a thankful giveaway


i am so thankful to you guys for supporting me, my family, and my business!

what better way to say thanks than with a gift?!
i’m going to give one lucky reader their choice of christmas posy pin sets, just in time for christmas!

these pins are a great alternative to that sequined christmas tree sweater (you know you have one!) and the wooden necklaces with little christmas trees on them.
these say, “merry christmas!”, whereas the sweater said,
how cute would one (or 3!) of these pins look on a simple cream sweater?
or on top of a little gift for a friend?
tucked into a scarf?
or on a beanie even?
so cute, i tell ya!

so how do you win?
tell me your best christmas present EVER!
that’s it!
i’ll choose a winner just after thanksgiving.



  1. 1

    our big wheels were the best when we were like … 5? awesome gift.

  2. 2

    ooh, am i first?!

    the best christmas present i've ever received was from my husband the first christmas we were married. we were a poor, young military couple with a surprise honeymoon baby on the way and he gave me a shoebox wrapped in newspaper and duct tape. inside the box was a new set of blue (my favorite color!) leather scriptures with my new married name embossed in silver on the front. oh, how i cried! best gift ever for a million different reasons.

  3. 3

    A canoe… I was wondering what the paddle under the tree was all about.

  4. 4

    My best Christmas present ever is seeing the excitement and joy on my kids faces on Christmas morning.
    PS I love your blog! And the posies are so cute!

  5. 5
    Maggie Whitley {Gussy} says:

    my best Christmas present ever was waking up on Christmas morning as a MARRIED gal. That was last December. This is our second Christmas married… and it's so much fun :) It's a different type of "special."

  6. 6

    My best Christmas present was last year. The hubs gave me a rifle with a strap AND a pair of diamond earrings. Country and class in one gift!!! The pics are cute.

  7. 7

    Right now I'm crossing my fingers that my best gift will be this year, being that my house sells! <3 That's all I'm wishing for. Besides those pins ;)

    I did get a little red corvette when I was little though, that was pretty cool way back when! :)

    Hope I win! I have the sweater to wear it with!!


  8. 8

    A stuffed Panda Bear, given to me by a family friend when I was 5 (23 years ago). Harley is still around and my 2.5 year old loves him as much as I do.

  9. 9
    The Martinez Family says:

    The best Christmas present I ever received was my husbands tears. My husband didn't get to know his father, and only had a few photos of him. I conspired with his brother and his mom to track down all the photos of him that I could find. I put them all in a beautiful scrapbook and suprised him with them. It was full of photos and stories about his dad that he had never heard. Seeing the tears of joy and unbelief were by far the best Christmas gift ever.

  10. 10

    My precious little winter babies were the best Christmas gifts Ever.

  11. 11
    rainylakechick says:

    The Barbie RV my sister and I received when I was 4 was pretty awesome. But my favorite gift was the pink scooter I got in 5th grade. It was one of the skateboards with handlebars and 8 inch wheels with bikes tires on them. LOVED riding that thing to school. Evan after I had a fall one morning and it required stitches. They don't sell them anymore… Maybe they really ARE dangerous. :)

  12. 12
    rankin1997 says:

    My engagement ring was the best Christmas present ever!

  13. 13

    Yummy giveaway! I think my most favorite Christmas gift was a puppy…of course!! He's a monster now!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  14. 14

    I've been drooling over your pins for a while now. I have a perfect little 3 year old that would love to wear those in her hair!

    Best x-mas gift ever…probably the year that my mom caught on to the fact that me and my older sister DIDN'T like to wear matching sweaters.

  15. 15
    Joyful Weddings and Events says:

    I am pretty sure that my mom has all of those christmas apparel items you mentioned in her closet. we should pull them all out and model them this week :)

    I have to say, you and sean giving us the "gift" of the news of Silas was a good gift :) I think that same year was the year that benny wrote us all notes about why he loved us. That was a favorite gift on my list as well.

  16. 16
    Devon Carpenter says:

    The year that all the extended family got to be together. It was a first and was so special. Very memorable for all. BTW, I love those sweet little posies.
    Mrs. C

  17. 17

    my sister secretly contacted all of my siblings, close friends and parents-she had them all write a personal letter to me…she compiled all the letters in a box and handed out the surprise box of "love letters" on christmas…i still cry whenever i pull out the box and read those letters…best gift ever!

  18. 18

    I think it was when Santa brought a trampoline…the trampoline that we had asked for for years, and had finally given up all hope that we would actually get one!

  19. 19

    best christmas gift ever? that is hard…has to be the sweet ring my husband gave me on our first dating christmas when we were 16! He spent $100 and man that was a lot of money then. That was 15 years ago :)

  20. 20
    Your cool friend Cheryl says:

    Both of my sons are December babies. They are by far the best gifts ever!

