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my best friend is here with her family and let me tell you: I AM LOVING IT!!! we do not get to see each other but once or twice a year, and we are soaking up every minute with each other. after breakfast today we headed out to hit a couple fabric shops to start picking out fabric for her baby-boy-to-be’s bedding (say that 10 times fast). then home with a little in-n-out for lunch for the families and then hours of playing with fabric.

not only are we working on the babe’s quilt (more on that soon), but also on quilts we’re doing together, probably a large throw blanket size, for our living rooms. the idea for these quilts came from our love of fabric and wanting to save every last bit for ourselves. so we decided to cut two 6 inch circles out of each of our favorite fabrics we’ve been hoarding over the years (nicole brought a huge basket of her best) – one circle for each of us out of each fabric. of course we’ve added newer fabric and will add a bit more as we’ve both decided we want it even a little bigger than you see in the pictures. today we cut circles out of piles and piles of fabric using a 6 inch circle of cardboard as a template and layed it all out on my dining table to get an idea of the size and layout options.

i’m not sure of what to do for a background fabric. i’m thinking a deep aqua/turquoise solid fabric (shocking, i know!), but not sure. brown could be nice, too. or even white. decisions, decisions. the circles will probably be messily stitched down with the rough edges out to fray for soft texture. i’ll probably use lots of different color threads for contrast.

so here’s where we need our help. i keep wanting to call this quilt the friendship quilt, which really kills me to even admit it because that just sounds so lame. but what do you call a quilt that is comprised of fabric that you would only share with your best friend, many of those fabrics bringing back memories of the past projects we’ve ade with them? please restrain yourself from cheesy answers. no “circles of friendship”, or “love make the world go round“. any great ideas? and why do i feel the need to name my quilt? weird.

nuff said. i must get back to soaking in the wonderfullness that is a great friendship and the sounds of 6 kids and 2 husbands doing the same.



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    Call it the “Best of the Best.” Best of your fabrics, best of your friendship. Very cool idea, by the way. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  2. 2

    I would call it my MAC makeup quilt because that is what I thought of the first time I saw teh picture. It looks like all of my different eye shadows.

  3. 3

    u want to laugh? i did this super silly strip quilt. worked so hard on it. then jt set a marker on it… and it got on the quilt. in several spots. oh yes. a permanent marker. so what was i to do. i cut out circles and have sewn them onto the quilt… raw edges to fray out! ha! i think your quilt is going to be amazing! hugs my friend!!!!!

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    AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage says:

    I LOVE those fabrics! I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  5. 5

    I can only think of cheesy names, like BFF quilt, ha that sounds really lame. I love it and I think it would look great with white or turquoise.

  6. 6

    Here are two names, one for each of you to pick for your quilt: “BeFri” and “Stends”. Way back in elementary school (circa early 1980’s) my best friend and I had the cheesy necklaces that split. She had the “BeFri” half and I had the “Stends” half. It still makes me smile thinking about it and since these quilts are kind of a similar idea, well, hopefully that’s not too cheesy for ya’. :)

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    The Barrow Bunch says:

    "Memories & Friendship Never Ending" A circle never ends, it goes around and around. Memories and friendships you share with your BFF never end. Just a thought.:)

  8. 8

    How about Enchanted Windows? Quilt Sightings? Or Fabric Fantasies?
    Give me a moment, and I might come up with more. ;)
    Whatever you call these quilts, they’re very attractive!

  9. 9

    In the Round.

  10. 10
    SoSoBella Designs says:

    How about, Simply the Best.
    Wanted to say thanks for your inspiration too. I am doing my daughters. teachers. door Monday for her birthday and i am going with the huge cupcake thanks to your birthday post for your daughters birthday.
    Love your blog :O)

  11. 11

    How about “Only the Best” or “My Favorite Find”. It’s gonna look great no matter what the name may be.

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    You are so funny – you ask for help and then tell people what you ~don’t~ want for suggestions. Picky, picky, ha ha! In response to Valerie’s comment, i soooo remember those “best friends” necklaces from the 80’s! (I think they were popular in the early 90’s as well, if i remember correctly…)


  13. 13
    rae events says:

    how ’bout something to do with where you both live…you live in slo right? and she lives in oregon? like “the slo something…”

    or “eclectic chic”

    or “happy scrappy” (in a way they are scraps of your favorite fabrics, right?)

    or “memory blankie”

    or this… “twofold” #1- because you fold a blanket, #2- because the two of you made it, and #3- because the purpose behind it is twofold- one, to be able to make it together, and two to have a cute blanket!

  14. 14
    rae events says:

    pardon me, meant to say quilt, not blanket.

  15. 15

    ooooh i lOVE your quilt! great fabrics as always! its gonna be gorgeous. i totally name mine too. i think you should name it…..”connected” (maybe i’ve watched barbie diamond castle way too many times and the song is ringing in my head) but like how you guys are connected, you are connected to your fabrics, circles are unbroken, connected. ya know?

    “i feel connected, protected. like you standing right with me all the time. you’re near me, you hear me (4 year old lyrical translation i’m sure) every thing else is gonna be alright. nothing can break this, nothing can break this time, connected……” oh barbie.

    can’t wait to see how it turns out! and the baby boy quilt too! :)

  16. 16
    Trina Louise says:

    Circle gets the square.

    Did you ever watch the game show Hollywood Squares? When the circle contestant would get the answer correct the host would say “Circle gets the square”. And everytime he would say it like it was the first time and he was super clever.
    My brother and I would watch that show and laugh everytime he said it.

  17. 17

    Polka Dot Paradise!

  18. 18
    shannon stinson says:

    hey lindsey…
    how about the “harmony quilt”? i think that is friendship…relationships…and without sounding cheesy…relationships are HARMONY! they create a beautiful song/lyric! i can’t wait to see the final product! beautiful…and will only make me long for one myself! i hope you enjoy your time…”precious memories”!
    so my ideas…
    “perfect harmony”
    “imperfect harmony” b/c we are all imperfect people…but we harmonize with those we love
    “precious memories”
    can’t wait to see what becomes of it all! have fun!
    shannon stinson

  19. 19
    sweetfunkyvintage says:


  20. 20

    How about Treasured Friendship – because of your friendship and the fact that you raided your “treasure chest” of fave fabrics!

  21. 21

    Oh, and I LOVE the brown background of your table! Go with that.

  22. 22
    meg duerksen says:

    i just want to make all these goodies from every post.
    i think we’d have way too much fun together.

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