4 winners

i have 4 bags stuffed to the brim, waiting to travel to their new homes, where hopefully they’ll be made into something lovely!

and thank you, thank you, thank you for all your great suggestions on blog post ideas! that was super helpful and i am inspired to bust some out real soon…

and now for the winners!

rainylakechick said…

I would love to see a post about your new work space!

Candice said…

I pretty much love everything you blog about, but I love your parties. Do you have any coming up, or some from the past that you never posted? thanks, what a great giveaway.

Empty Nest Full Life said…

I have a new machine, and have some great ideas for those scraps. I would probably love some quick and easy sewing ideas, got to start getting ready for christmas. Jackie

Anonymous said…

I get giddy when I see remnants/scraps of material! Oh the possibilities!

I would love to hear more about homeschooling your kids and how it works for you. I would also like to see your re-designed crafting space! I love your blog! You are so creative!

Mallory said…

OOps-I accidently made myself “anonymous” earlier. Love your blog. Can’t wait to see pics of your redesigned work space!

so ladies, contact me with your addresses so i can get these bags out of my craft room and into your hot little hands! congrats!

and for those of you that didn’t win, fear not. i’ve got a little something for you coming in a bit…. (ooh, the anticipation!)



  1. 1

    Oh my I cant belive I won my first time ever winning something. thanks so much Lindsay, I am so excited!

  2. 2
    rainylakechick says:

    Thanks again so much for the fabric scrap bag… I've already made use of my winnings!

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