i’m here to help!

are you done with your christmas shopping?
not even close?!
me neither.
but i can help you!
i am going to extend my sale for 2 more days!
that’s 15% off everything in my shop!

so who do you need to buy for?

your nephew would love a crayon roll (he told me so).

your daughter wants a set of posy hair clips really bad!

your mom wants a set of 3 posy pins (one for her sweater, one for her purse, and one for her coat).

your best friend told me she wants a petal pusher. she really likes the new ruby red ones!

your friend with a new baby thinks a posy headband would be perfect for her little one’s noggin. you should probably get her a christmas one, too!

your son would like a kiddo apron so he doesn’t get paint on his shirt anymore.

your kids’ teachers would love a zippered pouch (who wouldn’t?!).

do you still have parties to go to? a tea towel or hostess apron make the perfect hostess gifts!

and because you are so busy baking cookies for everyone else, you need to treat yourself with a full apron.

and don’t forget to take off that 15%!
every little bit helps, right?

soooo, who’s gonna help me finish making gifts for my list?



  1. 1
    SoBella Creations says:

    You have the cutest stuff in your shop!

  2. 2

    Have you thought of making crayon rolls for tweens with make up brushes. Just thinkig I have a daughter who would love one as would I. You tea towels make me drool, I think they would be great in my kitchen (you can come look) they are on my wish list.

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