  21. 21
    Esther Plaster says:

    does anyone remember sylavanian families? well i think i was about 11 and i got the house for christmas from my favorite aunt. it was so so special. a keepsake for my own daughters. i spent hours playing with it. i was in my own little world.

  22. 22

    so it was the year when cabbage patch dolls were the cool thing to have…takes me back a bit i know:)
    i must have been six and my two sisters were 4 and 2. my mom had bought the heads of the cabbage dolls and made the rest of the dolls and clothes herself. my dad also made us each a cradle for our doll to sleep in.
    it was great then but even more special now as i'm a mom myself and i realize how much time and love went into that gift. they had no money at the time and it makes me so proud to know that they did the BEST with what they could!
    happy thanksgiving!

  23. 23

    Super fun! The Christmas fabric is adorable too. :) I adore your posy pins (as you know) so thanks for the giveaway!

    My all time favorite Christmas gift was the Samantha American Girl doll when I was 8 years old. I wanted her SO badly, lol. It was extra exciting that year! :)

  24. 24

    My favorite present was two years ago when my boyfriend included a little card in my gift, asking me to the "snow ball" at my university. It totally wasn't the kind of dance that you needed a formal date for, but he asked me anyway because he knew I'd never been asked to a dance before.

  25. 25
    Phil and Bri says:

    my dad built me a motorcycle when I was in college and it was amazing! he is so thoughtful!

  26. 26
    Martinez Family says:

    I would have to say the best christmas present I have ever recieved was our oldest son!!!! He was due christmas day and choose to let us welcome him into our family one week early. I have to say that is a pretty amazing christmas present!!!! P.s. The diamond earrings my husband bought me year before last were pretty great too=)

  27. 27

    When I was three my parents gave me a stuffed monkey named George (after George of the Jungle not Curious George). In 1977 $30 for a stuffed animal was an insane amount of money to spend but they knew I would fall in love with him. And I did. A few years later my dog ate his face and I was heartbroken. Luckily, my grandmother was able to piece him back together again. 32 years later I still have him and still love him.

  28. 28

    Many years ago, my friend surprized me with tickets for the Rose Parade. It was the best cuz it was so unexpected.
    Linds, the pilllows you made for Shannon & fam, that is something I hold dear. So special.

  29. 29

    Bringing my newborn triplets home from the hospital right before Christmas…They are 11 now! I can't believe how time flies.

  30. 30
    Momofgirls says:

    Boy are those Christmas pins cute!!

    My best gift was a scooter when I was little, my Mom saved Blue Chip Stamps to "buy" it for me!

  31. 31
    makailanicole says:

    The best Christmas present I ever got was a beautiful homemade dollhouse. I was five and my parents were very poor, but they worked hard to give me a special Christmas. The Dollhouse and everything in it was made by hand and there was so much detail. The windows were adorned with charming little curtains, there where potted plants in the living room, and towels folded in the bathroom. It was perfect.

  32. 32

    My baby girl – was the best Christmas gift ever… It is hard to believe she will turn 3 this year! I had two boys ane seriously doubted I would get my girl, but I did and she is all I thought she would be and more.

  33. 33

    My childhhod sucked. I have had some very blessed Christmases but not a present or time truly "the best"….that means that mine just hasnt happened yet, right?

    LOOOVE the posie pins!!

  34. 34

    When I was younger, my mom dug out a cross stitch I had finished, but had folded up in a drawer…and she got it framed for me. It was such a surprise…and so thoughtful!

  35. 35
    The Farley's says:

    It has to be my cherry red Kitchenaid mixer that my husband so lovingly bought me.

  36. 36

    My son…born on the 22nd, 5 weeks early and healthy!! Happy 7th birthday, Cal! XOXO

  37. 37
    cupcake studio says:

    Best Christmas gift ever? A jar of vintage buttons from my dad.

  38. 38

    my sewing machine. it changed my life!

  39. 39

    My best Christmas present ever was my little girl who we waited for for so long. She came just three weeks before Christmas and I couldn't have been happier.

  40. 40
    heartfulhome says:

    My best present was a diamond ring from hubby which was also a tenth anniversary present. Anniversary and Christmas are pretty close. Ten years, ten diamonds. Today we are celebrating 19 years!!

  41. 41

    Last year for christmas my husband got me a new canon rebel xsi! Love it!

  42. 42
    The Engbers Family says:

    This year we are going to share with our boys that we have another baby on the way! I think it will be more fun for me than for them, but a great Christmas none the less. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  43. 43
    Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} says:

    Well, I really can't think of a "best gift ever." Is that odd? Maybe not, since that isn't really what it is all about anyway. I just love being together with family and seeing the joy on my children's faces.

  44. 44

    the best christmas present ever was about a decade ago. my grandmother was terminally ill and i was able to spend the holiday with her. she passed away the following week. i know god gave us that one last christmas together for me to cherish forever.

