me, me, me!

since i missed my blog’s 3rd birthday last saturday (oops!), 
i thought i reschedule and do a really fun week packed full of posts.
sound good?
so, i need your help.
i’m going to answer any questions you have for me!
comment or email me with any question you have.
it could be about sewing, selling, mom-ing, cooking (ha!), cleaning (ha ha ha!), 
my house, projects, hopes, dreams… whateva!
so bring it on.
the more the better.
to be answered next week.
the week of fun.


revelation and rambling

we took a mini break and headed over to my brother and sister-in-law’s house at the end of last week.
these are pics from the drive.

the kids and i were literally shouting and gasping at the awesomeness of the hills!
we were kind of geeking out on them, but seriously, i have never seen anything so beautiful.

it was God revealing Himself to us in such a beautiful way!
the hills looked like they were on fire with all the poppies!

the drive took extra long since i kept stopping to take pictures.
the kids were shouting, “it’s gogeous!” (<- not a typo) and “you have to take more pictures!”.
it made the drive that is usually boring really fun.
love that!

so i have a crazy busy start of the week.
i have a boutique on tuesday night that i’m prepping for, that’s why i’ve been slightly m.i.a. lately.
right now i am working on more aprons (screwed up on a few last night and totally slowed my momentum – ugh!).

i made THE CUTEST ruffled checkbook covers you’ve ever seen!
if i have any left they’ll be listed in the shop on wednesday.
they coordinate with the covered notebooks and zippered pouches – so fun!

so if you’re local and want to come to a boutique in arroyo grande, send me an email ( and i’ll give you directions! 
its on tuesday night from 6 until 9 in a sweet new home with an urban barn feel to it.
come and do some mother’s day shopping!

my blog celebrated her 3rd birthday on saturday.
i totally forgot to plan a party!
so i’m aiming to do something fun fun next week.
be prepared!

ok, must go for now!
the sweat shop is beckoning me back…