites for sure. I’m hoping to get some inspiration from you and other “crafty” bloggers on how to decorate my new little home, how to make the best use of small space and creative ways to store things. It’s fun to collect ideas from all of you creative people.

  5. 5
    summer... says:

    super cute lins. those are adorable.

  6. 6
    bluecorduroy says:

    i have also dying to reproduce this invite- did you see it on anna maria horners blog? too stinkin cute!

  7. 7
    theknittingcowgirl says:

    Great, great, great!!!! What a wonderful and funny idea!!!

  8. 8

    super cute!

  9. 9

    Love, Love, Love this! I mean what can be better then Heather Bailey fabric and an amazing baby card! :) Love it!

  10. 10

    love these. very creative.



  11. 11
    Babs Blog says:

    These invites are great! Thank you so much for passing this info along!
    Love your blog. :)

  12. 12

    Where do you come up with this stuff, I love it. I used a version of your cupcake invite to make my daughters birthday party invite, thank you for the idea.

  13. 13
    Julie @ Joy's Hope says:

    Isn’t that just the best invite idea ever???
    Love it in the Freshcut.

  14. 14
    Brixton Lane says:

    these are so cute!

  15. 15
    Sugar Plum says:

    wow.. love it.. a great idea. How did you attach the buttons?

  16. 16

    i used a drop of hot glue to attach the buttons.

  17. 17
    viagra online says:

    I love the idea .. is great and simple .. I'll do for you my cousin .. thanks for the help!

  18. 18
    Christine says:

    Did you use a special needle on your machine to go through the paper or are there tips for sewing through paper? I’m excited to try this out, but didn’t want to damage my machine. Thanks!

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