a confession, an interview & a giveaway – oh my!

***giveaway closed!***

let’s start with the confession.

i am not a huge fan of christian music.
i said it.

well, i guess i should clarify lest i become unfollowed by the masses:
i tried christian radio years ago, found it too mushy, fluffy, love-songy.
never to go back again.
the cd player broke in our car.
we used to listen to a mix of (non-annoying) kids music, jack johnson-y type music, and worship music (mostly by my bro-in-law).
so i switched to radio. secular radio.
mostly fine for me, but my kids? notsomuch.
after my husband strongly encouraged me to stop letting the kids listen to it,
i found a semi-local christian station that is decent.
and another friend turned us on to air1, a “positive alternative”, which i can stream on my iphone.
so i’m fairly new to the “christian music” thing.
now to clarify (again), i don’t mean church songs.
i love me a good time of worship in church, whether its old school hymns or modern praise songs – as long as the words are glorifying God and focused solely on Him, then i’m good with it.

so when i was contacted to review adie camp‘s new cd “just you and me“, i was more than a little hesitant.
(fyi: adie {pronounced A.D.} is jeremy camp‘s wife)
i didn’t instantly agree to promote her, album unheard.
they were kind enough to let me preview it for the last couple weeks while i made my decision.
let me tell you… i emailed them back after listening to it the first day.
i listened to it all. day. long.
i still am listening to it everyday.
and when i’m not listening, i’m singing the songs in my head.
my girls are singing along with me.
gracie and i like to pretend we can sing and we belt out our favorite track “all i need is you”.
listen to two of her songs here and here.
it is an incredibly worshipful album.
the words are so true and authentic.
so, yeah, you could say i’m a fan.

i was able to do a little interview with adie.
as a fellow home schooling mom of 2 young girls, i wanted to see how she did it, how she dealt with an alternative lifestyle
, how she made it all work:

{me} as a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, and a home schooling mom, how do you balance your time?

{adie} Isn’t there a saying that says something like “A mother’s work is never done”… :)
Life often feels like that for us, but I have to say that I love it. I’m still learning to balance things and I’ll be honest, there are many times (like right now) where there are clothes piled high on the laundry room floor.
I have learned to prioritize in my life. I’ve had to step back from things that take time away from my family. A friend once said to me, “when there are too many things on your plate, something inevitably falls off.”
The Lord really spoke to my heart about the verse in Titus 2 about being busy AT HOME and about making sure my priorities where in the right order.

{me} do you and your family tour together? how does that work? do you and the girls get stir crazy in rv’s and hotel rooms?

{adie} We don’t always go on the road, but often we will, especially on stretches where Jeremy will be out of town for a while.
Home school has actually helped tons in giving us stuff to do on the road. I use a great curriculum that is very hands on and gives me lots of fun ideas to be creative. I plan ahead and make sure I have all the things I need for the weeks ahead and then it’s all kind of on the fly after that.
One thing the road will teach you is flexibility. My girls love it and it’s lots of fun for them too.

{me} how much of the year are you on the road? do you tour year round?

{adie} No, it all depends. This year it’ll be a lot more than usual because of my album being released.

{me} with both parents being recording artists, are your girls musically inclined?

{adie} Yes, they both seem to be. They love to sing and pretend to play shows for us. They also make up their own songs and all that…

{me} how big would you like to see your family grow to?

{adie} Whatever the Lord wants. I don’t mean that flippantly either. I really believe He will lay the desire on our hearts to have more or not to have more. We’ve totally submitted our hearts to Him in this area and trust His leading.

{me} were you home schooled?

{adie} No, but my Dad started a small Christian school in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa of about 30 kids which was the first multi-racial school in our area. In a lot of ways they had a similar approach to school. He has been an amazing example to me in this area.

{me} are you homeschooling just because you are touring, or do you think you would if you weren’t?

{adie} That was kind of the initial reason, but we’ve fallen in love with it. I never imagined myself to be a home school mom, but there are so many amazing things about it and I would love to encourage other mom’s to do the same – especially to start young and to remember to enjoy it.
There are so many opportunities for us to teach our kids and raise them in the Lord and I think it’s so important that it comes from us first.

{me} do you have a creative outlet besides singing?

