nesting place limited edition posy pins

welcome, nesting place readers! i hope you’ve found your way over to my shop and picked yourself up a set of my limited edition posy pins that the nester and i collaborated on.

for those of you that have no idea what i’m talking about, read on…
the nester contacted me to see if i would make some limited edition posy pins using fabric from her collection. how could i say no?!? she has incredible taste and beautiful fabrics, so it was an easy decision.

i made 50 sets of nesting place posy pins, gave one set to the nester, and one set will be given away on her site. so that leaves 48 sets left, that you can find in my shop under nesting place posy pins. each set varies slightly, but all using the nester’s fabric in her signature colors of robin’s egg blue, tan, brown, and cream.

so hurry you little self on over to my shop and pick yourself up a set. or two. and check out all the other fun stuff i have to offer, since you’re there anyway!

and be sure to come back for a visit. there’s always something fun happening here!



  1. 1

    Yay! The posy pins look really good. Hope you sell them all this week. :)

  2. 2

    congrats lindsey!! those look great! they remind me of those rice filled hand warmers we were daydreaming about :).

  3. 3

    that last comment may seem a bit confusing- my mom is visiting and i must be logged in under her name- it’s me- emily.

  4. 4

    I’ve loved your pins for a long time Lindsey. I keep wanting to order some. I’m going to for sure. Maybe I’ll win the giveaway, too! Love the look of the “nesting place” pins.

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