what i wore this week – week 3

i’ve decided spring on the central coast is very fickle.
yesterday was about 85 degrees.
the kids were getting hosed down on the trampoline in their bathing suits.
today is chilly and overcast.
so there’s a little background on the variation of outfits!
like the wet hair? i’m starting a new trend.
sweater: target
dress: old navy
jeans: old navy
shoes: walmart

we worked in the garden most of the day, so these are my grubbies.
later saturday:
sweater: old navy
shirt dress: old navy
scarf: forever21
posy and petal pusher: the pleated poppy
jeans: local shop
flats: target
 here’s a close-up for you.
necklace by lisa leonard.
now that i’m doing this project, i can see what i wear a lot of.
this is the 3rd sunday in a row that i’ve worn this pink sweater!
that tells me i need another colored cardi!
sweater: target
shirt: mervyn’s
pants: forever21
shoes: marshall’s
 camera strap: shey b!
we woke up sooo late.
thankfully joy was able to pick gracie up for school since we were nowhere near ready!
you don’t even want to know where i got any of it – 
who would want to replicate that?!
oh, my flips are rainbows, the best flip flops in the world.
i’ve had mine for at least 12 years!
the kids have gymnastics tuesday mornings.
silas’ class is “mommy and me” so i always dress comfy on tuesdays.
vest: target
grey striped henley: target
jeans: old and patched by me
slippers: target
this is what i wore for drop-off.
sweater: target
shirt: forever21, ruffled by me
jeans: local boutique
shoes: marshall’s

wednesday (again):
i had to go back to school because i serve lunch to the kiddos on wednesdays, and the weather had turned!
i was freezing!
hat: payless shoes
sweater: old navy
jeans: local shop
boots: miz moos online somewhere?
 i’m debating if i should continue with this idea or give it up.
i mean, i keep wearing the same things over and over!
what do you think?
and anyone want to join me and share what you’re wearing?


little reminders

sometimes i need little reminders…
to love on my kids
to encourage their creativity
to enjoy the stage we’re at
to put my family first

this is not a picture of my sewing machine.
this is a pic of the little reminders my girls like to leave me.
and i love it!