{adie} YES!!! I’m kind of into everything. I love Art and always have and so any opportunity to do anything creative is right up my alley! :)

{me} did you always envision yourself to be in this career, or did you have other dreams when you were younger?

{adie} Since I can remember all I wanted to do was to sing. I wanted to be a marine biologist once because that’s what my best friend in 6th grade wanted and I thought it sounded cool, but it didn’t last long…

ok, so i seriously need to hone my interviewing skills! if you want to see a great interview with adie, go check out my friend jessica’s blog, where she did a fun video interview. you’ll get to see adie’s heart for worship there.

let’s see… we’ve done the confession, the interview… so what’s left?
the giveaway!

one of you lucky readers will get to have a copy of adie’s new album “just you and me” for your self!
and there are approximately 2 million ways to enter this giveaway (use separate comment for each):

leave a comment on your favorite worship song
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(ps – ignore the annoying changes in the font. blogger and i did not get along during the writing of this post.)


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    I follow you on twitter!


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    I followed Adie on twitter!


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    Right now I think I my favorite worship song is How He Loves by David Crowder Band. Now off to listen to Adie's songs!


  4. 4

    A current favorite song of mine is All of Creation by MercyMe. As a matter of fact I am listening to it right now! :)

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    I'm a follower!

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    Betty Bake says:

    i'm a follower :)

    plse enter me

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    Michelley! says:

    my absolutely favorite songs right now:
    the power of your name – lincoln brewster
    why? – nichole nordeman
    what do i know of holy? – addison road

    they rock my world!

  8. 8
    Michelley! says:

    oh, and i stalk your blog! =)

  9. 9
    Joyful Weddings and Events says:

    Worship pastor's wife's confession: I do not like most Christian music or radio.

    I like worship music/albums and a select few non-worship leader Christian artists. I am very much there with you.

    I am excited to check out her music! Thanks for spreading the word :)

  10. 10
    Joyful Weddings and Events says:

    shoot- I did not even answer the question.

    The Stand & Hosanna (both by hillsong united) have been favorite worship songs the past year but I am really liking "In Christ Alone" right now.

    Also- I think you should check out Brooke Fraser. I think you'd like her :)

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    Joyful Weddings and Events says:

    I follow you. Not that you don't know that… but I want to win :)

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    Joyful Weddings and Events says:

    I am following Adie now too.

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    I am lovingyour blog!!!! Thanks!!! I also shared this on fbook!!!

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    yep…facebooked it too!

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    A favorite song these days is Chris Tomlin's "God of This City".

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    Kim Avery says:


    Favorite worship song today (it always changes) is: You are God Alone,

    I follow you on twitter,

    I followed Adie on twitter,

    and I hope I win. (Does that count as an extra point?)

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    I follow you.

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    Downhere, How many Kings

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    Christine says:

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    Christine says:

    My favorite right now is Plumb and her song "God will take care of you".
    coveredbydesign at hotmail.com

  27. 27
    Michelle Torres says:

    I absolutely love " I Could Only Imagine" By MercyMe!!! That is such a wonderful song that I enjoy so much!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, my fingers are crossed!

    Michelle Torres

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    Michelle Torres says:

    I am a TRUE Follower of your Blog, and I LOVE it!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

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    i'm following you on twitter!!

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    Shady Lady! says:

    I also really had problems listening to Christian radio a while back – just couldn't get into it. Last year, I started listening to "The Message" Channel 32 on XM radio – it is SO good!

    Today's Christian music is great. My fav worship song is Here I Am to Worship.

  31. 31

    We have a great radio station in Kitchener, ON (Canada). A girl from our church actually won the 2010 Shining Star contest! So look out for Dana Marie Hoekstra!!!!!! Great giveaway.

  32. 32

    I follow you on twitter!

  33. 33
    Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} says:

    I like Before the Throne of God above a LOT. Mainly when I play it on the piano, but the words are beautiful, too.

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    Blog follower!

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    Following you…

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    Natalie Grant's Held

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    The Blog of Finleypotamus and His Little Kierbear says:

    I Get Carried Away by Gold City.

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    I love I Exalt Thee by Jesus Culture! one of my favs right now!

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    I follow your blog!

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    I follow you on twitter!

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    I follow adie on twitter… i have her first cd and it is wonderful!

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    Amber DeYoung says:

    Currently I'm loving the Revelation Song for worship.

