{giveaway day #11}: lisa leonard designs

does lisa really need an introduction?
is it possible that you may not have seen her amazing jewelry yet?
is it possible that you have never been to her gorgeous blog?
do you own any of her pieces yet?
well, if not, do not fear!
lisa is offering one lucky winner a
$75 shop credit!
to enter, visit lisa leonard designs and come back and leave me a comment telling me which piece of jewelry is your favorite!
{1 entry per person}



  1. 1

    the cream in my coffee

  2. 2

    I love, love, love Lisa's jewelry! And enter every chance I get! I love all her stuff. One of my favorites is The Family tree. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. 3

    I have actually been drooling over these for a while. I would love to have one with the kids' names on it… or the sparkle one!

  4. 4
    This Texas Momma says:

    I adore her things! I wanted a necklace with my son's name on it for Mother's day but I didn't hint soon enough to the hubs. So that's defininatly what I would go for!

  5. 5

    I've had my eye on the "sparkle" necklace for awhile now!

  6. 6

    teent tiny initials necklace…is so sweet

  7. 7
    Juelye and Stephanie says:

    From Up Here necklace. But with so many cute necklaces, it is SO hard to chose!

  8. 8
    Rebecca Anne says:

    Oh…I adore the "You are loved" necklace. Simple, yet has so much meaning.

  9. 9
    Lisa Macomber says:

    I adore the open circle bracelet…so cute!

  10. 10

    faith hope amor and sweet sister

    Love love her. I have my tiny hearts necklace on right now!


  11. 11
    marissa says:

    All her jewelry is so beautiful! I love handmade jewelry. I especially like the banner necklace and the vintage frames one!

  12. 12
    Maryanne says:

    I just love Lisa's jewelry! I really love the Be Still Necklace! Thanks for the chance!

  13. 13
    Celeste says:

    a favorite? really? a person could have 1 favorite?
    not me! they're all my favorite :)

    …I have the oval monogram necklace (which I love!) — but, I've had my eye on the banner necklace too :)

  14. 14

    the family one…I love it oh.so.much. because I know what it says is true.

  15. 15

    My favorite isn't a piece of jewelry – it's the baby spoons she makes. I love them!

  16. 16

    I love the friendship necklace!

  17. 17
    Ahsha Bahsha says:

    WOW! From Up Here necklace is my favorite! I looove this store, thank you for including them in your Bday celebration!!

  18. 18

    I like the vintage frames necklace, they look cool.

  19. 19
    traci colquhoun says:

    I love love love Lisa and I love her jewelery! There is so much I would like to have from her shop. What a truly lovely lady.

  20. 20

    I enter her giveaways all the time! My sister-in-law has her pieces, courtesy of my hints. But I think I'd have to get one for myself with my niece's name on it – so many kids that are like my own! Thanks for the chance. What a fun birthday your day is for all of us!

  21. 21

    I like the sea star necklace.

  22. 22

    Hello sweet Lindsey – Oh my word. How I would absolutely love to own one of Lisa's creations! My fave is her Mama necklace.


  23. 23
    justtherightangle says:

    Ummm ALL of it! Her stuff is beautiful! If I have to chose, I think I like the Faith.Hope.Amor. necklace the best. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  24. 24

    I love the lots of love necklace, great giveaway!

  25. 25

    The baby spoon caught my eye…perfect for the little ones!

  26. 26
    hiyaluv says:

    first of all I adore Lisa-everything about her. she is such a good person. I adore her blog and all that she stands for. I have read a story that she posted called "change of plans" and it has stuck with me and I read it over and over…

    anyhow-my favorite is anything really but if I had to choose-the forever necklace. Forever in faith with our Lord.
    Thanks so much and happy birthday!!!

  27. 27
    Lindsay Willman says:

    I own the teeny tiny initials necklace and would love one of the family crest necklaces! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. 28
    Jenica Cory says:

    I love the sweet and simple birdy necklace.

  29. 29

    I just ordered the illuminate necklace last week. Her jewelry is so gorgeous!

  30. 30

    oh how i covet lisa's jewelry however i don't own a single piece yet! I love the "WHOO DO YOU LOVE" necklace! She is amazing!

  31. 31
    MerrittTimes says:

    Hard to pick just one – but I love the 'wish necklace'. All beautiful.

