cluttered house, cluttered mind

oh my.
this has been quite a day.
it’s been one of those days where i just can handle everything going on.
i can’t handle the heat (~90 degrees).
i can’t handle the messes in my house – i look.
i can’t handle my 2 year old undoing and dumping everything.
and why does my husband have to be gone tonight?!

since my mind is so full of, well, everything,
i figured sometimes its just better to get it out there (to you poor readers)
and hopefully clear up some space for mothering.
and maybe cleaning.

so here’s what’s cluttering my mind:
for work:
– i have about 75 fall posies waiting to be finished, almost done
– i have well over 60 (!) crayon rolls cut and ready to sew (if only i had the time)
– i still have a HUGE amount of tea towels to make for (in)courage
– btw, i’ve been waiting on my replacement order (1st order was partially unusable) of tea towels for over a month and a half! they came yesterday,
so now my house is stuffed with towels, once again
– i have so many ideas for fall and christmas tea towels that its killing me i haven’t been able to start yet
– i can’t make the petal pushers fast enough! the cream ones just sold out today
– i also have a pile of fabric for full aprons piled about 2 ft high, just waiting
– i’m running low on posy hair clips, so i need to get on that, too
– oh, and i am still running my sale. thank you all for supporting me so much! i am getting closer and closer to a new camera every day!

and on the personal side (not that my business isn’t personal):
– i just got this fabric in the mail to make this top! i still need to choose the trim fabric
– i’m only partially done with our halloween costumes. must finish!
– i have my family rules canvas almost done. really, so close!
-and what has been exhausting me the most is this: my son. phew! that boy is buuuusy.
and right now, busy is the nicest word i can come up with. after a long day today, knowing my husband wouldn’t be coming home to help with dinner and bedtime, i opted to eat drive thru (aka: kids are strapped in), and spend time walking (aka: spending too much money) around target. well, in the 5 minutes before we got out of the house i got silas dressed (because my kids are generally mostly unclothed by 3 o’clock). while i was taking care of something else, silas dumped out the huge jar of crayons. and jumped on them. breaking them. then he dumped out the big box of tiny legos. all of them. then he decided he had to go potty because his sisters were. he ran to the bathroom and tore off all his clothes (shirt, shorts, diaper, and shoes) that i had just put on him. he is wearing me out.
another of his antics happened tonight after i had put him to bed. this one made me laugh, because i was so shocked by it. i walked past his room and noticed his light was on. i went in to find his noise machine (how could i ever live w/o this?!) was turned off, and he had climbed up on the changing table. he was laying down. his diaper was off! and he said he had gone peepee and needed to change his diaper. aah! we really need to potty train this boy. but he’s pretty much doing it himself, so maybe i should just stay out of it. but on the other hand, when i find poopy wipes in the wipes container (i’m serious), maybe i should be a little more in control, ya think?

thanks for listening.
i feel better now.
off to watch some shows and make some posies!
(notice i didn’t say “clean my house”?)



  1. 1

    I hear you. I am really amazed at Silas wiping himself! That's funny, as is the story of him roadblocking your trip to Target. Doesn't sound like it's fun for you though.

    Keep up the great work as an artist and as a mom!

  2. 2
    Momofgirls says:

    Oh those days are soooo hard! I am glad you gave up and went to Target! Sometimes that's just what you need. and an icee.

  3. 3
    Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE says:

    I needed an icie today, thanks for reminding me to go there lol

  4. 4

    Hey Lindsey, are you making the Family Rules with fabric or paper?

    I just made mine yesterday and it was super fun. I'm doing a post on it next wee, and linking to you.

  5. 5

    {L} – i'm making my family rules out of fabric. so far, i really like it. now all i have to do is actually mod podge the fabric to the canvas, but i'm scared!

  6. 6

    Wow – I have been feeling like this but didn't think anyone else was. The more I talk to my friends the more I am discovering that they are feeling stretched! When I talked to you the other day I was half asleep, I hope I didn't sound like a door knob!

    Silas and his antics make me laugh, and Lindsey look at all the stuff you are getting done! That's awesome! Hmm, I want to go to Target now! Maybe I'll clean the house tomorrow…

  7. 7
    Mama Mote says:

    I think I actually miss those days. Target runs are the best. Did you get there?

  8. 8

    Awwww….I think we have all had those moments! My little girl is 2.5 and we are in the midst of the potty training now too so I feel ya! Keep up the good work!

