a fancy soiree

welcome to the fancy palace!

for lily’s 4th birthday she requested a fancy nancy party (which i abbreviated to a fancy party).
the guests were greeted at the door with a really fancy entrance (curtains hung in a tension rod, with ribbons tied to the rod.

lily was all decked out with not 1, but 2 fancy skirts, a shirt made by me at the 11th hour, and a super fancy posy hair clip with lots of sparkle and feathers.

and if her sparkly gold shoes weren’t enough, i added a set of posies to her shoes.

we had jewels dripping from every surface.
a friend had hosted a jewelry party a couple years ago and had picked up tons of beaded garland in fancy colors like hot pink, lavender, and aqua. i added some boas and vintage cut glass crystal garland sean and i scored years ago at a flea market.

an ultra girly birthday banner that the girls helped with.

i love doing a project with things on hand: ribbon, scrappy paper, glitter and glue.

even the birdcage and pumpkins got dressed up for the event.

while we waited for all the guests to arrive, the girls started by coloring a downloaded page of fancy nancy, and had a couple of her books there for inspiration.

don’t they look posh?! the guests were asked to come dressed in their fanciest attire.

i *love* to decorate my chandelier! boas, beads, and chandelier crystals were just the right touch to make it completely over the top!

for the table top i just layered white table cloths, topped with random scraps of pink fabric i had.

the centerpiece was a compilation of everything fancy i had on hand, other than the borrowed tray. cake plates, silver cups, crystal serving dishes, pretty china… all on top of pink chiffon.

each place setting was different, with mismatched floral china i’ve been collecting over the years.

when all the girls had arrived and finished coloring, we went straight to the table for parfaits (ice cream sundaes – fancy nancy says everything sounds fancier in french).

a parfait for the birthday girl.

oddly, it took her like 10 tries to blow out the candles. maybe she was relishing the attention?

the fancy crew.

waiting off to the side i had everything we needed for our craft.

almost everything here was found at local thrift stores: silk flowers, tiaras, and boas (this was the perfect time of the year for the last two items since its so close to halloween).

and of course lots of straw hats. we were going to take these plain jane hats and make them “exquisite”.
we scattered all the flowers and boas all over the table for the guests to dig into.
all the moms were so helpful! i had 4 hot glue guns at each corner that they were manning, helping each of the girls decorate their hats to their heart’s desire.
(do you see tyler bella’s hair above? she had dixie cups under there to add some extra volume! i think she’d make a great who from whoville!)

all the creations in a row.

next up – gifts and manicures.

after each girl’s gift was opened, they stood in line for their manicures.

overall, i think it was a huge success!
and inexpensive, too. the only things i paid for were the ice cream and toppings, and the thrifted hats and hat decor. everything else i had on hand or borrowed. love that!

p.s. – i’m still having my sale! i’m half way to my new camera!



  1. 1

    adorable!! it looks like they all had an awesome time!!

  2. 2

    what a cute party!!!

  3. 3

    Can you even have a more fun party!?! I looove her shoes. Wish I could pull those off! =D

  4. 4

    Holy cow! I wish I had a little girl to pamper! This looked like a fabulous party…LOVED the ideas!

  5. 5
    Mom Taxi Julie says:

    So cute, I want a fancy party!

  6. 6
    Wade's World says:

    So cute!!!

  7. 7
    The Chubby Dove says:

    So cute! Looks like they had a great time (and you did, too!)

  8. 8
    Mom's Place says:

    How fun is that!!! Just reading and looking at the pictures made me feel like a little girl! That had to have been the best party ever!

  9. 9

    Could not have done it better! Absolutely beautiful!

  10. 10

    P.S. Think I could have one for my 26th?

  11. 11

    oh my gosh… you must have felt like such a good mother at the end of that day! i love how you used thrifted items and borrowed things instead of renting things and wasting things and making it so over the top. very inspiring :O)

    and happy birthday to the little one!

  12. 12
    Carrington says:

    I loved this so much, and I'm totally going to tag it, to come back to when my daughter is a little older. What a great idea! Go Mama, job well done!

  13. 13

    how exquisite! you did a fabuluous job of making a posh party! *we are having a *fancy* party next month too, great ideas! and the decorations were spectacular. (practicing my fancy vocab) ;)love the decorate the hat idea! what a divine party!

  14. 14

    How fabulous! Everything looked wonderful!

  15. 15

    Ok serious…those flowers on her shoes and hair clip are to die for! I love it all…so glam, with a touch of Halloween.

  16. 16

    Adorable! What a fun party! {I"m filing away all the ideas for future bdays!} Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. 17
    Literary Mama says:

    I'm having a girl in a couple months and this post made me even more excited!! Awesome!

  18. 18
    Cindy Broaddus says:

    Very cute AND fancy! My daughter had a Fancy Nancy party, too, this March when she turned four. She, also, was able to go to our local library for a Fancy Nancy fashion show the week of her party. It was great timing! ;)

    C'est bonne! C'est magnifique!

  19. 19

    great party! so fancy! i know she had a great time! i am working on my little girls 4th birthday too! i would love for you to come visit my blog and check it out! thanks!


  20. 20

    What a fantastic party! I'm bookmarking it! :)

  21. 21

    Oh to be a little girl again!

  22. 22

    I bet she will remember this party for a very long time…so special!
    Having the party at home is so nice because you can be so much more creative. It was definitely fancy!!


  23. 23

    This is just so cute! I vividly remember having a birthday party like this. I love the idea. Thanks for sharing. You did a great job!

  24. 24

    OMG! That is so adorable! Thanks for sharing. I gave you an award on my blog. Check it out if you get a chance. :0)

  25. 25
    ForgetMeNot says:

    Eeek that is so stinkin adorable and makes me wish I had a little girl! Maybe one day!

  26. 26
    happiestmommies says:

    I have to throw my daughter a party like this (is age three too young?!–just kidding; we'll wait a bit) because no one would give one to this 35-year-old! Talk about living your life through your kids! Thanks for the great ideas, Lindsey. I enjoy your blog so much.

  27. 27
    Your Frugal Friend, Niki says:

    First I need to have a little girl so I can throw one of those parties! Love it! So pink. I am outnumbered in a house o' boys here.

    Secondly I adore those shelves and scads and scads of picture frames. Are they all IKEA? I need them.


  28. 28

    niki – the shelves are from ikea, but the frames are from various places. i know i picked up a bunch on sale at aaron brothers, though.

  29. 29
    twojunkchix says:

    LOVE it! How adorable the girls all looked and the decor – WOW! I wanna be Fancy Nancy for a day :)

  30. 30
    Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: says:

    That is just about the cutest party I have ever seen!! My daughter will be three next month, and is starting to get really into Fancy Nancy ("Nancy Nancy", as she calls her!) and since her party isalready planned this year I'm hoping we can do a fancy theme next year. All of the touches are beautiful, and the girls look darling!

    Great job!

  31. 31
    To The Moon and Back says:

    Linsey, where did you find all the straw hats?

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