  32. 32
    Corey and Katherine says:

    Love the jumble of charms.

  33. 33
    Heather at All A Flutter says:

    i've been pining for one of lisa's bracelets for way to long. i adore the double heart one!

  34. 34
    julie & joe says:

    I LOVE everything she has!!!!!

  35. 35
    Ry and Ally says:

    I love the open circle necklace! So charming!!!

  36. 36

    Oh my goodness, hmm let's see…I love the petite original necklace, true love hearts necklace, and the mama necklace equally. I would have a tough time choosing between all of them, but I'm sure I could do it!

  37. 37
    Natalie says:

    I love the sweet & simple birdie necklace. I have a thing for birds, I think it's because they are so free that I love them. Thank you for your awesome give-a-ways!

  38. 38
    Lindsey says:

    I love all of her bracelets! I can't decide which one I like best!

  39. 39

    wow LOVE her stuff…I really like the vintage frame necklace! Would love one with each of my kiddos initials!

  40. 40
    One Girl says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I love her necklaces as well as those babies first spoon! So wonderful!

  41. 41
    kpmattingly says:

    She has so many great things. I really like the "key to my heart" necklace. So fun. :)

    sunshinekmp at yahoo dot com

  42. 42
    Bits & Pieces says:

    Ah yes, I have admired Lisa's jewelry for some time now. I am a lucky recipient of one of her necklaces and a baby spoon as well. My four(almost five)-year old loves my necklace and is always asking to wear it…maybe because it has her name on it. So, I'd love to get her the Little Lady necklace with her name on it. She loves ladybugs and her nickname is Bug so it'd be a perfect birthday gift for her.

  43. 43

    Would love the "jumble of charms" necklacke. It would be perfect for my growing family! :)

  44. 44
    LHadgis says:

    So many beautiful items to choose from. My favorite is the Jumble of Charms, necklace.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  45. 45
    magill family says:

    i love ALL of her stuff, but one of my faves is the jumble of charms!

  46. 46
    Kristen Borland says:

    really, a favorite? that's tough! i love my mini heart initial necklace with my kiddos initials.

  47. 47

    I have her Faith, Hope, Amor necklace on right now! Would love to win this!

  48. 48
    The Baum's says:

    I love the teenie tiny initials necklace!

    Thank you!

  49. 49
    Jessica says:

    I would get the Marked by Love necklace (Audrey's Necklace)and then give it to our babys birth mother. We will be adopting the baby in July and I think this would be something really special. I would have the name she was going to name her put on the back.

  50. 50
    bullie_mama says:

    omg, how does one girl choose? there are so many lovely items in lisa's shop – she is so creative and talented! i would have to choose the family crest necklace. how stunning and something i could give to my children one day.

  51. 51
    Jennifer says:

    I think "faith, hope, amor" is my current favorite in her shop. I have the "be still" necklace and love it!

  52. 52
    Rebecca @ Piggy Bank Dating says:

    Wow, there are so many beautiful pieces to choose! I really love the key to my heart necklace! Simply beautiful!

  53. 53
    KristenCulleton says:

    I LOVE, love, LOVEEEEEEEE her 'Vintage Frames' Necklace' – it needs to be on my neck! :)

  54. 54

    I want the "baby's first spoon" & the Christmas ornament. Lovely stuff!! Happy Birthday!!

  55. 55

    It is between the Whoo do you love? and be still necklaces. I love her designs!

  56. 56

    I love her jewelry! I love the family tree necklace.

  57. 57

    Love the teenie tiny initials necklace and think the little lady necklace would be such a cute gift for a little girl.

  58. 58

    my fave is usually the illuminate necklace, but I just fell in love with "from up here".

  59. 59
    SoBella Creations says:

    I haven't been lucky enough to win a Lisa Leonard Giveaway.

    My favorite items in her shop are:
    The Leather Cuff.
    The Together Necklace and the
    Mama Necklace

  60. 60

    I love the necklace with all the kids names on it. :)

  61. 61
    Chic Mama says:

    How do you pick? I think I would have to go with the simple birdie necklace for me and the sterling ring for my hubby. His wedding ring doesn't fit right now and I would love to get him something to wear!

  62. 62
    pilotwife says:

    I love the sparkle necklace!

