today’s 5 fave

just popping in for a quick hellooo!
i am busily working away on those notebook covers, so i won’t stay long.

i haven’t had much free time, but if i have a second to check some blogs on my google reader, here’s the first 5 on my list:
(i’ll share a longer version of my list at another time)

joy’s hope

a favorite for a long time.
julie is always a guarantee for some crafty inspiration, and if you don’t get that you are definitely going to laugh.
the girl is hilarious.

it’s the little things

lisa has been a good friend (in real life) for years now.
her blog is just beautiful.
she has been seriously honing her photography skills and blessing us all with them.
and her jewelry is pretty sweet,too ;)

simply joy

she’s one of my closest friends.
i love her transparency on her blog.
i love that she loves jesus.
and i love her kids (they are all marrying mine).

a chronicle of life’s little surprises

jeannett, again, is a real life friend.
she’s got a great story that rocked her world (it’ll rock yours, too).
she’s hilarious, sarcastic, dry (in a funny way) and witty.
go there for a good read about a real mom, putting it all out there in honesty.
and she’s been doing some amazing giveaways lately, too!

the lettered cottage

layla and her husband are renovating an old house and making it beeeeeautiful!
they are learning as they go and teaching us along the way as well.
i geeked out on layla when i met her at blissdom – i was totally starstruck.
but her house is beautiful and clean and calm (no kids yet!).
go there to covet, er… i mean be inspired!

what are your top 5 blogs?
not just the ones that are super amazing, but the ones you must read first?

ok, folks!
i’m out like trout and off to give my sewing machine a good workout tonight!



  1. 1
    Lettered Cottage says:

    Awww…thanks so much for including us in this post!
    You made my night!


  2. 2

    HAve a wonderful time sewing. I love your stuff…especially your fabrics. I should actually study and purchase.

    Do you make anything that would work as a Kindle cover? Perhaps one of these notebook covers?

    Thanks for sharing the list of blogs…I always love to read other people's favorites :)

    Thanks again..have a great evening.

  3. 3

    pioneer woman, it's the little things, the idea room and many others!

  4. 4
    Katie Petro says:

    you have to check out totally inspiring!!
    You are in my top 5, i cannot wait to have my own home (we rent right now) to try out some of your neat projects!!

  5. 5

    Thanks for sharing these!! They are all new blogs to me, so I will have to check them out!!!

  6. 6

    My top 5 is
    1)Whatever by Megan Duerksen
    2)Joy's Hope
    3)Yours ~ The Pleated Poppy,
    4)Under the sycamore ~ Ashley Ann Photography
    5)Little Bit Funky- Crystal

  7. 7
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    out like trout, eh? ;)

    thanks for including me! for the record, you are in my top 5 too…maybe we need to get lisa to make us necklaces…but instead of the halves being "best" "friends" it can be "bloggy" "faves".


    yeah, i thought so too.


  8. 8

    – yours :)
    – The Vintage Pearl
    – Joy's Hope
    – Shey B
    – Anderson Family Crew

  9. 9
    It'll Be Fine says:

    Love the notebook covers!
    Top 5:
    yours, Joy's Hope, Whatever, Cookie Mondays, J Cooper Photography, Ashleyann Photography.. oops that's 6… I do a lot of blog reading!

  10. 10

    Hello :)
    I am also a stay at home mom who homeschools my three children…I just visited your blog through another friend of mine and well the kids are on strike seeing as they have asked me four times for a snack…oops…be right back….ok anyway I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! I would love it if you could visit mine at I have email and am on facebook. I am so excited that I finally found someone else who moves their rooms around and decorates as I do :)Hope to hear from you soon
    I hope the Lord blesses you in a special way today-as He did me through your posts!!!
    Dawn Pickering

  11. 11
    Julie @ Joy's Hope says:

    YOU are the best. I heart your blog!!!

  12. 12
    Lisa Leonard says:

    thanks for the shoutout! your one of my first reads every day. xxoooo

  13. 13

    Can I get the directions for making the flowers out of a old pattern. I can not get the link wto work. this was posted may 15 2009

  14. 14

    Have to say, yours is one of my favs. I always read the posts…it seems that our writing styles are similar and I like reading your writing as much as I enjoy the projects and great pictures of your fab house. (not to blow your head up or anything :) when i read this post, i went to lettered cottage and realized I have met Layla through photography. How funny that I've never found her blog before…love it! Thanks for sharing…another favs of mine are French Larkspur and Dreamy Whites.

  15. 15

    You have lovely friends! I visited all 5! now i must not neglect those in my blog roll!! he he!
    Just Jenn~

  16. 16

    In no particular order…
    1)I Should be Folding Laundry,
    3)Pioneer Woman Cooks,
    and of course…
    5)The Pleated Poppy

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