big fat greek fundraiser

have you heard me talk about my daughter’s school before?
you may be confused, if not.
yes, i do home school, but only 3 days a week.
the other 2 days she is at a classical school in a regular classroom with 13 other kids.
even if you aren’t in the area, check it out.
you may be able to find something near you like it.
and the website has a wealth of knowledge on it: essays, podcasts… so much good stuff about classical education.

one of the fun aspects about our school is we study a different period of history each year,
4 periods in all, then after 4 years we go back to the first period we studied 4 years earlier. this gives the kids a chance to learn something in a new way each time the study it.

so this year we are studying the ancient world, and are currently focused on egypt and greece and the various gods, etc. we also have a fundraiser each year and ours was yesterday.
it was called the big fat greek fundraiser.
i was on the committee for the table decorations and we had to keep it cheap. as in as close to free as possible.

and we got pretty close!
the wreathes were made from donated olive branches, the olive oil was also donated, the wine was made by parents of a student, and we only had to pay for the paper costs.
instead of numbering each table, we gave them a name of a greek god, and there was a little card with funny facts about each god.

each seat had a “charger”. since the meal was served, the plates weren’t on the table when the guests arrived. so to fill that space we made these “chargers” with cardstock printed with various mission statements from parents and teachers, then rimmed them with a gold marker.

and i just added a little tag to the olive oil bottles with our school name. i *love* the label on these bottles! they are so simple and pretty.

so here’s where the funny part comes in:
as i’m leaving my house to go set up the tables yesterday, my friend calls and says one of their gods and goddesses had to cancel because of a sick child… and would i fill in? uh, not my cup of tea. so i said i’d think on it as a last resort.

we were the last resort.
childcare fell in place.
the costumes were delivered (which you can’t see in this pic how amazing they really were).
we really wanted to attend, but just weren’t able to commit to it financially this year (its a very fancy event). thankfully, it all worked out for the best and we were not only able to attend as the welcoming god and goddess, ares and athena, but our good friends had empty seats at their table and we sat with them!

it was an amazing night and the live auction was unforgettable!
thank you joy for pushing me out of my comfort zone!


as daunting as it has been, i finally got my very own family rules canvas done!
and so have so many of you!
nearly everyday i get a new comment or email from one of you that has made your own.
you guys really have to go look at them all –
they are really inspiring and helpful if you haven’t done your own yet.

yes, i stole some of your rules.

i began with my canvas,
painted it sloppily with random acrylic paints,
and started choosing my fabrics.
yes, i said fabric!
nicole made her’s with paper, and so have many of you,
but i wanted to try it with fabric and iron-on transfer paper.

our house has very little wall space, so thankfully the canvas fit in the only place it could go.
and i love it here!
it’s our tiny hallway by the kitchen,
between the bathroom and silas’ room.
our kitchen is pretty white and this canvas it just the kick in the color pants it needed.

overall, i’m really happy with it.
but it may be that i’m more happy that i’m done with it than the actual finished product ;)

here’s what my rules are:
thank God for this day, for this family, for this home
sing silly, dance crazy, hug often, snuggle up, say i love you
be creative at all times
use kind words – obey your parents – always tell the truth
share everything… except bad ideas
say what you are sorry for… forgiveness is mandatory
give your guest your best
husband love your wife – wife always be on his side
hands are for hugging not hitting
there is no “mine” in this house – it’s all God’s
encourage your siblings… share in their joy
too much t.v. is bad. too much reading is good.
act responsibly, be respectful, choose wisely
love the Lord your God

some of you have had trouble with the mod podge causing your paper to bubble and ripple.
i avoided that with the fabric, for the most part.
i was pretty happy with the transfer paper,
but it worked better on some fabric than on others.
you can see the outline of it on many of the fabrics,
but i gave up on perfection long ago.
just realize when you do this project that it probably won’t be perfect.
enjoy that!
perfection is so much harder to achieve.

i also varied the edges of the fabrics with different cuts,
like a scallop, straight cut, and more decorative scallops.
i took scrapbook paper that had decorative edges and
traced it with a water soluble marker, then cut it out.

so now its your turn!

i’ll try to do a post soon of a compilation of all of our family rules…

also, many of you have asked if nicole is going to sell these. for now, the answer is no. she just had her 4th baby and is busy enough with her little monkeys. but she is looking into getting them reproduced, so i’ll definitely keep you all posted if this comes to fruition!

happy saturday!
i’m off to decorate for a big fat greek celebration (more on that later!).