  63. 63

    She has beautiful pieces. My favorite is also You're the cream in my coffee.

  64. 64
    Cristina Arkin says:

    I love the from up here necklace. So sweet!

  65. 65

    My favorite is the "be still" necklace. This idea/verse keeps coming back to me when I pray, and I was SO excited to see this necklace. What a great reminder it is of something I keep struggling to learn!

  66. 66
    Rockin' C says:

    I <3 LISA'S Jewelry!

    itty bitty hearts, litte feet, my heart, & mama necklaces are my fav's!!

  67. 67
    Rachel Slagle says:

    i love lisa's jewelry… i have one hanging around my neck almost everyday :)

    i've had my peepers on the be still necklace for a bit and i also really love the marked by love / audrey's necklace.

  68. 68

    I absolutely love the heartstrings necklace!!!

  69. 69

    Love the laundry line necklace

  70. 70
    Kelsey McQuiston says:

    love her stuff! i already have the tiny initials necklace-and will soon need another initial! i love the together necklace….and everything else she makes!

  71. 71
    The Venturas says:

    Hmmm…. I love the paper lanterns necklace. And the fly free necklace. And the vintage frames. How do you choose? It's all so lovely!

  72. 72

    Would love, love, love to have the jumble of charms!! Or just about anything else for that matter:)

  73. 73

    I'd love to buy her chandelier necklace someday and have Psalm 119:105 stamped on it or have it say "unto my path" instead.

  74. 74
    Heatherina says:

    I like the jumble of charms necklace or the itty bitty hearts necklace. All of her jewelry is beautiful!

  75. 75
    Kaylene says:

    As I wiped the drool off the keyboard while I was looking at all the darling things available I was imediatley drawn to the "jumble of charms necklace" then I saw the "sweet daisy necklace" and thought that was my favorite. I then thought how my 9 year old son would not appreciate his name next to a daisy. Then I thought "no problem" the "jumble of charms" is PeRfEcT for my 2 girls and 1 boy. It would display each one of their names and personality with a little heart, star or flower. Still drooling.

  76. 76
    carlisle clan conversation... says:

    Oh. My. Gravy. I would love the Fly Free Necklace or the Family Tree Necklace…close call. I just got my first LL pieces: two initial charms and pearl earrings for Mother's Day….and LOVE 'em!


  77. 77
    Cora Anne Designs says:

    I love all of her jewelry! So many of her designs are really cute, but I actually really like her basic rectangle necklace the best (at least at this moment, two minutes from now it could be something else!)

  78. 78
    Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} says:

    I think I love every single piece Lisa offers, and I'd love to add to my {one piece} collection. The 'beautiful', 'heartstrings' and 'cream in my coffee' are all favorites.

  79. 79
    Andrea M. says:

    Laundry line, heartstrings, and family tree necklaces. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! What a great giveaway! Thanks!

    Andrea methvin3@bellsouth.net

  80. 80

    Love, love, love these beautiful pieces of jewelry! I think the "together" necklace is fantastic. Happy birthday!

  81. 81

    Heart strings necklace. Beautiful

  82. 82

    The Sweetheart Tree! Love them all!

  83. 83
    the whimsical butterfly says:

    I ADORE her designs and also enjoy reading her beautiful blog! LOVE her mama necklace…what a fabulous and generous giveaway!!!

  84. 84

    I love the new Faith Hope Amour necklace…or the friendship necklace…or the Be Still necklace…I wouldn't know how to pick just one!

  85. 85

    the open circle braclet is my fave. i love it!!!!!

  86. 86
    Jess :) says:

    My favorite is the "Jumble of Charms" necklace!! :)

  87. 87

    i'm in love with the friendship necklace…although my banner necklace is worn daily i'm not sure i could replace it!!! :)

  88. 88

    ONE of my favorites is the "be still" necklace…but i LOOOVE them all so much :D

  89. 89
    cakegirl says:

    I love Lisa's designs and my favorite is the "Forever Heart".

  90. 90
    2boysblue says:

    Oh wow! I just love the illuminate necklace! Gorgeous!

  91. 91
    Priscilla says:

    I've drooled over Lisa's designs for so long…….I think my favourite is the 'beautiful necklace'.

  92. 92
    seemommyknit says:

    Oh wow! I love the dewdrops necklace!!

