the search has ended… i think

i got another new machine last week. its the singer confidence. so far, i love it. i had been borrowing a friends’ machine for awhile since mine was causing me to think really bad thoughts, and hers is almost the same model. i checked out all your recommendations (thank you so much!), but when push came to shove i had to consider 2 things: cost and feedback. cost was the main thing. although i could easily justify paying for a janome or pfaff, i couldn’t actually pay for one. yes, they are amazing machines, i’m sure, and they will probably outlive their owners, but i simply don’t have the money to buy a machine like that and don’t plan on going into debt for one either. so i further looked into the more economical suggestions. thats where the feedback came in. i wanted to look at an inexpensive machine that someone like me has used. shealynn recommended the singer confidence, and i know she sews at least as much as me. it sounds like she’s pretty hard on her machine and its worked out great for her. so after a few chats with her i got up the courage to try this again. i bought it on for $200. really, its a great price and i didn’t want to pay much more than that.
so what do i think so far? well, i’ve had a very light sewing week since it landed on my porch, but in the hour or so we’ve spent together, its been great. it made me realize how much sewing machines have changed in the 8+ years since i’ve had my machine. this is so user friendly and i feel like i can get things done faster, and happier since i’m not tempted to throw it out the window.
so, sorry for the semi-boring post, but i know a few of you wanted to hear about the search. for now, it has ended. and my daughters are stoked on the purple panel!



  1. 1
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    I love my new Singer too and I am AMAZED at the difference in machines in the last 7 years!

  2. 2
    Joanie says:

    Totally NOT a boring post – I have been wondering what the outcome was.

    It is interesting that newer sewing machines make sewing FASTER. What a glorious thought!

  3. 3
    Christina says:

    YEAA! Thanks for sharing. Now I know what type of machine to try out when I am learning to sew (which WILL happen! EVENTUALLY!)

    Hope you are loving your new machine!

  4. 4

    I just found your blog from TCB. I’m in love with your style! I’ve subscribed, so I’ll be back!

    -Sarah from Create Studio

  5. 5
    Shelby says:

    Hi there! another question…i emailed you the other night regarding fonts :) I’m a beginner sewer and i to want to find an inexpensive machine. do you have any recommendations?? and i really mean..i’m a beginner! i barely know how to run the machine!

  6. 6

    Glad you found a new machine!

  7. 7
    Gammie says:

    Hi Lindsey =) Was just cruzin around the blogs and came upon yours. I want to thank you for your take on this machine. I love my basic Kenmore and have had it for 24 years. Got it as a Mother’s Day gift when my youngest son was born. My machine does just the basic straight stitch and zigzag. Through the years I thought that was good enough, then my neighbor got this same machine as yours. Oh the cute stitches it does. I now want a sister to my machine. I don’t want to replace mine – too many good years together =) after reading yout take on this singer, I may just have to get one. Thanks

  8. 8

    I know it has been a while but would you still recommend your Singer Confidence? I am in the market for a new machine and would love to hear you thoughts. Have been reading your blog for quite a while. LOVE IT!

  9. 9
    pleated poppy says:

    i am still really happy with this machine, even though it is beyond overdue for a service!

  10. 10

    Thanks! I'm off to search for one now. :-)

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