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    Crazy Jay says:

    " I Could Only Imagine" is my favorite!

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    Crazy Jay says:

    I am a follower! And you are linked from my blog.
    (Maybe that should be worth two;) )

  50. 50
    Kirra Sue says:

    Jesus I My Cross Have Taken is my favorite hymn

    So excited to check out her cd. Thanks!

  51. 51
    rachelizabeth says:

    My absolute fave worship song is "Sing Your Praise to the Lord" by Rich Mullins. LOVE it!

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    rachelizabeth says:

    I follow you on twitter. (@aggieredhead)

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    Crazy Jay says:

    Gave a fb shout out! Mentioned you were linked from my blog… if you were interested in seeing the link it is under Simply Inspirational at http://www.crazyjayzplace.blogspot.com

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    Favorite worship song = In Christ Alone by Avalon & Geoff Moore

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    And I follow Adie on Twitter

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    Crystal Garcia says:

    Lead me to the Cross by Hillsong (or anyone, really!)

  58. 58

    I would love to win! I am a huge Jeremy Camp fan and would love a chance to hear Adie's music.

    Also, I appreciate your heart and your honesty in this post. Thank you.

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    I'm a follower…

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    Shout to the Lord has always been an all time favorite of mine.

    I keep trying to snag one of those notebook covers! They are a HOT commodity!

  62. 62

    My favorite worship song right now is "Blessed be Your Name".

  63. 63

    My favorite worship song is "I can only Imagine" by Mercyme…. love, love that song and your blog too!

  64. 64

    My favorite worship song is "I can only Imagine" by Mercyme…. love, love that song and your blog too!

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    KaylaDanielle says:

    I love "Desert Song" by Hillsong!

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    i follow your blog! :)

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    i follow your tweets!

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    i follow adie's tweets!

  69. 69

    I feel the same way, off and on, about Christian music. I think most of the problem is that our local station plays the same songs each day. In the same order. But I have heard wonderful things about Adie, and I'm looking forward to listening to her!

  70. 70

    I follow your blog!

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    Simply Sara says:

    My favorite worship song is "Healer"

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    Simply Sara says:

    I follow your blog :)

  73. 73

    favorite music…..my husband and i LOVE christian music. when we were dating we went to tons o f concerts and spirit west coast. right now some of my favs are dave crowder band (of course), phil wickham, (if you go on pandora and listen to phil wickham radio they play a agreat mix of worship music), remedy drive, jeremy camp, starfield, bethany dillon, shawn mcdonald, chris tomlin, hillsong, lanae hale, paul wright and of course i love me some ingrid michaelson. :)

  74. 74

    Thanks for the giveaway! I'm a follower!

  75. 75

    Okay…..I know what you mean about the "Christian" music thing. Sometimes I get confused when I'm listening to K-Love. Someone is really heavy on the acid-rock, but saying praise his name. Sorry….I don't think God would appreciate that. I just turn it to a classical station then. As a rule that's generally all I listen to, but I love all kinds of music. My favorite is Mercy Me, "I Can Only Imagine". I would be happy to send you some fabric. Email me and I will get your address. I made my blog private, so I need your email address to add you to my list.
    fivegreatkiddos@yahoo.com, I follow your blog.

  76. 76
    HootieMama says:

    "In Christ Alone" moves me to tears of thankfulness every single time I hear it. What a song of praise to our Saviour!

    Love your blog!


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    Vintage Dutch Girl says:

    LOVING 'Mighty To Save' right now!

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    New to following your blog…just haven't figured out how to link my picture to my follow account. Working on it now.

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    Sarah@VintageChic says:

    I don't know if I can pinpoint one favorite worship song… I love MercyMe and Casting Crowns as well as Jeremy Camp.

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    I love all the music by Third Day & Casting Crowns!

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    and… yes! I follow your (fab) blog!

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    i follow adie on twitter

  89. 89

    sign me up. great interview.

    favorite worship song of all time,
    "i love you lord."

    favorite right now, "just to be with you" paul baloche.

    (and i can teach you how to win the battle with the font in the html)

  90. 90

    i love sooo many christian songs! i listen to it all day everyday. i love listening to music that is good for my children and i don't have to worry about what they are going to say.. or play. my boys love dancing to Toby Mac :)

    thanks for this giveaway!