  45. 45

    Having an uneventful smooth delivery of our fourth child. My third baby was a month early, and a very rough delivery with some complications, and then she had to stay in the NICU for a week, so I was really worried about our newest addition. I was so grateful that everything went like it should, and that she was only a week early, so I could be home with our other children on Christmas day!

  46. 46

    hmmm, definitely my sewing machine!!

  47. 47

    Two years ago my husband asked for a list of what he wanted for Christmas. I, never wanting to know exactly what I'm getting, gave him a list with 4 or 5 options. On Christmas Day, I opened my gift to realize he'd gotten me ALL of them. And while the gifts were nice, his reasoning was even better: he'd gotten an unexpected bonus at work and said he couldn't imagine wanting to spend it on anyone/thing else:)

  48. 48

    The best Christmas gift was by far the gymnastics mat I got when I was like 8…the coolest gift ever.

  49. 49

    cute! best gift ever…a little project from our daughter when she was 3. her hand prints, they had made them in preschool. i ended up paying an arm and a leg and had it framed, but it hangs in our house now and is adorable.

  50. 50

    A stuffed koala bear I received when I was in 3rd grade.

  51. 51

    How fun! Thanks Lindsey. ;)

    I love receiving gifts, so it's hard to say what my favorite has been…Last year, I opened a large bag to find a quilt my grandmother made. I love it because it is a music-themed quilt, and it's perfect for me. I was so happy about getting that quilt! :)

  52. 52

    I am not all about 'things' they tend to make me feel empty inside. So here's something you can't touch. In 1990 my best friend came over on Christmas and asked if I would be interested in going on a date with "Mike" (he and I had a mutual friend and Mike asked him and Loren passed it along to my best friend who then asked me LOL). I said "YES!" and yesterday we celebrated our 18th anniversary.

  53. 53

    This might seem cheesy, but I have to say that my salvation tops ANY gift I ever could have gotten in this world.

  54. 54

    My Best Christmas Gift ever would be, when I had my youngest daughter on the 21st of December and was able to have her home just in time for Christmas day. There is just something so special about having a new Baby home for Christmas… That was the best gift I could have ever recieved!!!
    The posies are so adorable!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  55. 55

    The first Christmas we had my daughter here to celebrate. Becoming parents was a long road and we had suffered a great loss the year before. Every time I hear "All I want for Christmas is You" I think of her!

  56. 56
    Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous says:

    Best Christmas present ever would be having my healthy, happy baby home for Christmas last year. Truly a blessing.

  57. 57

    hi love the posies!! I've wanted my own pair for awhile now~

    I don't have a best Christmas gift for myself, but seeing my kids happy on Christmas morning with their "wishes" makes me very happy!!
    I love your blog!! I'm ready to see how your tree will look this year!!

  58. 58

    My husband and mine first christmas together. We were poor, and my husband found scrapwood and made a beautiful manager. We now pull that manager out every year, and use it to keep the focus on the real reason for the season.

  59. 59
    The Mahoneys says:

    Oh, what a precious giveaway! Just like your sweet blog! My best Christmas gift ever is my camera. I use it daily and it has captured some of the best moments of our life.

  60. 60

    my best christmas present ever? hmm… well, now that i'm a mom the best part of christmas and gift for me is seeing the excitement on my kids faces.

  61. 61
    Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says:

    Thanks for the giveaway – my favorite present will be the Cannon Rebel that I'm hinting my hubby I want (I hope).

  62. 62

    This year, my boyfriend will be flying 3,000 miles to celebrate Christmas with my family – nothing else could trump that :)

  63. 63

    Last year my family and I got to fly to WA (from NC) to have christmas with my side of the family for the first time since we've been married. All of my brothers were there too -it was like a family reunion!

  64. 64

    My old boyfriend knew I loved Pyrex and found a set of 4 bowls (yellow, green, red, blue) on eBay and drove (5 hours) to pick them up. They had never been used. I was so surprised on Christmas! I use them almost daily.

  65. 65

    my baby boy born last december – my how he's grown!

  66. 66

    I didn't do Christmas as a kid. So, as an adult probably this game I received from my dad. We played that thing for hours afterwards. Such good family time and memories!

  67. 67

    The best present that either my husband or I received was getting the positive pregnancy test! Baby #3 didn't happen as easily as the other two. After many surgeries, this was our last hope.

