blasted technology!

the tech gods (not that i believe in them) are against me! let me give you a rundown of my week SO FAR:
-my cell phone battery died. i can’t find my charger. anywhere.
-my iphone (don’t ask why i have 2 phones) was being updated with the new software, and i lost everything on it. everything. all appointments, all birthdays, all phone numbers, accounts… EVERYTHING.
-on a funny note, kind of, my husband had to set up all my apps again on my phone. when he reset my email, he added me as the pleated poopy. THE PLEATED POOPY! thankfully, only one email went out with that name, and it was to a good friend. thanks babe, i owe you one!
– my computer wasn’t letting me upload any pics to my shop. which means that i can’t add any of my many new items to my shop. ugh.
– then, to top things off, last night my computer died. dead. just turned off and didn’t come back. thankfully, a friend diagnosed that it needed a new battery and said battery has been ordered and rushed in shipping.

so all this to say, don’t expect much from me this week. i am so super disappointed because i have fun things for you. but don’t forget to enter the giveaways and check back for the winner on friday. hopefully you’ll get a little something from me between now and then.

but to be honest, i’ll let you in on a little secret. i’m going to be a little bit busy this week HELPING MY BEST FRIEND MOVE INTO HER NEW HOUSE HERE!!!! yes, nicole and fam are here in town and the big move in begins tomorrow a.m.

talk soon. sorry for no pics.


what?! another giveaway?!!

****comments closed! announcing winner on friday!****

apparently, its giveaway week here on the pleated poppy!

as i mentioned awhile back, i now have my products in a local boutique, mari robeson home in the village of arroyo grande. well mari has been working her tail off creating a beautiful line of her own fabric! she asked me to join with her and use her fabric in some of my designs. so together we’re each doing fun giveaways on our blogs that feature her fabrics. even more fun (if you’re a local) mari is throwing a big party at her boutique friday night, july 31st featuring her fabric and MY PRODUCTS! there will be munchies and drinks and yummy specialty cupcakes (i’d probably come just for the cupcakes!), from 5 until 8pm.

now on to the giveaway…

i’m hosting a giveaway for this adorable set of items made from mari’s “strawberry” line – how sweet is this?! the winner will get the clutch purse, a zippered pouch, a travel tissue case, and a matching posy pin! these are all one-of-a-kind items! (ps – i didn’t make the clutch – not that talented) all you have to do to enter is leave a comment here telling me how you found my blog (i’m really curious).

but wait! there’s more (that’s done in my best infomercial voice)…

mari is giving away BOTH of these sets on her blog, too! as soon as you’ve entered to win here, head over to mari’s blog for another chance to win some of these beautiful products!

oh no! thats not all… (getting a little carried away with the voice over thing, he he)

win this “luscious lemon” set of goodies: lemon cake blanket, little lovie cupcake, lemon soy candle travel tin and pleated poppy tea towel! this grand finale prize can be won on friday night, july 31st, at mari’s party! just join us at 151 West Branch Street, Suite B in the village of arroyo grande for your chance to win again!

the winner will be announced here on friday. as soon as i can get past some frustrating techincal difficulties, i have some fun crafty things to share with you soon!