i really want a new camera

i said it.
and i want it NOW.
i am very impatient.
but i have my reasons.

have you noticed the lack of photos on my blog?
or at least the lack of decent ones?
and very rarely are there pics of my kids anymore.

here’s what happened: last summer i dropped my camera.
actually, it bounced out of my bike basket as we were riding with friends.
and the screen shattered.
it was done.
so i got a new camera.
then this summer i dropped my new camera.
and it’s broken, too.

out of sympathy, my sweet friend lent me her camera.
no, i did not drop it.
but its really really old and i can’t take decent pics with it.
as in my kids have left the room by the time it actually takes a pic of them.
ok, not really, but kind of.
so then my sympathetic husband brought home a camera from work for me to use.
without the cord to charge it.
the cord is nowhere to be found, and costs over $40 to replace it.
now if i’m going to spend $40, i feel like it should be towards a camera i want, not just for a camera i’m using in the meantime.
are you with me?
and yes, in case you weren’t clear on this, i am complaining.
about having 4 cameras.
3 of which don’t work, one not working well.

so i want a new camera.
but i don’t have money for one.
and my blog is suffering from it.
and i have a long stretch of time with no pics of my kids.
and they’re still cute, not in the awkward stage where it would be ok to not take pictures of them.
so what do i do?
yep, i’m coming to you. please buy my stuff and help me earn some money to buy myself a camera!
beginning today and ending when i’ve earned enough, i’m having a sale on everything in my shop.
15% off
enter coupon code CAMERA at checkout
if you order 2 or more items, i’ll send you a set of chubby button hair clips!

so please, wouldn’t you like to help me make my blog pretty?
i know my friends would like me to stop borrowing their cameras!

***edited to add: some of you are looking for the clips on my shop. i only sell them at boutiques and shows, not online, so they are really special! if you order 2 or more items from my shop i’ll surprise you with a special set of 2.***



  1. 1

    I really love this deal! I help you out by purchasing and you help me out by giving a discount! I just placed an order because of this, BTW!

    Now I am thinking that I should have ordered more!

  2. 2

    I hear ya! My husband hears me say that I hate my camera about five millions times a day!
    I'm loving your idea…I can't wait to go shopping!!

  3. 3

    you are soo funny! thanks for a good laugh this morning!
    love you!

  4. 4
    little wash wash says:

    i looked in your shop and couldn't find the cute clippies that you had pictures of.

  5. 5

    i feel your pain. i broke two cameraas – accidentally – and my third got messed up during a routine cleaning (at the manufacturer) so that the pictures look bad. i saved my pennies and finally got my dream camera.

    good luck! hoping you can get a new one soon!

  6. 6
    Sincerely Yours Paper inc. says:

    I was already giggling a little about your post because I, too, offer sales or push special products when I want something fun for myself! Then my giggling turned into an audible snort when I saw that the coupon code was 'CAMERA'. So funny.

    I love the little treats I bought from you to give to my friends. Cutest stuff ever.


  7. 7
    poole party says:

    i donated to your cause! hope it helps!

  8. 8
    Rebecca Welch says:

    reposting totally without permission…hehehe

  9. 9

    me too! Hope you get one soon! Personally, your blog is so great, I would love it even without the pictures!

  10. 10

    I really like those clips!!

  11. 11

    Loving this deal…sad that the petal pusher in pink is out of stock! :( But loving the things I bought my little angel! Can't wait to get them in the mail!

  12. 12

    I *totally* know your "pain" – I had 3, I supposed 'decent' cameras…BUT, I wanted a new camera (I mean I NEEDED a new camera). I finally sucked it up & bought one on eBay about a month ago, and let me just say that it feels good not having 'camera hatred' anymore :)

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