family olympics ’09

just a sampler of the fun we’re having!


ps – check out my sister-in-law’s tweets for updates on all the fun!


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    Mom's Place says:

    What a fun idea!!!

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    The Martinez Family says:

    So cute! I think this is an awesome idea and I do believe i am going to force my family to adopt the tradition. I've been following Courtney's updates about it all day, it seems like so much fun.

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    Favors With Love says:

    Isn't it awesome to be able to wear tanks and light clothes at Thanksgiving!

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    your living space is lovely. your color combination is calm and peaceful. just found your blog whilst lurking about…

    maybe this would congest things, but what about placing a 'sofa table' behind the sofa, to make the placement feel more intentional??

    glad i found you :)
    layla bb

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