don’t freak out

because i’m doing enough of that for all of us.
yes, all the pretties of my blog are GONE.
off into blog heaven, apparently.
not sure how that happened or which button was the wrong button to push, but this is where i’m at.
i’m freaking out.
so, no, you’re not at the wrong blog.
its still me and my piles of fabric.
i’m just asking for your patience while i figure this out.
things may look a little funky here for awhile, but i’ll keep posting, so you keep coming back.


**update – i got some of the pretties back, but lost all the lovely scallops.  so bummed.**


  1. 1

    Oh, man. I'm sorry.

    I know it stinks….. but maybe it's an opportunity for a fresh start?

    Sorr, friend!

    Happy spring!

  2. 2
    Lisa Stone says:

    No freaking out. Ok? It is usually all able to be put back together. And if not, then you'll make a new even prettier blog…if that's even possible.

    I just wiped out all of my customer emails while rearranging them in to folders. One click every bit of info I ever needed – GONE.

    Good luck =)

  3. 3
    Kristin Rae says:

    I've heard blogger's been having some serious issues lately… sorry to hear it though!!

  4. 4

    oh my gosh… i am sorry. you must feel like you lost a piece of yourself! best of luck in any chance of recovering it or in starting fresh. either way, your blog will always be an amazing part of the internet to visit.

  5. 5
    rachel @ perfectly imperfect says:

    don't worry! we'll keep reading your blog for YOU & your GREAT content, even without the extra pretties!: )
    i know it's disappointing, though- it's hard work to make your blog pretty… that's why i don't do it to mine! ha!
    have a great sunday…

  6. 6

    Oh, ouch! So sorry to hear that. I know it's there, somewhere. Keep looking. Cute purse in your previous post BTW.

  7. 7

    ta-da! all better! if it happens again you can go to the tester blog that i set up when building your blog and just copy all the html code and paste it into your regular blog. just call me next time and we'll work it out. love, you favorite sister!

  8. 8

    I love what you did to the purse! so cute and creative!!! :)

  9. 9

    oops. I thought I was commenting on your previous post… going back to read this one now. :)

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