  68. 68

    I think my favorite was the year I got a car seat for my Cabbage Patch doll. I loved that it was so much like the "real" thing!

    danibrooke42 {at} gmail {dot} com

  69. 69
    Julie Kanzelmeyer says:

    Both of my boys have made banners at school with wreaths made of their handprints. They are precious. They were each presented to me for Christmas and I can still see their sweet faces awaiting my reaction. Now that they are a little older, I just love pulling them out with the Christmas decorations and seeing how small their hands were, and it doesn't seem like that long ago! :)

  70. 70
    Katy Frame (Kate Creates) says:

    Oh, how I need one of those!! My best Christmas present was my engagement ring. :)

  71. 71

    My barbie dream house when I was five my parents knew what they were doing how do you keep a chatty lil five year old busy buy the biggest barbie house imaginable and watch her take all the ornaments off the tree and decorate the house.

  72. 72

    A toy piano when I was little! My daddy was so proud watching me open it! My mom still has it to this day!

  73. 73

    The best christmas gift I have every received was from my brother a few years after our Mother had passed away. As a kid growing up my Mother had a favorite 8-track christmas tape she would listen to that was sung by Lynn Anderson. I hadnt heard any of the songs from that tape in years. On that Christmas out of no where my brother hands me a gift and as I open it we both start to cry. It was the Lynn Anderson christmas tape that was now on a CD. We popped it into the player and just sat and listened. For a short time I was a 7 year old girl, at home, lying under the tree, looking up at the lights while my Mother decorated our home.
    The best things in life truely are free because the feeling that gave me was priceless.

  74. 74

    I got a pearl necklace from my boyfriend. In college, all the other sorority girls were lavaliered with one from their frat boyfriends… but it never happened for me. So to get one even a few years later was very special. Well, it was also my first piece of jewelry from a significant other! :)

  75. 75

    Best Christmas gift? Hmmmm.

    Probably when my husband proposed!

  76. 76
    The Chubby Dove says:

    Elementary school age…getting that baby blue bike with the white banana seat.

    Oh yeah, I had it goin' on!

  77. 77
    Bryan and Ashlan says:

    My best Christmas present was a stuffed golden retriever from FAO Schwartz. My parents got it for me with a note that said, "this is all we can do for now." I had been asking for a puppy for years, and I got one a few years later. But that stuffed dog sure held me over.

    Those posy pins are soooo cute! I can think of so many ways to use them.

  78. 78

    v. cute! my fav. christmas gift ever was a necklace with my children's names on it!


  79. 79
    Biteofpunkinpie says:

    best present… hmmmm… probably my sewing machine. my husband got it for me last year and i have already put it through the ringer!

  80. 80

    My best christmas present ever is seeing how happy and excited my kids are when they open their presents christmas morning. Nothing could make me happier.

  81. 81

    I think that my best Christmas ever was when my baby girl turned 2 and really figured out that it was fun to rip into all that paper. Watching her tear her way through most of the presents under the tree, (even if they weren't hers) was probably the best Christmas gift ever, my heart soared!
    Happy Holidays! ~Danylle

  82. 82
    bagfashionista says:

    my daughter — she was born about exactly a week before xmas eve

  83. 83

    hmm… ever? That's a hard one… probably the Barbie clothes that were hand sewn by a lady at church and given to my Mom…she would not let my Mom pay for them as our family was struggling financially … Turns out, the lady was struggling herself and even more than my family…

  84. 84

    My sewing machine. The gift that keeps on giving!

  85. 85

    subscription to Studio calico- the gift that keeps on giving! It was so unexpected- one of those where the husband actually listened without being told. : )

  86. 86
    The Writer Chic says:

    During the holida season of 2007, I was on hospital bedrest with our son Seth. I was due on New Year's Eve, but went into the hospital in mid-November, and hated being cooped up in a sterile environment while the festivities of the season went on outside.

    Seth was born on Dec. 14, and complications kept us in the hospital with little hope that we'd be home in time for Christmas.

    Praise the Lord, we we released on the 23, and I came home to a house completely decorated, just the way I wanted, tree, stockings, wrapped presents and all.

    The seventh and eighth grade girls from our youth group had begged another leader to surpise our family with all the trimmings of Christmas, and had snuck into our home to do just that.

    As I stood on my threshhold, snow falling behind me, and my preemie son barely weighing down his car seat at my side, I cried, and marveled at the blessing those jr. highers were to us that year.

  87. 87

    My hubby got me a candy apple red KitchenAid mixer. Now I'm constantly covered in a light dust of flour.


  88. 88

    my best present was when Mark bought me my grand prix a couple of years ago!!!!! a day to remember!!

  89. 89

    The year I got my first pair of real leather riding boots. I loved those things!! :)

  90. 90

    hmmm…difficult to decide! my lisa leonard necklace I received from my husband last year (after MANY hints) with my three boys initials!


  91. 91

    hmmm best Christmas present- was probably when I was 8 my parents bought my brother and I one of those huge ride on toys and those were VERY expensive back in the 70's. (they still are!)

  92. 92

    The best gift I ever received was from my son when he was in 4th grade. He'd drawn a "portrait" of me in the kitchen (which cracked me up because I really don't cook – never have)and had Grandmom help him frame it. It will hang in my kitchen for as long as I have one!

