our first place

as i was searching through old pictures for who-knows-what,
i stumbled on these pictures.
this was the first house sean and i bought together.

it was a sweet little duplex just a block and a half from the beach.
i was pregnant with gracie in this house.
i used to walk down the street almost daily and take a nap in the sun on the beach (my theory: tan fat looks better than white fat).

so many memories rush back to me.
this place had been mildly cleaned up on the inside by the previous owners/flippers, but the outside was horrendous.

all you saw when you drove up were the garage doors.
the rest was a jungle mess.
an enormous yucca tree on what seemed to be a mountain.
a chain link fence, entangled with bougainvillea, which my husband now refers to as satan’s plant (it’s very thorny).
mini palm trees along the walkway that had branches sticking out at eye level.
i kicked those things down before i even first walked into the front door.
so this place was a lobor of love for us.
and i do mean labor.
inside we switched out all the fixtures and completely remodeled the bathrooms.
we repainted, refloored, reroofed, added all new windows and doors.
but outside was such a huge transformation.
it went from the scary place on the street to this.

both our dads helped install the privacy fence along the property line.
we built the swagging fence together.
every. single. picket.

we planted those stinking iceberg roses, which never did well while we lived there, but are taller than the fence now!

the planters on the side of the walkway was filled with hydrangeas, which were kind of smothered in the baby’s tear that grew all too well.
the birdbath was from one of our many trips to mexico.
ah, those trips to mexico!
sean traded work for a lady that owned a home in a gated community down there, so we had a great free place to stay a few times a year.

we lived in one unit and fixed it up, and rented out the other unit.
then we moved into the other unit and fixed it up.
come to think of it, most of out marriage we’ve lived in a house that was under construction!

i know it sounds crazy, but i miss it.
i miss it because we probably won’t ever do it again.
we could do it because it was just us.
we didn’t have kids yet.
we didn’t have to take the saw out of the living room or pick up the nails.
we took showers in a plastic lined shower because we didn’t finish the tiles yet.
we hosted a christmas party we had no business hosting in such a teeny place.
it was a different time of life, where responsibility then, and responsibility now and 2 very different things.

ok, sorry for getting all nostalgic on you.
thanks for listening ;)



  1. 1
    Maggie Whitley {Gussy} says:

    what fun memories there you guys had! that is so awesome :)

  2. 2

    Love these stories. Keep them coming!

  3. 3

    Wow the yard looks beautiful. You guys did a great job!!

  4. 4

    Cute post! The house looks wonderful and isn't it so fun to reminisce about "before the kids?"

  5. 5
    thepromommy says:

    My sister fwd'd this to me this morning, so I hope you don't mind my blog-trusion. Very inspirational! My hubby and I have comes to terms with the fact that we are stuck in our too tiny house. Now it's time to just remodel, put in some upgrades and get comfortable. Reading your post today made me feel a lot better about it!

  6. 6

    What a beautiful home!

  7. 7

    I hear ya! My favorite "house" my husband and I have lived in is our first apartment after we moved to the city. 650 sq. ft. of heaven! It was my first time to have crown molding…and I cherished every inch of it. My oldest son was born there and we had to sell our kitchen table so that we could put the crib in the breakfast room. Ahhhh… memories… Seemed so crazy then, but it's amazing how you can look back and appreciate the small things…

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