for today

i borrowed this idea from ali edwards – that girl is just too much. check her out, but only when you have a full day to spend browsing her archives.

outside my window… my garage is getting filled with someone else’s boxes. hmmm… when can i tell you my big secret?

i am thinking… how am i going to get everything done on my list before we head up to oregon next week?

i am thankful for… God’s provision – work, healthy family, supportive husband, wonderful friends. when things get so stressful i tend to forget about the things we do have, which are so so good, and really more than we even need.

from the kitchen…
seriously? if you know me at all, i haven’t been meal planning until, say 5 o’clock each night. even then, dinner has mostly consisted lately of pizza or leftovers. something’s gotta give, right?

i am wearing… comfy sweats and a t-shirt (with a hole in the belly, of course). but i did take a shower and kind of do my hair, so i’m feeling good.

i am creating…
posies to add to the TWELVE aprons i made yesterday!

i am going… house hunting for a friend. are you catching onto my secret yet?

i am reading… are you kidding me? i don’t read much if it isn’t on a computer. i know its terrible. i have high hopes to finish some of the home schooling books i started last summer.

i am hoping…
that the kids keep playing happily all day (hey, i said hoping) and i can be really productive.

i am hearing…
the 3 littles acting like dogs. the oldest is orchestrating their every move. i think there is more talking about what each of them is going to do than actual doing.

around the house… there are cheerios that the boy swept from his tray to the floor – a daily ritual to clear his tray when he decides he’s done. so fun. and there are stacks and piles of works-in-progress screaming to get done beofre our trip next weekend.

one of my favorite things… waking up in the morning with a little warm cheek smushed against mine and a tiny arm wrapped around my neck. aaahhh… i hope that never ends!

a few plans for the rest of the week… make some sample products with some newly designed (not by me) fabrics, fill up the shop with more goodies, blow up/fill up the pool – pray for a day that is warm enough to get in it, have a garage sale this weekend (don’t come – its all junk. really.)

a picture (or 3) to share…


just chillin’

what? doesn’t every kid just hang out on the windowsill? it does have the best view.

now we have to look for daddy to come home from work. do you see him?
daddy’s car! yay! he’s home!
i don’t know who’s more excited at this time of day – me or the kids?

what is your favorite time of day?