  93. 93

    My best Christmas' were those when I was a kid – when all of the family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) was together. So many have left this world in the last 20 years and they are deeply missed!

  94. 94

    My son that was born Dec 3, 1996. best smile ever. His Science teacher even commented on it when she passed out pictures this year. He was my birthday gift, too. My birthday is Dec 20.

    Kim liontree@gvtc.com

  95. 95

    My favorite gift was last Christmas, I had my daughter on the 22nd via C-section and wasn't sure I would be home in time for Christmas morning.
    I was released at like 5 on Christmas Eve. Being home with all 3 healthy girls for Christmas was the best gift ever!

  96. 96

    Quite a few years ago while living in California, we only hadmoney for the kids presents. I couldn't get my hubby andything, but he bought me a cute little music box. It didn't cost him very much but I thought it was wonderful!

  97. 97

    My best Christmas present ever was Christmas eve 1993. It's when my husband proposed to me. We drove to the mountains and then rode the atv to the top. Sitting atop the mountain we looked at the valley below. He stared talking about all the roads we could see and compared that to different roads we can take in life. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. My socks were soaking wet from the snow so he took his off and put them on my feet. Life is great some 16 years and five children later.

  98. 98

    Oh, that is tough. My best Christmas present is …a 3 way tie…sorry, 1) My husband surprised me with a Canon SLR a few years ago and my life changed!, 2) I LOVE Wonder Woman and was obsessed as a kid; so my parents bought me the Wonder Woman underoos, which I wore until they literally fell apart, 3) Years later, my father found adult version of the Wonder Woman underoos. The fact that he remembered almost 20 years later how much I loved them was the best part of the present. My dad is the best!!

  99. 99
    Our Family says:

    Cute posies! Thanks for the offer! My best gift ever is Princess Grace, my white Kitchen Aid mixer. Yes, I name my fave appliances. Hubby and I always set a $20 limit on each others' gifts, but a few years back he went over because he knew how bad I wanted it. She is my work horse, and makes a LOT of breads, sweets and treats for our family!

  100. 100
    jordanleslie says:

    My Rebel last year!

  101. 101

    Best Christmas present ever? a "My Baby Beth" doll when I was about five. I spent countless hours feeding her and dressing her and loving her. I still have her in my attic–just can't bear to let her go!

  102. 102

    Hey, I finally sent my Christmas tree sweater to Goodwill a few years ago! hahaha! I love these pins. My best gift ever? I think it was 1984 – the big cabbage patch kid craze! My dad pulled it off and got me the red headed, green eyed doll I wanted. I still have her.

  103. 103

    The best Christmas gift I ever received was the rection of my dad when we (my bros and sis) gave him a special present. My dad wrestled his freshman year of high school in California. He was really good and earned his letter award which is rare for freshmen. That summer his family moved to Utah. He couldn't wrestle in Utah because he had to milk cows every morning and couldn't attend practice. He never got his lettermans jacket. He reminisced about this a lot since my brothers were earning their letters for high school sports. We contacted his old high school and bought a lettermans jacket for him and had his letter award put on it. When he saw it he cried and cried. He was speechless. It was wonderful!

  104. 104
    Andrea Megan says:

    My diamond necklace that my mom held on to me from my grandma that passed away. It is a really small diamond but I just love it.

  105. 105

    Hi, I'm new to your blog and I'm really loving it!!
    I would have to say that my best christmas present I'v received would be my Bible. I use it all the time, and there are a lot of special memories connected with it.

  106. 106
    kpmattingly says:

    My best Christmas present when I was little was my Cabbage Patch Doll. I asked for a bald headed little boy and got him. :) My son plays with him now!

  107. 107
    themurphys says:

    Okay, this is embarrassing but if I had to be honest it was Hungry Hungry Hippo when I was 5. I wanted it so badly, got a ton of big stuff that year (dollhouse, bike) and could have cared less about all of that… played with the game all day/year long! :) Goes to show how sometimes it's truly is the little things in life. :)

  108. 108

    I absolutely adore the pins, they are beautiful!

    I would have to say that the best Christmas present ever was my "junior high class ring" (1993)straight from Wal-Mart! All the girls had them and I knew we couldn't afford one, $60, but my last gift was hanging on the tree and I knew as soon as I saw the bag…it was great! My parents always found a way…

  109. 109
    peace.love.applesauce says:

    Best present ever?? …Would def have to be the Christmas that I got an engagement ring. ;)

  110. 110

    Being able to share it with my first child.

  111. 111

    My best Christmas present ever is the Cabbage Patch hospital that I received when I was 8. If anyone grew up in the 80s, you know how important Cabbage Patch dolls were, and I can literally still remember the way I felt when I saw it. Of course, when I saw how utterly happy my mom was to see ME so happy, it clicked who "Santa" actually was and about twenty minutes later, I told her what I'd figured out and made her cry. LOL!

