day 1

today is day 1 of our eat healthy “lifestyle change”, as my husband calls it. he is generally pretty healthy, exercises a lot and eats fairly well. my health has continued to go down hill. not that i’m sick, but i have stopped exercising over the last year and eat not-so-healthy. my downfall has become dr. pepper and anything covered in chocolate. so, as of today, we’re encouraging each other to eat healthier and exercise regularly, both of which sound horrific to me right now as all i want to do is eat some chocolate and take a nap (i’m hitting the 3 o’clock slump – i can tell time by it in the afternoon!). and we’re limiting ourselves to only one desert each week. this is going to be hard. i usually have sweets a couple (few) times a day! but as for now, i feel like this:



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    I totally feel you!!! We are also trying a health makeover…it's been hard! I am a sweets addict and it got SO much worse when I was pregnant and then I just kept going…now she's 19mos! Good luck!!!

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    Oh, ha, ha!

    I feel that way at that time of day too.

    Good for you guys!

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    Your cool friend Cheryl says:

    Good for you! I don't have A sweet tooth…they're ALL sweet!

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    My husband & i did 10 days of no sugar, no flour & no dairy last month & we felt great!! Well, i take that back. The first few days were pretty hard, but once we got over the hump, we really had a ton of energy.

    (It sounds easier than it is, btw. The no sugar thing really eliminates virtually all sauces, condiments, etc. And no flour…well, that's pretty hard too!) We basically just ate fish, nuts & seeds & salads with avocado & homemade dressing. And brown rice as a "treat." We've already planned to do this again before Thanksgiving to get a jump start on the holidays. :)

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    Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says:

    Good luck – 3:00 is my crash time!

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    Empty Nest Full Life says:

    Received my box of scraps. Can't wait to start some creating! I know exactly how you feel about the healthy eating. I had just let myself eat whatever and just like nothing the weight came on. I have started exercising once again, and in the begining I felt the same.Now that I have picked up the pace it is becoming easier, and I am actually looking forward to it. I am in an accountability group and have lost about 9 lbs. This weekend I fell off a little since I made homemade birthday cake and icecream for my boy. I made my husband finish off the cake tonight and we both have to get back with it. He is the skinny one that runs all the time, but his cholesterol came back way too high this time, so he has to cut back the favorite after dinner snack for him Ice Cream. Take it from me it will get easier, and a few weeks ago I couldn't even imagine myself saying that! Jackie

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    i hear ya! i started today too – now that we are in the routine i NEED to get in gear with my eating. too many chocolate chip cookies and fountain sodas.

    are you limiting your dr.pepper per day/week?? just curious. i know you said only one dessert per week – i know that will be hard!

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    Legally Fabulous says:

    Good luck! It's SO hard… I'm trying to make healthy eating/living a habit for myself too.
    i really wish I didn't love cheeseburgers and french fries so much!

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    kristen – i'm going to try to cut out the blessed/cursed d.p. altogether. ugh.

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    Oooh, tough call on the DP! My achilles heel is Mt Dew. I was drinking 5 or 6 a day for awhile! Eeep! I weaned myself off it by replacing one a day w/ a glass of water, then 2 a day, until I'm down to 2 Dews a day (usually!).

    oh, and 3 o'clock is notorious! A little while back, Emerald nuts had a whole campaign about how you should eat them as a snack at 3 o'clock to keep Robert Goulet away. He likes to mess w/ your stuff at 3. (I'm a nerd, I know, it's okay!)


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    miss indecision says:

    I feel your pain! My hubband is all fit and trim and healthy and I just keep … well, going in the opposite direction. Post what you're doing to encourage the rest of us, too!

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    do you think you will go through crazy withdrawals?

    doesn't every mommy look like that at 3:00 in the afternoon?

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    Kelley Hart says:

    Yeah, it's a bummer that that 3 o'clock slump hits right when school is out! Too bad we can't just pass out at the dinner table for a bit!

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    allthingsjuice says:

    Gooed luck with that. I'm a sugar addict myself so I feel your pain!

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    hi Linsey!

    i just found your Awesome Inspiring Creations on DaySpring!!! you are so talented!!! i can hardly wait to see more & more of your creations!!

    your kids are incredible and i haven't even met them!!!

    just had to say hi and thank you!!

    wow!! by what you wrote yesterday-
    you would think you live in MY body!!

    i am a Happy Grateful wife, of over 46 years, to Mr. Amazing!!
    a Super Proud mom of 4/grandmom of 6 AND not willing to slow down (with GOD'S help :)!!!

    THANK YOU for sharing all that GOD has given you!!! ~barb ~ in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country

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    good luck!! you will feel so much better once you do it :) eating healthier and exercising more will help you to sleep better at night and get through the 3 pm slump!

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    Lisa Leonard says:

    hey friend. i've got to shoot straight. one dessert a week is unreasonable. understand??

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    Good luck to you! I know it would be hard for me to limit sweets/dessert to one time a week too. You can do it and you have excellent motivation with 3 beautiful children.

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