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wow! that was a big response to my messy house pics. i’m glad my laziness has made so many of you feel better! so now to answer those other questions:

Mrs. Jones asks:
When you do you sew? After the kiddos are in bed, in the afternoon …

i try to sew as little as possible with the kids around, because i tend to make more mistakes. i do more cutting and pinning, prep-work kind of stuff when the kids are around. 2 days a week when the girls are at school and silas is napping, i get a couple uninterrupted hours of sewing in. and almost every night, as soon as the kids are in bed, i go to “work”. but its not all sewing. so much more of my job is spent processing orders, replying to emails, ordering supplies – but i can do most of that with the kids hanging on me!

KChristensen asks:
I am wanting to learn to sew and am unsure of where to start or what to start with. Do you have any suggestions of easy patterns or projects to tackle in order to get me in the wonderful world of sewing?

pillows are a great place to start. straight lines are definitely the easiest. i feel like patterns can be really difficult to read, and for most you need a bit of sewing knowledge just to understand them. maybe i’ll do a simple pillow tutorial soon?

Marisa asks:
Do you put personalized labels on your products. If so, where is a good place to purchase labels?

i don’t, but i really want to. i’ve looked at a couple different options, but they are sooo pricey, and i have a hard time justifying the cost. anyone out there have a great suggestion?

joy asks:
why don’t you like coffee? and one more question, assuming you had cookies in your house, how many would you eat on an average day?

oh, joy! you kill me!
a little back story on this: joy hosted a baby shower for me when i was prego with my second (the most beautiful, intimate shower ever, by the way!). a few girlfriends helped out and had a “committee” meeting for it. word got out that i don’t drink coffee and it went to the extreme that it was suggested coffee shouldn’t even be at the shower – ha! so funny! i actually love the smell of coffee, even like coffee flavored things, just not coffee itself. i think it tastes like dirt. i have drank it a handful of times, but it is usually so masked with chocolate and sugar and cream that it doesn’t really count as coffee anymore.

and cookies. mmmmmm…… i just talked to my husband tonight about my downfall for sweets and needing to cut back on them. if i had cookies in my hose right now, especially my sister’s recipe for cookies, i’d have 2-3 a day if they were large, and maybe 5(?) if they were small??? man, that sounds terrible. ok, i’m quick with excuses: i’ve always rewarded myself when i get a kiddo to nap with a piece of chocolate, or a sweet, or a cookie – whatever is around. so i still have 2 nappers, so thats 2 cookies, then maybe some for dessert in the evening. and i always have at least one huge glass of milk with my cookies, so really its healthy because i’m getting my neccessary calcium. ok, i feel better, more justified.

rachel asks:
are you the type of person that works better the more you have on your plate? have you always lived this “full” of a life?

hmm… no, i don’t think i work better with more on my plate. i’m actually a really lazy person. you saw my house, didn’t you? its not usually that bad, but not too far from it either. i am definitely a procrastinator, especially when i have a timeline or pressure to do something. i know, its totally backwards. i work best when i can set my own schedule and create whatever whenever i want. custom orders are my downfall. i need to take them on for the income side, but i have a hard time getting them done when i have other projects waiting on me.

i have not always lived this full of a life. i guess i did when i was younger. in high school i played sports and had jobs and was in honors classes. then in college i worked 2+ jobs at a time until i graduated and got married. but as soon as i got married my husband really supported me and let me ease up on work and pursue more creative endeavors. i was a faux finisher for a few years, then also had a space at an antique mall where refinished furniture and sold thrifted and flea market finds. so much fun! once i got pregnant with my first, i stopped working entirely. i did little bits of paperwork for my husband’s business, but nothing really. i really haven’t worked like this in years.

Mrs. Biscuit asks:
I’m a grown woman with no sewing skills (other than repairing a button) but your blog makes me want to learn to sew! Advice on how to learn/projects to start with that are easy???

again, i say start with a pillow. and have a good attitude about your projects. don’t expect perfection, just good enough! make sure that it is fun for you, and if its not, walk away, take a break, come back and try again! sewing can be really frustrating, but really rewarding too. try breaking rules and be creative with what you do. i totally recommend taking a beginner’s sewing course. and if the shop where you buy your machine has lessons available, take it! you usually get a free lesson to learn how your machine works. that can be realy helpful to familiarize yourself with your machine.

