we collected these little acorns while on a walk with friends not too long ago.
it was supposed to be fall, but on that day it was about 85 degrees outside!
that’s fall on the central coast for you (neener neener neener ;).

we’re starting to see a little change in the weather, but now that its starting to feel fallish
i’m ready to ditch my pretty pumpkins
and break open the christmas boxes!
maybe i’m being wise so i’m prepared ahead of time for my upcoming boutique here at the house.
or maybe, in typical lindsey fashion, when i have a full plate, i heap on another (more fun) project.

as much as the fall season gets the short end of the stick since christmas tends to butt in,
christmas really only gets just one month.
and really, we spend (well, at least i spend) more on christmas decorations than i ever would on fall.

oh, that reminds me: i’m not going to buy any new christmas decorations this year.
i don’t need them.
keep me accountable, ok?

when do you start decorating for christmas?



  1. 1

    Those acorns are SO tiny and SO adorable!! I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. Sometimes we put our tree up earlier and just have the lights on… no ornaments. I often wish that Christmas had more than a month!! :)

  2. 2

    You crack me up! I always get the Christmas decorations out the weekend of Thanksgiving. I can't miss the deals on "black Friday" so it usually ends up being Saturday. My friend puts hers up the day after Halloween!

  3. 3

    We put up our tree the first week of December but I put out other Winter decorations the day after Thanksgiving. I buy one new ornament for our family every year. We all go and pick it out. The kids love being a part of the decision.

  4. 4
    It'll Be Fine says:

    I love the acorns but be careful… we collected some one year and put them in a pretty hurricane. I came down one day to find it full of worms that had come out of the acorns! Yikes! Maybe California acorns are different from midwest ones…? ;)

  5. 5
    kaylin rose and mara anne says:

    Your post have been really funny this week! I put up your decorations the day after Thanksgiving and we get our tree the first weekend of December….the girls are going to my in-laws for the weekend and I think we will surprise them with it when they come home…because it just might be easier with them gone then to have 2-2 year olds helping with the tree!

  6. 6

    On Thanksgiving night…after the kids are asleep, we get out all of the christmas dishes, and set the table for our annual Breakfast…Dutch Babies, fresh berry syrup, whipped cream, scrambled eggs, fried baby red potatoes etc, etc. we decorate all day and end with our first Christmas movie and a pizza party! We have been doing this since day one!

  7. 7

    i don't decorate for christmas. bah humbug!

  8. 8

    I wanted to start…well a couple weeks ago, but I feel a tad bit guilty to do it before Thanksgiving. I will be on it the day after Thanksgiving for sure!!
    thanks for the post, made me feel better!!

  9. 9
    Vintage Creations says:

    just be careful with acorns..my daughter collected some and i thought it would be so cute to put them out and like the next day i had worms all over my dish.. but they are so cute.. those ones are tiny…

  10. 10
    ordinaryinspirations says:

    While growing up in Florida, we put up our fake tree on Thanksgiving Day while watching/listening to the Macy's Day Parade. I have brought t his tradition into my family. The only difference … we get a REAL tree the night before , now that we live in South Carolina!

  11. 11

    We usually go to get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and then we are off and running. I usually get each child and our family one ornament a year…this way when they get their own house they will have some ornaments documenting their lives. This year my middle boy begged for a tree with just lights and red/white/blue balls and a star ( we have an antique angel from our honeymoon) and I said ok. He is so excited….however I am still going to buy our regular ones for next year.

  12. 12

    We start decorating right after Thanksgiving…sometimes even before! We love Christmas – and start listening to Christmas music even before that (already am!) LOL

  13. 13

    Our family puts up the Christmas tree and trims it on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The rest of the house I do by myself the next day while the kids are occupied at school. Love Halloween through Christmas!

  14. 14
    Kristen Borland says:

    day after thanksgiving. and we start listening to Christmas music the beginning of november. definitely my fav time of year!

  15. 15

    I can't deal with Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. Since we usually travel for that holiday it ends up being the first week of December.

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