  9. 9
    Lettered Cottage says:

    Just don't forget to take some time for yourself at some point, to sit and BREATHE!

    Layla :-)

  10. 10
    Mom's Place says:

    I just have to laugh…I'm sorry! I thought I was the ONLY one in the world that feels like this so it's such a relief!

    Something that ALWAYS helps a day like that, and I know – I'm so bad!, is eating my favorite ice cream after the kids finally are sleeping. Wish I could have done it last night.

  11. 11

    Hi Lindsey! Just wanted to let you know that I got the posies I ordered today and they are so cute! I am the one that told you my kids are pen pals with the Cheneys! Anyways, just wanted to let you know that your post so brought me back. I have 2 girls and then a boy (ages 11, 9 & 5)and he was sooooo different than the girls and really made for some trying times. Even though he can still be a challenge, I must say that it gets better AND I hear that boys are so much easier to raise as they get older because they don't care about hair, clothes, boys, friends being mad, etc. I'll keep you posted on that as I find out, but until then I think you are an awesome, talented mom that is definitely going about things all in the right way!

    Take care – Stacey

    P.S. That shirt you are going to make is awesome, are you going to be selling them?

  12. 12

    stacy – thanks so much for the encouragement about the shirt, i don't plan on selling them, but you never know!

  13. 13

    this made my day! poopy wipes in the container! i laughed hysterically out loud because i sympathize with you! My 2 year old dumps everything…or drop kicks it, either one. He got a new football yesterday and loves drop kicking it. That's fine…but then he decides to drop kick a can of pringles and i watch as he runs over to the pringles all over the floor and jumps on them. not so fine…
    hang in there! i'm in your boat!

  14. 14

    oh man, i so feel ya. "busy" is such a nicer word than i would've picked out for my "busy" little guy. your list makes my list look like pocket change. you are amazing lindsey! keep up all the hard work! and TGFT (Thank Goodness for target!)seriously, 60 crayon rolls and 75 posies? jeez. you go girl! when do you have the time? do you ever sleep?

  15. 15
    rachel @ perfectly imperfect says:

    oh yes… been there all too often! my escapes are usually target or homegoods & a drive through Sonic. but the poopy wipes… wow. you win the prize!
    hope your weekend gets easier!

  16. 16

    that post made me tired!

  17. 17

    I was just looking at my kids' picture albums from when they were little (they are now 23 & 27) and oh how I was wishing them to be little and living with me again!! They grow up SO fast…enjoy the messes. :)

  18. 18

    Oh bless your heart…you are sooo busy! I'm sorry your day has been cluttered and am hoping your tomorrow is brighter and more sane.

  19. 19

    Oh poooorrrr Lindsey!! I'm dying to come up there and play with them (esp. Si – sorry but all that sounds like fun to me (I don't have to live with it!)) And it also sounds like deja vous!! I knew a little boy named Sean who used to drive us CRAZY!!! haha – payback is h*^@! I love you guys & miss you!!!!

  20. 20

    Where do you buy your tea towels? I've been making them for gifts lately but have just been buying 4 or 5 at a time at Target or Hobby Lobby.

    I don't know how you do it all! You really are an inspiration!

  21. 21
    Hunter and Hailey's mom says:

    Wow! your busy little boy sounds just like mine…he will be 2 in 2 weeks! and to boot I have my girl that will be be 1 in December that seems even "busier" than him. I told my husband last night after driving for hours in the car with the 2 of them …that I would like to change my name!!!! I am no longer "momma, momma, maaaaaaaaaaaama!!!"

  22. 22

    That sounds so much like my life. I'm so glad to know that someone else out there shares in the pure enjoyment (uhhh….)of all the chaos of a little one. One afternoon I found my two year old in my bathroom with red fingernail polish all over his feet, legs and hands, not to mention all over the floor (laminates). Luckily nothing got on the carpet in our bedroom. Boy was he proud of himself! I didn't know that much fingernail polish came in a small bottle. It was everywhere! I feel your pain 8-)
    P.S. I love your blog. Thanks for the inspiration. I have all my paper picked out for my "family rules" chart. Now to find the time….

  23. 23

    jacqui – i buy my towels wholesale online in packs of 60! but after my last order i do not recommend the company because 1/3 of the order was so crummy. you can try walmart also. i like their quality and the price literally can't be beat for what you're getting.

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