christmas, part 1

step 1:
bake cookies with family.
dozens and dozens of cookies.
maybe some of denise‘s peppermint crack, too.
step 2:
only stop to sleep.
then eat some more.



oh how my mind is spinning!

we got back home late last night from 5 days at my parents’ house – 5 very relaxing days. i brought my machine with, but never once broke into the 3 bags of projects. i only made a handful (ok, mason jar full) of covered buttons.

as soon as our car pulled into the garage last night i felt like i hit the ground running. having so much time to relax gave me lots of time to think. time to think about new year’s resolutions, new business ideas, parenting conundrums, and desires for my home. i got us all nearly unpacked and laundry started last night, which lead (somehow) this morning to me sorting through the kids clothes to give away to smaller friends, which lead to me keeping some sentimental stuff and some for crafting with (i love to repurpose clothes! they have found their way into many a posy pin).

i organized the playroom last night, but have a lot left to do today. i really want a fresh start for school when we go back next week. we have piles and piles everywhere. to have a clean surface in my house is a rare thing. that’s one of my resolutions – to stop piling!

i started reading this book over our break and it has inspired new ideas for my business. new ideas can be a little scary for this little business because it generally means growth, which i don’t know if i have any room for! but many of the ideas really are practical things, like just being more organized, which doesn’t take much more than discipline. anyone know where i can find some discipline?

ok, i better just stop here. i have so much more to share, but am really just delaying the inevitable of just getting started! more to come… new product pics, christmas recap…

have a good day, my friends!