full apron and thoughts

my *cousin*, kristen, ordered this full apron last week from me. i’d never made a full apron before. i know they are more practical, but i’ve always thought the half aprons were way cuter. i think i may have changed my mind! i added longer waist ties so they can be wrapped around the waist and tied in front, and then finished it with a punchy posy. i’m sure this apron will soon be spattered with yumminess from kristen’s kitchen – her cookies are almost as good as mine ;)

ready for random thoughts? too bad. here goes anyway:

-loving pandora. its helping with the midday lull when i feel like i’m about to crash. police radio is playing right now, with a little men at work, too.

-i can’t find any chocolate in the house. terrible!

-my kitchen is clean and has been for 2 days! thats a record, folks! but i have a confession: its only clean because it needed to be photographed for an interview. if you look on the buffet in my dining room, its covered in all the usual kitchen clutter. i seriously need to come up with a better drop zone and clutter catchers. on the summer to-do list?

-we’re going to a civil war era barn dance tomorrow night with our kindergartener for her school. not only can i barely breathe in the borrowed dress, but i’ll have to have a couple drinks in me before i’ll even think of posting the pics (who am i kidding? i have about 5 alcoholic drinks a year, and i’m a lightweight. i don’t really like the taste of alcohol). we’ll see… maybe it won’t be so bad. maybe not.

-i am such a procrastinator. i know this about myself, yet i’m not changing. i frustrate myself. good thing i don’t have a boss.

-sean is taking the kids all day on saturday so i can have an inspiration day and try out lots of new product ideas – see if things can translate from paper to fabric. wish me luck!

-sunday i’m at another local craft fair, if you want to come by for a visit. i’ll be at art in the park at the dinosaur caves in shell beach from 10 to 4.



  1. 1
    Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says:

    OMG…I love this apron…can I order one!?


  2. 2

    This full apron would definitely be a hit! It is so cute!!!! It would make everyday cooking much more enjoyable!

  3. 3

    Love the full apron. I'm not a frilly girl so would prefer a red straight band on the bottom and perhaps along the top too.
    I love how it wraps around the sides so well. Love it!

  4. 4
    michelle says:

    I SO love that apron!

  5. 5
    Kristen says:

    yeah! i am jumping up and down right now i am so excited about this apron. i absolutely LOVE it! you are awesome.

    i am making cookies right now in my old ugly apron so i can't wait to get the new cute one :o) i may have to put another one on my wish list.

    i will touch base with you tomorrow about my other questions.

    love you!

  6. 6

    I LOVE this apron!! I'm a "full" apron kinda gal. PLEASE make more so I can buy one!

  7. 7
    Stephanie says:

    LOVE that apron!

  8. 8

    Love the apron, love the ruffle, love the fabric, love the tie in front!!!!

    Please tell us more about your interview – are you going to be featured in Coastal Magazine, Sunset, or the like?

  9. 9
    Jennifer says:

    i was wondering why you didn't make full aprons. so much more practical and this one is really cute. my plain white chefs apron has saved many an outfit as i go crazy int he kitchen. nice work!

  10. 10
    unfinished says:

    i like that it's adjustable at the neck too. sometimes they come too low and i dribble when i taste and get my top anyway. love the ruffle and posey. dad probably wouldn't want to use it that way. but, but… what about a manly apron for a new product. maybe with the cool stripe nicole used for #4's quilt. i can think of so many more fun female combos though, like b/w toile with polka dot trim, just about any amy butler with dotted or striped ruffle.

    hmm… maybe i should get out my machine too. i still have that bedskirt and duvet cover to make for the loft. well, so much for mom ramblings.

  11. 11
    lindsey says:

    joanie – uh, no. nothing that big. just a litle blogging interview. still fun, though. i'll fill you all in when it is posted!

  12. 12

    I love the full apron!!

    Hope you find that chocolate.. that's tragic!

  13. 13
    SoBella Creations says:

    What a great apron!

  14. 14
    Danielle says:

    oh wow! Love love LOVE it! I'm a full apron gal- and have been waiting for you to put some in your shop- you have such a great eye for fabric/color combinations!

  15. 15

    I LOVE this!! I'm gonna order two – one for me and one for Jody (birthday) :) I'm calling u today!!!

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