  91. 91
    The Crispins says:

    How Deep the Father's Love – favorite worship song especially now at Easter time

  92. 92
    The Crispins says:

    oh….and I follow your blog too!

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    i follow your adorable blog

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    Revelation Song is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    i twitted about the giveaway

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    posted it on facebook

  97. 97

    i LOVE anything david crowder….he is amazing…if you haven't listened…then you must! thanks for the introduction to adie. it would be fun to win!

  98. 98

    My favorite worship songs are "You are my Joy " by David Crowder and "beautiful Lord" which I originally heard from Leeland but I LOVE Adie's version too!

    We al have different things that seem to be struggles for us, things that hinder us from being what God wants and need s us to be. These songs are such an encouragement to me and always remind me exactly where my joy really comes from!

    Thanks for showing us this great new artist!

  99. 99

    Favorite all time worship song: How Great Thou Art. Love my new contemporary church, but will always love that traditional, awesome song!

  100. 100

    My favorite worship song is called "Faithful Father" by Sarah Kelly. She's a fairly new artist but I've known her since she was just a worship leader for a school I attended. It is amazing!

  101. 101

    I'm a follower of your blog

  102. 102
    The Gomes Family says:

    I love Air1! All songs played. I do enjoy MercyMe. I am a follower of blog and twitter and Adie!

  103. 103

    love this music. thanks for introducing me to it. I like you, didn't like a whole lotta christian music, but she is amazing!

  104. 104
    ~~~Alana~~~ says:

    I follow your blog through Google Reader!

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    ~~~Alana~~~ says:

    I like so many worship songs but I have a hard time remembering their titles… but one of my favorites is "I Can Only Imagine" by MercyMe

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    ~~~Alana~~~ says:

    I follow you on twitter. :)

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    Elizabeth says:

    My favorite worship song is More than Enough!

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    Elizabeth says:

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    Elizabeth says:

    I follow Adie on Twitter! (freckledfancies)

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    Elizabeth says:

    I follow your blog!

  111. 111

    I thought that was a great interview. The questions were thoughtful and I enjoyed the peak into her heart/life. I haven't heard her music, but will definitely go listen.

  112. 112

    I thought that was a great interview. The questions were thoughtful and I enjoyed the peak into her heart/life. I haven't heard her music, but will definitely go listen.

  113. 113
    Courtney says:

    favorite worship song right now…How Great is Our God

  114. 114
    Apple Ninny says:

    so fun, i hope to win!
    my favorite worship song right now is "how He loves" by Jesus Culture…nothing to bring you back to your knees with the raw realism of how much He love us :)

  115. 115
    Catherine says:

    My favorite worship song is Blessed Be Your Name, and my favorite hymn is Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.

  116. 116
    Catherine says:

    And I follow you on twitter! (I'm @aspiritedmind)

  117. 117
    Catherine says:

    And I subscribe to your blog…

  118. 118
    The Martinez Family says:

    I appreciate your honesty concerning Christian music, because for many years I have been the same way. I gave up on it, because the fluffiness just made me irritated. I can't wait to hear Adie's CD, you have re-inspired me to find more edifying music to listen to. :-)

  119. 119
    Anonymous says:

    I subscribe to your blog! I think my favorite song may be Your Way.


    danibrooke42 {at} gmail {dot} com

  120. 120
    Previously Pants says:

    I stared listening as soon as I found the Here and am liking what I hear so far.

  121. 121
    Previously Pants says:

    my favorite worshipsong is by the dutch artist Kees Kraayenoord: God of the moon and stars. It makes me want to draw closer to God, than I pull back and are drawn even closer. What an amazing God!
    Listen to it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbcLArwrtN8 ánd find the lyrics here: http://www.songteksten.nl/songteksten/59069/Kees-Kraayenoord/God-of-the-moon-and-stars.htm
    Prepare for goosbumps.

  122. 122

    My favorite hymn is probably "How Deep the Father's Love For Us" and my favorite contemporary song right now is either "How He Loves" by David Crowder or "His Hands" by JJ Heller.

  123. 123

    I follow your blog!

  124. 124

    favorite worship song hands down is "go light your world" by chris rice/kathy troccoli. it's gorgeous and really makes me think "what is my purpose?".