  93. 93

    ooooo ive wanted one of these for so long! i love the dew drops necklace and the key chain for my hub for fathers day!!

  94. 94
    april showers says:

    I love the "cream in my coffee" or the "together" – Lisa's work is fabulous

  95. 95
    Virginia says:

    Oh man, I love her stuff. How to choose? The fly free necklace, the starry hearts necklace, one of her bracelets….all of the above?? And then some??

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  96. 96
    The Tesdalls says:

    I love Lisa's Jewelry!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mama necklace!!!!

  97. 97
    Carrie Haughey says:

    I love the mama necklace, but I would get something different since Kyle got me one when Evelyn was born!

  98. 98
    Bryan and Ashlan says:

    I love the vintage frames necklace. So cute!!

  99. 99
    Danny & Alyssa Coon says:

    I've always loved the illuminate necklace and have been saving my pennies for it. Hopefully I win and then I wont have to wait so long :)

  100. 100
    Catherine says:

    I love the Word of the Year necklace. Mine would definitely say "family" as this is our first year as a family of three:)

  101. 101
    Em @ Bunch of Scrap says:

    I love the men's leather cuff – I'd put our kid's birthdates on it for fathers day :)

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for the giveaways!

  102. 102
    Caitlin says:

    Oh Wow! I love the heartstrings necklace – very special.

    Happy Birthday Lindsey!!

  103. 103
    Anonymous says:

    I like the itty bitty hearts necklace. scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  104. 104
    LittleLinden says:

    LOVE, love, love the paper lanterns!!

  105. 105
    LittleLinden says:

    LOVE, love, love the paper lanterns!!

  106. 106

    Illuminate and Vintage Frames… I can't decide! I've been dying for a piece of jewelry with my daughter's name on it for a while now. Love Lisa's designs!

  107. 107
    Brian or Amy says:

    I love all of Lisa's jewelry and I love Lisa's story! One of my favorites is the "Together" necklace! :) Happy Day!

  108. 108
    Michelle (mla1111) says:

    I love Lisa Leonard designs!!! The marked by love necklace is my current fav :)

  109. 109
    Stacey @ The Blessed Nest says:

    I'd love one of everything, please! LOL!! :) But currently the Family Tree Necklace and leather cuff bracelets are my favorites! Thanks for the chance!!

  110. 110
    miss tulip says:

    I love the family tree necklace! i have the open circle necklace and adore it!

  111. 111
    The Martinez Family says:

    I have been looking at all of them for a few months and I can honestly say I just can't decide. I want a necklace with my girlies names on it, but beyond that I just can't decide, they are all so beautiful

  112. 112
    Jasmine says:

    I like the friendship necklace.

  113. 113
    Jasmine says:

    I like the Elephant Ruffle Butt Onesie and Matching Bib. It is so cute!

  114. 114
    Lori Kim says:

    Love the latern necklace!!!

  115. 115
    luke and pamela says:

    hmm this one is so hard to choose! i think i'd love the wish necklace the most – simple and classic.

  116. 116

    My fav item is the oval monogram necklace! But really I'd love ANY item of hers!

  117. 117
    Nichole says:

    I LOVE the "You Are Loved" necklace!

  118. 118
    Melissa says:

    I love the petite family crest!

  119. 119
    Kyle & Alissa Circle says:

    I love, Love LOVE Lisa's jewelry and have been meaning to order a piece since I just had my 2nd baby. I love the dewdrops necklace with my kids names on it!

  120. 120
    Kristen says:

    together and jumble of charms are my favorites :o)

  121. 121
    Amy Branton says:

    Love the family tree necklace!

  122. 122

    Love, love, love the jumble of charms customizable necklace.

  123. 123

    I love the custom necklaces, any would be wonderful. If I had to choose one, it would be the open circle necklace.

  124. 124
    Mary Craig says:

    I LOVE the owl necklace!

  125. 125
    NANCY LEFKO says:

    I love the Friendship necklace…and SO many more !

  126. 126
    dkward02 says:

    I love everything it is hard to pick just one…but I would have to say the original necklace. Classic & understated. Love it!

  127. 127

    The family tree necklace. I'm getting ready to order one for my dear friend's bday!