  112. 112
    poole party says:

    i love getting christmas pajamas every year! it's silly, but i look forward to it :)

  113. 113

    I remember being really excited about a "boombox" that I got when I was 10 or so.

  114. 114

    My very best Christmas present was, now this sound sappy I know but it's the truth, was watching my mom open a diamond heart shaped ring from my dad. See her face that Christmas was the best present ever. I grew up on a farm, and money for jewerly was not in the cards. My mom had a simple gold band for her wedding ring, which I love by the way…anyway, when I was 18 my dad got her a diamond ring, I wrapped it for her, and still see her face to this day. She would never have asked for one, and that's what made it so precious. She still wears that ring today, and my dad passed away almost 15 years ago. Merry Christmas all.

  115. 115
    The Tulip Lady says:

    Okay, get a tissue. This one is a sappy one. My husband and I had only been married six months and we had just moved us from my hometown in Washington state to deep the heart of Texas. I was so painfully missing home and my family and we couldn't afford to fly home. I told him I just wanted to see some snow for Christmas. When I opened my Christmas gift from him it was tiny snowflake shaped earrings with a love note. OH LOVE!! That was 11 years ago. This summer we have moved back to my hometown in Washington state and we WILL see REAL snow again at Christmas. First time in 11 years. Merry Christmas and thanks for the cute goodies!!

  116. 116

    my best Christmas gift ever was from my boyfriend (now husband) my first Christmas in Australia. It was so HOT and he bought me an air conditioner. =)

  117. 117
    Kristen Borland says:

    Jesus. :)

  118. 118

    Very cute! I hope I am the lucky winner.
    The best Christmas present I received was my Cricut machine that my hubby suprised me with!! He was so sneaky….it was fun to have such a suprise (since I usually know what I am getting).

  119. 119

    my best gift ever-my hubby gave me diamond earrings one year when we were dating. i'd love to win the pins, they are darling!

  120. 120
    zachandarielle says:

    One of my favorite gifts ever was a kitten I got in 2nd grade- when I walked out of the room my dad stuffed him into a box and had me open it when I came back in. I was thrilled!

  121. 121

    When I was in third grade, my un-frivolous parents got me 'Samantha' the American girl doll. With her, they gave me one purchased outfit, then a handmade dress that matched my Irish Dancing dress, and my mother made me a uniform for her to match my school uniform. It was so special to me. I still have her and the outfits.

  122. 122

    my most favorite gift was not so long ago for x-mas, we didn't have much money so my hubby & I (of course didn't get ourselves anything), our gift was watching our children open their sweet little nothings , seeing their little faces full of excitement was the best gift a mother could ever have!

  123. 123

    My favorite Christmas gift of all time – when I was 5 or 6 I got a Cabbage Patch Kid. I loved her, but she is not the best present. The best present was the outfit my Grammy made for the doll – It matched my school uniform perfectly, down to the rounded collar on the white shirt underneat the jumper.

    I wish I still had it! : )

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  124. 124

    When I was about 10 years old I they had just started coming out with the "jambox" that had a black and white TV on it. I wanted one so bad. when I got up on on xmas morning I opened all my gifts and no jambox. Then when all the wrapping was picked up my dad suprised me with bringing out one last gift for me. It was my jambox. I think I stayed in my room for two months listening to that thing….

  125. 125

    By far without question the best gift I ever got was finding out I was pregnant for the first time after numerous miscarriages….I had faith and he didn't let me down…no other gift could ever top that!

  126. 126

    My first pair of rollerblades. I wanted them SO badly. I actually didn't get them for Christmas and I was so upset that magically a few days later there was a present hiding in the living room that we had "forgotten" about!

  127. 127
    Peyton Carpenter says:

    My best Christmas present ever was definitely a trip to England, Scotland and France with my dad, brother and sweet grandma.


  128. 128

    Best Christmas present ever was an American Girl doll – not so much the doll, but the fact that my parents had to tie a sheet across the top of the stairs so we wouldn't be tempted to peak.

  129. 129
    Cole H. Carpenter says:

    My best christmas present ever was without a doubt a trip to England, Scotland, and France with my dad, sister and grandma, and a bunch of friends. i LOVE to travel and going to these places was so amazing.
    (i really couldn't care less about the pin. i'm just trying to get it for my sister)

  130. 130
    carlisle clan conversation... says:

    besides jesus, my favorite christmas present is my older brother jeremie who was born 12.25.77. love him to pieces!

  131. 131
    kristinwithani says:

    For sure my VillaWare waffle maker from my best friend. It was a complete surprise and something I'd never purchase for myself.

