not so much, but so much fun

michael levine’s in l.a.’s fabric disrict

this pic above gets me so ridiculously, embarrassingly excited! isn’t it all so gorgeous? rows and rows and rows of designer fabrics – aaaaaah! so yummy!

unfortunately, i had very specific fabrics i was hoping to find, and couldn’t get them all in l.a. but joy and i were not quitters and we drove around southern california for the day, scouring lots of little fabric shops for the perfect finds.

out of the 55+ yards of fabric i was hoping to find, i got 20. not so good, but not too bad either. but the best part of the day was the company. joy is such a… such a… such a JOY to be with! thanks so much joy for being my “personal assistant” for the day! i could toatlly get used to that!

michael levine’s “loft” – all fabric sold by the pound!

i had a bunch of you ask where i get my fabric. i haven’t squeezed into the wholesale market yet, but boy would that be nice! i actually get most of my fabric locally, which i love. if you’re a local here’s a list of the stores i frequent starting with my favorite:
the quilter’s cupboard (atascadero)
the cotton ball (morro bay)
beverly’s (san luis obispo)
betty’s (san luis obispo)

but when i have a specific fabric in mind that i can’t find locally, i go online. i don’t have one specific shop i go to most. i tend to first do a google search for the fabric to find the cheapest price, but i also do a search on etsy because the prices can be very competitive. yes, the prices are usually lower, but then you also have to factor in shipping. i go back and forth in my preferences. i like the convenience of online shopping, and even though i have to pay shipping for the orders, it usually offsets the inconvenience of carting my 3 littles around. that said, the cotton ball and especially the quilter’s cupboard are extremely wonderful to my kids when i bring them with. and oh how i do love a good fabric store. just the fact that i can touch and feel a fabric and see it’s true color before buying it can be so helpful.

so i have a crazy busy next few days. like so crazy i seriously don’t know how it will all get done. but the light at the end of the tunnel: we’re heading up to nicole’s (my bff) for vacay!!! please forgive my absence over the next few days. bye!



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    Awww—thanks, Lindsey. I loved being your personal assistant and not knowing how to work your navigation system, and telling you to go the wrong direction on several roads so that we could bactrack. Such good times! Anytime. I had such a good time–thank you for taking me!

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    Christina says:

    I'm so glad you guys had so much fun! And one thing I always try to remind myself when I'm way too busy … all the important stuff WILL get done. It WILL. (I've been saying that a TON over the past week and a half.) And how perfect … by the time I get back to the internet stateside … you'll be back with more posts! :o)

    Have a wonderful vacation!!

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    Poulsen Family says:

    Love all those fabrics and Love your blog, I've been lurking for just a little while and have you on my reader now. I just thought I'd put a plug in for my Mom's etsy shop, My Needle and Thread, since you mentioned online shopping. She started a fabric shop not too long ago and has great prices!

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    Mama Mote says:

    Noonie just told me that they hired a new person at K-Life and the wife has a fabric business. You might check with her. Don't know what she does and what she has, but it's a thought. The Fuglers are out of town this week. Next week is when Chris starts, so maybe check with her in another week or so and see if she can help you connect. I wonder if she has an online shop. Anyway, who knows – maybe another connection.

  5. 5

    Have a great time away!

  6. 6

    so whatcha doin with needing 55+ yards of fabric! spill it! have fun on the vacay!

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    Glad to see that my favorite quilt shop, The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay, is also on your favorites list.

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    Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training says:

    I just love fabric stores but often get lost in all the choices. I go in for something in particular and get inspired by all the patterns and colors. I end up leaving with way more than I came in for. I have a review about a fabric store on my blog too. I’ve never seen anything like it……just rows and rows of fabric. My pictures look a lot like the ones you took.

  9. 9

    I also got so excited when i saw you picture with all the fabric. I want all of it!

  10. 10
    Madison says:

    Hi Lindsey you don't now me but I am Madison. I love your blog and the fabrics WOW that would be my dream place!!!!

    Love, Madison

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