Amanda asks:
I loved seeing your baby shower post. I could only have dreamt of a shower like that. I was hoping you could share where you found the polka dot and the runner material?

i borrowed the black and white fabric from my sister-in-law (she bought it a few years ago, sorry!), but the runner fabric was form walmart – $1.50/yd!!!

Kelli J. asks:
What blog format or design do you use? How do you get vertical lines down the side?

i use blogger, and i think my format may be minima or rounders. not totally sure since my sister did all my design for me. and the lines down the side? i’m no help! i have no idea how to do that stuff!

Lisa asks:
I LOVE all the fun parties you throw and the decorations. Have you just been collecting stuff over the years to use for decorations?

thank you! and yes, most of the things i use for parties i have been collecting. i still buy some stuff, like for the pink party i bought balloons and 2 more pink paper lanterns. some stuff is borrowed, but most is just hanging around here somewhere! years ago i bought a few sets of cheap white plates from ikea, and a few sets of forks from kmart. i have a bunch of mismatched white cloth napkins i’ve been given and thrifted over the years. i have probably close to 75 mason jars, all different sizes, that i use for drinkware. i only pay higher prices for things if i know i’ll reuse them at another party.

welp, i hope that was helpful and fun for you! i totally enjoyed your questions. seeing that it is now 1:20 in the morning, i think i better scurry off to bed. lots of sewing over the next 2 weeks for me as i’m prepping for a big show! more to come soon! g’night!



  1. 1
    shannon says:

    that was fun reading! whenever you do have time…i have a question! there are a few pieces in my house i would love to “redo”..”distress”…i have never done this before…and wondered if you could offer any tips…or if in the future, you would be willing to do a “step by step” to show how you go about redoing a piece of furniture!
    thanks…and i want you to know….i REALLY enjoy your blog…very inspiring!
    shannon stinson

  2. 2
    Older and Wisor says:

    Have you thought about getting a customized stamp (a la Office Depot?) and stamping either directly on the project or on a blank tag….just a (cheap) thought…

  3. 3

    Older & Wisor's stamp idea is good, you could also stamp or have someone screenprint your logo onto pieces of ribbon, that's what I do.

  4. 4
    Jennifer says:

    I think i sent you a tutorial a few months back from Whip-up on how to make iron-on labels. I still think you should give that a shot.

    Also, I bet you don’t like coffee because mom and dad NEVER drank it when we were kids. I think we were all moved-out by the time they finally bought a machine. Anyhow, I think like alcohol coffee is an acquired taste. Old people like me, who also used to think coffee taste like dirt, now actually like the taste. Aren’t you glad you have an OLDER sister so you will always be YOUNGER ;o)

  5. 5
    Shealynn Benner says:

    Hey Lindsey!

    This is where I get my labels for my camera strap slipcovers…

    They aren’t pricey, but they are quality, and the lady is very nice! :)


  6. 6
    Mrs. Jones says:

    It never occurred to me to do prep work during the day and then the rest at night. I tend to start a project and try to finish it all at once (not very successfully). I’ll give it a try.



  7. 7
    Kelli J. says:

    Thanks! :) I love reading your blog!

  8. 8

    here’s a link:

    …a new label co started by jordan ferney of oh happy day.

    very affordable, modern, and personalizeable.

    love checking in on your site from time to time!

  9. 9

    first, your cheating on me with another mrs. jones! she has a cute blog so i’ll let it go.

    and again…NICE CHAIRS!

  10. 10

    You just said everything that I do regarding coffee and cookies. I love the smell of coffee and all sorts of froo froo coffee drinks but just not coffee unless of course I can put 5 spoons of sugar in it. And I just had 3 double chocolate milano cookies because the kids just went down for the night. I knew I like you.

  11. 11
    christa says:

    You could get personalized ribbon and use that for the loops you sew into things…

  12. 12
    katherine says:

    ooh yes, do a pillow tutorial!

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