  125. 125
    Jessica and Ryan says:

    One of my favorites is sancuary!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  126. 126
    Kristen Borland says:

    right now i'm really liking phillips craig & dean "how great the father's love for us". i've been singing it to the boys at bedtime. and my fav of all time is "amazing grace", which i sing to all my babies before naps/bed.

  127. 127

    This is a great post! I have lots of favorite worship songs but one of my most favorite is With Everything by Hillsong.

  128. 128
    I am Katy, says:

    Favorite worship song: Indescribable

  129. 129
    debabresch says:

    I don't know if I can pick one favorite worship song… I love MercyMe, David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns as well as Jeremy Camp.

  130. 130

    I already follow you on Twitter!

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    I just followed Adie on Twitter

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    And I already subscribe to your blog!

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    malmal0505 says:

    I have a lot of favorite worship songs but right now my fave is crabb revival's version of "Here I am to Worship"…AWESOME!!!

  140. 140
    amberdawn says:

    I am a blog follower! Thanks for introducing me to a new artist!!!

  141. 141

    I am already a follower!

  142. 142
    Mama Mote says:

    One of my favorite worship songs is Michael W. Smith's "Above All", mainly the lines that say:

    "You took the fall and thought of me above all"

    The reason He came to earth was to die for me.

  143. 143
    Mama Mote says:

    I follow you on twitter.

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    Mama Mote says:

    I LOVE ADIE!!!! Of course, I'll follow her on Twitter. Just added her.

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    I follow your blog.

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    Mama Mote says:

    I'll post the giveaway on twitter which connects to my facebook (I've been staying off Fb till Easter). So does that still count for FB? I'm coming up this weekend. How much fabric does it take to make the journal cover (and what kind?) Maybe I'll have something. hehe :)

  147. 147
    unfinished says:

    my favorite worship song is Amazing Grace. always and forever!

  148. 148
    unfinished says:

    of course, i follow you to.

  149. 149
    Phil and Bri says:

    I'm a follower!!!! Yes I am! :)

  150. 150
    Phil and Bri says:

    I am anti christian radio, for all the same reasons you are. CD's is where it is at!!! I would love a copy! :) My favorite worship song is "at the foot of the cross"

  151. 151

    It warms my heart to see so many of your readers listen to such uplifting and praiseworthy music and everyone's picks are so inspirational! My religion has it's own kind of "worship" music that testifies of Christ, fills the soul with heavenly thoughts and speaks peace to my soul. Hilary Weeks "I Will" and "If I Only Had Today" Benton Paul "Leave Better" Alex Boye "I Can Only Imagine(cover)" I hope you check out my version of Christian music and that you love it as I do!

  152. 152

    Tweeting is done!!

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    I am officially your newest follower on Twitter!

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    Following that cute patoot Adie on Twitter too! Excited to expand my library of excellent Christian music!

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    I definitely follow your exceptional blog!

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    And last on the checklist….I posted about the giveaway on good ol FB!

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    Katy~The Country Blossom says:

    My favorite worship song is Be Thou My Vision!

    thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

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    Anonymous says:

    i follow your blog. thanks for the insights into new 'faves'.

  162. 162

    all time fav. worship sone is "in Christ alone"

    hevarts (at) yahoo.com

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    I'm a twitter follower

    hevarts (at) yahoo.com

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    I'm a blog follower~

    hevarts (at) yahoo.com

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    I follow you here!

  166. 166

    Favorite worship song? So many to choose from!! I will go old school and say Amazing Grace. I sing it to my daughter often and it is moving every time.

    I feel the same about Christian radio. I am going to try the xm station one of the other commenters mentioned, though!

  167. 167
    Previously Pants says:

    I posted a link to your givaway on my facebook.

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    Previously Pants says:

    I'm now following your blog.

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    C'est La Vie says:

    cute blog and cute stuff! LOVE LOVE LOVE

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    Kristin Finch says:

    I just signed up as a follower on your blog! Adie's CD sounds wonderful. i will have to look her up on pandora.

  171. 171

    I'm a follower!

  172. 172

    New music for spring – Love it!

  173. 173

    Love her music- just listened to it on myspace!

  174. 174
    kristinwithani says:

    Can't wait for the giveaway… just bought on iTunes. LOVE IT!

  175. 175
    wallflower says:

    Hey! Your blog is beautiful, and so are you and your family!!