  128. 128
    Mormishmom says:

    I want the laundry line necklace – but everything is darling.

  129. 129
    Stephanie says:

    just one favorite! OK so I think it would be The Cream In My Coffee or maybe Together Necklace or maybe marked my love or maybe mama…wait, you said favorite — can't be done :) LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  130. 130

    Her jewelry is simply gorgeous! It's hard to pick a favorite, but the WISH necklace is mine!

  131. 131
    Shaunna says:

    So beautiful! Can't decide between "together" and "key to my heart" necklaces.

  132. 132
    deserae says:

    I would love to order baby's first spoons for my nephews and niece!

  133. 133

    I have been eyeing the oval monogram necklace. LOVE it.

  134. 134
    Jennifer says:

    The illuminate & paper lantern necklaces are my favorite {although I absolutely love them all!}

  135. 135
    Bethany Hammar says:

    "Sweet & Simple birdie", and "Be still" are so lovely! *drooling* So talented!

  136. 136

    I am loving the marked by love necklace and the illuminate necklace.

  137. 137
    gratitudewithgrace says:

    Corner of my heart speaks to me and I would write the word grace on the back to remind me to live my life with grace..my motto.
    Thank you

  138. 138
    Eva Scott says:

    Wow! This is hard. I would probably get the Single Tag Necklace or the From Up Here necklace. Thanks!

  139. 139
    Whitney says:

    Basic Rectangle.

  140. 140
    abby @ tales and trials says:

    I love all of Lisa's designs but my favorite is the petite family crest necklace. LOVE it!!

  141. 141
    Kristin says:

    I LOVE Lisa Leonard!!!! I would love the illuminate necklace!

  142. 142
    The Packard's says:

    The double heart cuff. I LOVE it!

  143. 143

    I don't even have to go to her site because I have it memorized. I love everything and YES I do have my very own lisa leonard creation around my neck as we speak.

  144. 144

    i have fallen in love with lisa leonard's designs! i vow to own one someday!
    i would have to say my favorite today is the open circle necklace. i own a similar design from tiffany's…it is a classic!
    hope she keeps creating!

  145. 145
    kakalderman says:

    I have entered so many Lisa Leonard contests and ONE OF THESE DAYS I'm going to win one! I love all of her monogram pieces. Crossing my fingers that this is my time!!

  146. 146
    Jenilee says:

    Oh, I would LOVE LOVE to win this one!! I love the custom jumble of charms necklace. and I love all of her designs. so beautiful!

  147. 147
    Simply Created by Cole says:

    You're the cream in my coffee necklace is great! This coffee, mocha girl would love one!

    Thank You,

  148. 148
    k.smith says:

    my favorite is the family tree!!!!!

  149. 149

    I love the "Marked by Love", Audrey's necklace. I'm reading Angie's book and cry on every page – I too, lost a baby and would be in total love with that necklace around my neck

  150. 150

    I am in LOVE with the "sweetheart tree necklace". It is just simply sweetness in a necklace. I am asking my husband for it for our anniversary if I don't win the giveaway.

  151. 151
    Stephanie says:

    I would looove the ring – one for each of my 3 kiddos!!

  152. 152
    Deborah says:

    Yes, I have for sure heard of Lisa Leonard's jewelry. I love the one you have pictured to have each family members name put on it. Cute jewelry. Very unique.

  153. 153

    I adore the chandelier necklace!

  154. 154

    it's so hard to choose a favorite but I love the 'together' necklace!
    kathy k.

  155. 155

    I have two favourites – the daisy and the clothesline. I have two pieces of Lisa's jewellery already and I c.h.e.r.i.s.h. them!

  156. 156
    Stacey @ Fun to Craft says:

    I really like the open circle bracelet. But everything she has is SO cute!

    funtocraft at gmail dot com

  157. 157

    I would love a personalized necklace:)

  158. 158

    I have been wanting to get an adorable necklace from Lisa! I love the 'jumble of charms' one… it's great because I can add another charm when my daughter gets a little brother or sister :)

  159. 159
    The Bonjour Family! says:

    love the single tag necklace!! love Lisa's jewelry. Great giveaways!

  160. 160
    Joyful Weddings and Events says:

    I love it all. I have been wanting to order some spoons for friends that are having babies.

  161. 161

    I love love LOVE the Heartstrings necklace!