  132. 132

    I don't remember a specific gift, but I know as a kid, I aways asked for art stuff, whether it was new colored pencils, paint, a new drawing pad, anything that I could be creative with – that was all i wanted!! And now I'm 32, and my husband asked what I wanted for christmas – I said a cricut (not going to happen!), a new hot glue gun and a rotary cutter for cutting fabric. So, not much has changed! :)

  133. 133
    asnipofgoodness says:

    As a little girl my Dad made me a doll house. It was very simple, but so well made, and made with his own hands. My mom decorated it very stylishly, and she gave me a few furniture kits we spent time together making after Christmas. I still have the doll house, and plan to re paint it this year for my little girl for Christmas.

  134. 134

    My best was my baby girl, who was born Christmas Eve almost 5 years ago now.

  135. 135

    My best friend proposed to me at Christmas time. 12 years later, my engagement ring and all of the possibilities and blessings that were given with it, is still my favorite Christmas gift ever.

  136. 136
    Empty Nest Full Life says:

    I know right where I would put those. My best Christmas present ever was the year my husband decided to start December by putting a little gift at the coffee maker every morning with a little note. I was so surprised that he had come up with this, and so blessed that he thinks that much of me. Jackie

  137. 137

    Just before my husband proposed to me in January almost five years ago, he did the whole 12 days of Christmas thing…I woke up to a new gift each day before Christmas that year…sometimes on my doorstep, or my car, or him on the doorstep with the gift. He was really trying hard to win me over…it worked!

  138. 138

    When I was little I always wanted a stuffed kitty. I remember one year going past the tree to "go to the bathroom" and seeing a big white one sitting there and I knew it was for me. I was soooo excited!

  139. 139

    When I was five and Santa brought me a dollhouse! I later found out that my mom had bought the kit and worked on it every night after I went to bed for three months. It was a beautiful Tudor style house. It had stucco and dark stained wood floors and everything.

  140. 140
    The Stitcherbee says:

    I'll have to go with the year my mom made me a doll bed with matching quilt. So sweet!

  141. 141

    My best gift ever was a Cricket talking doll from the 80's. Remember her? My mom was a struggling single mom so I know she went leaps and bounds to get this for me. I'm in my 30's and still have it but now my little girl finds enjoyment with it. : )

  142. 142
    Very Entertaining says:

    My best Christmas present ever was the first time my then boyfriend, now husband told me he loved me. He had been holding out for quite some time to make it special. I was staying at his parents house in the guest bedroom. He woke me up at 2:00am candle in hand and lead me through the dark to his dad's study. There he gave me a hand written letter where he explained why he loved me, why he waited so long to tell me, and why he wanted to love me forever. He then gave me a pair of perfect pearl earings. I don't think it really gets much better. He didn't propose at that time, but the thoughtfulness of his gift was more pure and beautiful than any pearl. I thank God for such a wonderful man everyday.

  143. 143

    the best christmas present ever was one year my little brother gave everyone things that were already ours. He spent Dec taking things we liked and then wrapped them up for Christmas. I remember when my sister opened her's she said I love it, and he said I know it's your favorite dress. That was the Best Christmas ever

  144. 144

    My wedding band!

  145. 145
    allthingsjuice says:

    In 5th grade I REALLY wanted a boom box (ah, the good old days…). We had a lovely Christmas and I received plenty of gifts, but no boom box. I really didn't mind, because it had been a very generous Christmas. But then Mom and Dad said there was one more gift hidden in another room. I was absolutely FLABBERGASTED to see a boom box!!! It was such a lovely over-the-top surprise. I am blessed to have such a loving family.

    And those posies are lovely!

  146. 146

    The present I love the most is the one my husband is making for my kids. I have six of them (kids that is), and he downloaded songs for each of them that featured their names in the lyrics of the songs. He's been playing them in the car and they've grown to love having "thier song" played and are learning all the words. For Christmas, he's making video slideshows of pictures of each of them set to the music of each of their songs. I can't wait to see their faces when they watch them…I know it will be a gift they will love for years to come!

  147. 147
    Chris and Lindsey says:

    Best gift ever was my laptop so I can read all of these crafty blogs!

  148. 148

    i like christmas posies! sign me up.

    best christmas gift i ever got??

    really, i think i like seeing the expressions on others faces when i give them a thoughtful gift (teddy bears made from g-pa's shirts, b-fast in bed, an album of memories, a video with family sharing favorite memories…), that is the best gift to me.

  149. 149


  150. 150

    I found out I was pregnant with my son 2 years ago. He was a Christmas miracle.

  151. 151
    peoniesplease says:

    DIAMOND EARINGS!! Uncovered by my 10 month old…so much for hiding them honey!

  152. 152
    December Rose says:

    I've received a lot of "best" Christmas presents, but my earliest memory of getting something I asked Santa for was "Baby First Step". She was battery operated, and "walked" by rocking back and forth – this was quite innovative for 1964! lol

    She had beautiful, satiny blonde hair; and wore a pale pink dress with lace trim. I named her Betsy – what a precious memory even though the doll is long gone.

