spring boutique #1

wow!  this post took me a bit to get to,
but better late than never!

a few weeks ago we had our first of 2 local spring boutiques.
these are usually hosted at my house, 
but my friend susie offered up her newly built house for a change in venue.
and you can bet i’ll be featuring her house in another post.
i mean, look at the pic above:
roll up glass garage door, library shelving, glass front fridge – so fun!

it was a great night of hanging out with other crafty ladies, visiting with friends, 
eating yummy goodies, and making a buck or 2.
not too shabby!

here’s my spread, and my friend dondi shared the table with me.  
you can see her bags behind my things, or even better here.


emily of blue corduroy was there with her amazing little girls clothing, knit and fabric hats, and bags. 

this turquoise corduroy bag was begging to come home with me, 
but then my other turquoise bag that came with me threw a fit and won. 
why can’t a girl have 2 turquoise bags?

kristi joined us again with her fabulous reversible fabric bowls, doorstops, and key fobs.
i’m eying one of the bowls to pile my posies and petal pushers in!
i keep bugging kristi to open up shop so the rest of you can visit her, but no luck… yet!

krystina had some great stationary and playdate cards.
playdate cards?!
how great is that idea?!

of course lisa was there, with some major deals on her beautiful jewelry.
if i didn’t already have more pieces of her jewelry than i can count, i’d surely have snagged this one.
ah, who’s kidding who?
i’m hoping to snag it at the next boutique!

my sweet friend joy was there selling the last of her baby t’s
and susie’s daughter eden was selling some adorable bookplates.
so cute!
if you’re a local and you’re bummed you missed out,
or if you made it and just didn’t get enough,
i’ll be hosting another spring boutique at my house on 
friday, may 7th from 6-9.
email me if you’d like to be on the mailing list!


  1. 1

    Okay, love the post Lindsey, but here's my question. I saw in the pictures you had those adorable hair clips, not the posy ones, but the round dot-type (not fair). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put those on your Etsy shop. I don't live in Cali anymore, or I would have come to your boutique and bought them out.

  2. 2

    Looks fabulous! It looks like you have a great community near you… and can't wait to see more of that house!

  3. 3
    Grupo Mãos Dadas says:

    i am absolutely sure that a girl can have as many bags as she wants, even if they are the same collor.
    or you are saying that i can have only ou black shoe?

  4. 4
    Lacy Key says:

    OH I wish I lived closer…..

  5. 5

    Wow, if I lived around there I would have shopped till I dropped!

    I'm new to your blog and I think it's wonderful! Have a great weekend.

  6. 6
    Stacey @ The Blessed Nest says:

    That totally looked like a fun time! Wish I could have come! :) And yes, your friends house looks incredible, pictures please!!

  7. 7

    WOW, that house looks amazing!! Love the garage door idea. And all of those lovely things? I wish I was a local :(. You should go on a road show!

  8. 8

    Hey girl! It looks like it was a fab evening. Makes me wish I lived near you. :)

    PS…I just saw your Bloom Bag for the first time. How I missed it at Blissdom is beyond me. I'm head over heels in love with it!!!!

  9. 9
    SoBella Creations says:

    Looks like a fabulous event.

  10. 10

    Love the "spring boutique"…hope you don't mind me asking, "how did your group get started with that idea?"

    I've visited your stuff on Etsy and love your talent and fabric choices. I'm hoping to order a checkbook cover in the near future. Great stuff!

  11. 11

    WOW that looks like the most amazing thing EVER!! LOVE the little dresses too cute!! I'm heading directly to your etsy shop ;)

  12. 12
    emily sparks says:

    This looks like fun! Where will the next one be? I want to come.

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