i really want to make this:

but i don’t want to follow a pattern.
or use all the fabric it calls for.
you see, it’s lined (as in twice the fabric, twice the work).
so it’s made really well, but that just sounds like way too much work for a shirt that will surely have otter pops dripped on it and snot wiped on it.
but it sure is pretty!
you may be wondering why i’m loving such a summery shirt right now.
it’s because fall is the most beautiful season here, and every year i forget it, until it sneaks up on me.
take today: it was probably high 80’s at least.
not a cloud in the sky.
so nice it makes me want to wear a shirt i will probably never make.



  1. 1
    Lettered Cottage says:

    I love that shirt too!
    But it's been chilly willy here in 'Bama, so no halter tops anymore this year for this gal. I've already busted out the long sleeve thermal shirts and jeans!
    Can you believe it?

  2. 2
    Maggie Whitley says:

    80 degrees outside? It was 43 in Minneapolis today. BRRR! So much for fall… hello winter. sigh…


  3. 3
    Julie @ Joy's Hope says:

    all of amy's patterns call for WAY more fabric than in necessary. hmmm… wonder why. because she is SHADY!!! love the top though. you could totally rig it up without a pattern and rock it all winter with a jean jacket. just saying.

  4. 4

    I'm extremely jealous of you and your 80 degree weather! They threatened snow next week. Ugh!

    Love the shirt though! :)


  5. 5

    hello lindsey! i adore your website..and all of the things you sew. i received an award today and i want to pass it onto you!! thanks for sharing all of your creative ideas with us!

    have a blessed day,

    {this southern texas weather is still pretty nice too! love the shirt}

  6. 6

    You can still make it! Just wear a cardigan over it and don't make the lining! It's too cute to pass up just bc of oct! I tried my first giveaway so be sure and check it out!

  7. 7
  8. 8
    Tiffany DuBois says:

    I've made the pattern before and it runs WAY big plus it calls for way too much elastic in the back. That being said, it's really cute using Heather Bailey's big daisies:-) and makes for a great swimsuit cover-up.

  9. 9

    Hi Lindsey!

    I love that! I wish I could sew better than I do. A dress for the little sis? No problem. Something for me? Not so easy.

    I just wanted to say hello, and tell you how much I adore your posy pins. I saw them on (in)courage, and I knew I had to come by. I'm now following you! =)

    Have a blessed Wednesday!
    Jacky at {This Time Around}

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