  176. 176

    My current favorite is Phillips Craig and Dean's version of Revelation Song…

    "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come!"

  177. 177

    Oh, and I follow your blog!

  178. 178
    Just Jenn says:

    I follow you!! ;) I hope I win!!

    Just Jenn~

  179. 179
    Simply Created by Cole says:

    One of my favorite worship songs is, "Grace Flows Down." So simple, yet so powerful.

  180. 180
    Simply Created by Cole says:

    I also follow your blog and have added your blog to mine: simplycreatedbycole.blogspot.com
    I am still figuring out how to work everything correctly. Hope it works!

  181. 181
    Simply Created by Cole says:

    I follow you and Adie on twitter, although I don't have an account of my own yet. I love the wisdom and creativity that both of you share.

    Nicole :)

  182. 182
    Simply Created by Cole says:

    I loved pre-viewing Adie's songs on her web-site, it would wonderful to have the full CD to listen to while in the car. It is so worshipful and real. I love it!

  183. 183
    thechattymommy says:

    I already follow you.

  184. 184
    thechattymommy says:

    God of this City- Chris Tomlin- favorite for right now.

  185. 185
    Karisa Tells All says:

    Hey I've been reading your blog for a while and I absolutely love it! I have a little something for you on my blog if you want to check it out.

  186. 186
    This Beautiful Life says:

    My favorite worship song is Desert Song from Hillsong! It is so awesome

  187. 187
    This Beautiful Life says:

    I followed you!

  188. 188

    I would LOVE to hear it! My favorite are "Good Old Hymns." But, I'd love to try out something else!

  189. 189

    One of my favorite worship songs is "From the Inside Out" by Hillsong

  190. 190

    I follow you on Twitter

  191. 191

    I'm following Adie on Twitter

  192. 192

    I follow your blog!

  193. 193
    Farmgirl Paints says:

    I'd love to win. I love Christian music. My favorite song is Born Again by Third Day.

  194. 194

    I'm not a Christian music fan either. Maybe Adie will help change my mind?

    Anyway, I follow your blog :)

  195. 195

    I follow you on twitter

  196. 196

    I follow Adie on twitter

  197. 197
    Ry and Ally says:

    Love her music!!! I love the Beautiful Lord song! So inspirational!

  198. 198
    Ry and Ally says:

    I am a follower!

  199. 199
    Anonymous says:

    my fav worship song is You are Holy, i dont get to here or sing it as much as I'd like


  200. 200
    Simply Created by Cole says:

    My all time favorite worship song is, "Grace Flows Down," by One Day Live worship.


  201. 201
    Simply Created by Cole says:

    I follow your blog and I absolutely love your flower pins! Just purchased a set a week ago.


    Thank you,

  202. 202
    Simply Created by Cole says:

    I do not have my own account set-up for twitter, but I do follow both of you.

    I have heard a few of Adie's new songs, so worshipful. It would be so encouraging to worship to her album fully.


  203. 203
    Simply Created by Cole says:

    Posted on facebook!


  204. 204

    my favs right now are "how he loves me" especially when sung by Kim Walker of Jesus Culture & "heart of worship" by Michael W. Smith.

  205. 205
    Chocolate-Covered Chaos says:

    Thanks for the suggestion and chance for the giveaway…I really like her sound!

    My favorite worship song is Draw Me Close To You.

  206. 206
    Chocolate-Covered Chaos says:

    I'm a follower! ;)

  207. 207
    Kristin Sellars says:

    I follow you on twitter :)

  208. 208
    Kristin Sellars says:

    I follow and LOVE your blog

  209. 209
    Laura Loo says:

    oh! thanks for the recommendation..I'm going to check her out!!! I haven't found any good Christian music in a long time. I used to be the lead singer of my church's high school worship band and I loved it… I miss that so much. Goodness, I can't even pick a favorite worship song. OOH! but I love love JJ Heller's "Love Me"

  210. 210
    Laura Loo says:

    oh, also, I found our blog through caroline's giveaway of your Pleated Poppy store. Oh my goodness, your stuff is so cute! I'm in love with the poppy hair pins!! :D

  211. 211
    allthingsjuice says:

    Pick me!

  212. 212
    alittlemoore says:

    I have a lot of favorite worship songs but my current favorite is How He Loves Us, love Jeremy Riddle's version of it!

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