under the weather

not me, my computer.
how often have i complained about technology issues?!?
it has some nasty virus or something (i really have no idea what i’m talking about).
my computer is off with a friend’s husband, hopefully getting well.
so i sat down tonight, without a computer, and panicked!
it took no more than 3 minutes before i was running up to the loft to borrow my mom’s computer.
yes, that’s pretty pathetic.
but did you know i now have over 600 subscribers?!?
that’s absolutely shocking to me.
i mean, do 600 people really want to read about my computer woes?
apparently so, so there you go!
but seriously, thank you so much for subscribing and boosting my ego, for being faithful readers and commenters.
it really does make my day when i see an inbox full of kind words from you all (i wish i was southern because it sounds so much cuter and homey to say “y’all”).
so thank you.
thanks for giving me a purpose to blog and for supporting my little business as well.
my family thanks you for that, as well.
but wait, there’s more (infomercial voice, please)!
remember when my ill computer wouldn’t let me load any pics the other day?
here’s a couple for you of the new products i’ve added to my shop:

so 2 new things here:
1 – look at the top left posy hair clip. it’s a christmas posy clip! i was kind of going for a kitchy look this year for the christmas posies.
yes, i’m talking christmas already.
but all the stores are already decorated for it, so i’m just blaming this on peer pressure.
and i have a bunch of christmas posy pins i’ll be adding shortly to the shop – super fun and festive. they would be great teacher gifts (ahem).
and 2 – the crayon roll no longer has a ribbon tie. as much as i loved the look of the coordinating ribbon (and let’s be honest, i loved having a reason to buy more ribbon), it was too hard for little hands (read: my kids’) to tie. the button and elastic loop is the perfect answer! super easy! and they are the perfect size to shove in a stocking (ahem!).
and, since i’m apparently in the rambling mood, i bought my camera today! (insert image of me jumping up and down like a cheerleader)
thanks to my brother for giving me his photography advice, and to nicole for lending me her fabulous rebel more times than anyone would like.
it is on its way and i vow not to drop this one.
maybe i should get insurance on it?
i can’t wait to take pics of all my new products:
black petal pushers, white petal pushers, a funky lavenderish petal pusher, christmas posies (must move out fall posies first!), and more crayon rolls!
oh, and my kids, too! can’t forget them.
they are pretty cute.
maybe my new camera will have video that actually works and you all (y’all) can hear the sweet sounds of my kiddos’ voices, how silas says motorcycle (moto yawko) and lily says party (pouty).
you can’t help but smile :)
big things coming people, big things!
-lindsey lu who


  1. 1

    you have a beautiful blog…and make such beautiful things!

  2. 2
    Mama Mote says:

    Fun, fun, fun, Lindsey! So glad you will have your camera. Can't wait for all your pics.

  3. 3

    I love the crayon rolls! I wish I had a credit card so I could purchase from your shop! : ) I love reading about your remodeling & posey pins & kidspeak. Keep up the good work!


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