  153. 153

    The best/most memorable Christmas present I've recieved was a pair of earrings from my dad. He picked them out & wrapped them himself for my sister and I. They weren't exactly my teenage style but they were picked out with love and I wish I still had them.

    The best part (the part we still giggle about!) is the wrapping. He put them in toilet paper tubes, stuffed paper towels on each each and rolled them up sausage style ~ complete with ribbons on each end. This was before Christmas Crackers became so popular but that's exactly what they looked like. :)

    They say it's the thought that counts and it really truly is.

  154. 154
    Micah Worsley says:

    A lot of good Christmas presents and memories. But my daughter born on December 14th was the best gift ever!

  155. 155

    My best Christmas present would probably be the year we moved into our brand new house on December 13th……we so enjoyed all the little things of the new house!

  156. 156

    When I was 8 years old, Santa brought me a REAL cash register! cash drawer, printed receipts, and all! (just like at a real store). I LOVED that thing! I would use it to play "store" with my friends for hours.

  157. 157

    Every year, my very grown up Dad gives each of his grown up children two gift certificates each to two super yummy local restaurants in town. That is always my best gift! I love that my dad does it (my mom is usually the gift girl) and that we get to enjoy two meals during the year. Plus, my wonderful mother babysits my kids!!!

    Love the pins!!

  158. 158

    My favorite gift.. is every year..my beautiful daughter makes me a ornament to go on the christmas tree..

  159. 159

    My best Christmas present is that my baby girl didn't die on Christmas. Olivia was not supposed to live, but is now a healthy almost four year old girl.

  160. 160

    my best christmas gift was from my husband. We were expecting our third child and we were debating on his name. My husband gave me an ornament with the name "Joshua" on it. Joshua wasn't born until the end of February. It was so sweet to see that my husband had agreed with me on the baby's name!

  161. 161

    I would have to say finding out that we were expecting our first son, almost 9yrs ago!!

  162. 162

    The best Christmas present I ever received was a coupon book from my husband. Now before you think, "awwww, how sentimental"- this was a coupon book from him- but for him. The coupons were, "Good for one night of s*x", "good for one night with me out of the house" (but me stuck home with the kids!)…yeah- merry christmas to me ;)

  163. 163

    My best present ever was when my nana met my husbands to be nana one Christmas and they realized they worked in a walnut factory in Los Angeles in the 1940's together. We totally felt that night that fate truly brought us together!!! Unforgettable.

  164. 164
    thebellsmom says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a Lucy watch. My parents divorced and we lived with my dad who did his best but Christmas was different. That Christmas eve, he let my brother and me open one present. Mine was the Lucy watch. I wish I had been able to hang on to it.

  165. 165

    We got married 10 days before Christmas, got home from our honeymoon on Dec. 23rd, so the best Christmas present was waking up on that first Christmas morning in our new home together with my new husband! I love this time of year as it reminds me of when I said "I do!" to the most incredible man!

  166. 166

    The tobaggen sled when I was 4! I can still remember the excitement!!

  167. 167

    we found out we were pregnant with our third at the begining of the Christmas season last year. Best Christmas ever :-)

  168. 168

    My best Christmas present ever would be seeing the look on my daughters faces as they get to open their presents :)

    When you have kids somehow the focus changes!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  169. 169
    Shady Lady! says:

    my Bible from my husband has been my best Christmas present ever.

  170. 170

    the first year after my dad left, we had no money for presents, and i made my brother (we were 14 and 11) a collage on posterboard out of all his old sports illustrated magazines. he says still to this day that was his best present ever (he's 40 now!)

    happy thanksgiving!
    jodi in pa

  171. 171

    MY stocking was filled with coffee gift cards, coffee, coffee syrups and more coffee money. I didn't have to buy coffee for two months! It was great ; )

  172. 172

    When I was a kid we got GIANT tinker toys. They were awesome.

  173. 173

    uh- oh am I too late? These are darling. Hope you had a fun Thanksgiving!

  174. 174

    The best gift was my first bike!

  175. 175

    My best Christmas present ever came early this year…my husband knew how much I enjoyed blogging so he helped me pick out a new MacBook Pro!! It's amazing and super fast and perfect!

    I love these posy pins!


  176. 176
    Carrie Haughey says:

    My engagement ring from Kyle, three years ago! Classic Tiffany's, I NEVER expected to get a Tiffany's ring!!!

  177. 177

    My best Christmas present ever was a baby doll that I had wanted so much. My mom propped her up under a tree and bought me a package of real baby diapers and filled a diaper bag with all kinds of baby clothes and pacifiers. I still remember the smell of the baby doll.

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