  162. 162

    I love her jewelry. My favorite is the petite original necklace.

  163. 163

    I first visited Lisa's shop a few weeks ago after seeing her mentioned on your site. I can honestly say that I like everything she has to offer! In fact, I recently ordered a necklace with my boys initials on it. Can't wait for it to come!

  164. 164

    I love Lisa's stuff! I think I might like the Fly Free necklace, but I love the Sparkle one too. So hard to choose!

  165. 165
    The Fearnsides says:

    I can't pick just one. I really love the bird designs, as well as the pieces that include your children's names.


  166. 166
    Tree Frog Creations... says:

    I love the itty bitty hearts necklace!! renaegc@gmail.com

  167. 167
    Kelli Diane Kanani says:

    It is so hard to pick a favorite. I love them all. I would love the Family Tree necklace!

  168. 168
    Michelley! says:

    soooo typical! how can you have a giveaway day w/o lisa?!?! =) i like the lots of love and every corner of my heart necklaces!

  169. 169
    Ashley Allen says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I love the together necklace!

  170. 170
    Caitlin says:

    I love the "mama" necklace and the "my heart" necklace.

  171. 171

    I have two of Lisa's necklaces. My next favorite is the Family Crest necklace,

  172. 172

    I love the family tree necklace. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway!

    iseekbeach@ hotmail dot com

  173. 173

    Oh, she is amazing. Maybe I could be her when I grow up :)

  174. 174
    Dresden says:

    I love the Itty bitty hearts necklace and the forever necklace. Gorgeous!

  175. 175

    Love the 'itty bitty hearts' necklace – so dainty and sweet!

  176. 176
    Heather deBoer says:

    I Love the family necklace with the kid's names! Beautiful!

  177. 177
    Liz&Meg says:

    i love her jewelry! i have wanted something for a while!

  178. 178
    Anonymous says:

    Happy Brithday, Lindsey!
    Oh, how I love my Lisa Leonard jewelry! Winning the credit would REALLY make my day. I have my eye on the pewter heart {wall hanging}…love it!

  179. 179

    It's soooo hard to choose…but it would probably be Paper Lanterns or fly free. I love her designs so much!!!

  180. 180
    Jennifer says:

    I do not own a piece… yet. Her work is fantastic and beautiful! One of my favorites is the Large Link Charm Bracelet! :)

  181. 181
    aimymichelle says:

    my favorite is the hugs and kisses necklace

  182. 182
    Traci@ Beneath My Heart says:

    I would love to get a key chain for my hubby! He would love it.
    Thanks for the chance! :)

  183. 183
    Melissa says:

    The Marked by Love piece is my fave!

  184. 184

    The paper lantern necklace is so pretty.

  185. 185

    I love the teenie tiny initials necklace!

  186. 186

    What a great giveaway! There are so many choices I would love :) My favorite is the faith. hope. amor. necklace :)

  187. 187

    my favorite is the sweet heart tree necklace, which i own and love

  188. 188
    Candice @ Made With Love says:

    I love all of Lisa's work…especially the Friendship Necklace. Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  189. 189

    I absolutely love the vintage frames necklace! That is my fave at the moment!

  190. 190

    i love the open circle bracelet!

  191. 191

    I love Lisa's stuff! My favorite is the mama necklace.

  192. 192
    Cynthia says:

    my fave is still the itty bitty hearts necklace ;)

  193. 193
    Kari C. says:

    I love Lisa's jewelery. It is so beautiful. It is really hard to pick one thing, but today I like the hugs and kisses necklace.

  194. 194

    super cute stuff! i am partial to owls so would have to pick the "who do you love" one.

  195. 195

    I am soooo in love with the wish necklace!!! I have been wanting it forever!!

  196. 196
    Kelly's Adventures says:

    I love everything I can't pick a favorite

  197. 197
    Heather says:

    Lisa is the best, hands down! I want her Mama necklace (along with just about everything else she makes!!)

  198. 198
    Stephanie Rose says:

    i LOVE the ity bity hearts necklacw

  199. 199

    I really want to get my husband the leather cuff for Father's Day!

  200. 200

    I want one of her customized necklaces so badly. But after looking at her site today (again)… I might have to get something for my husband for father's day.

  201. 201
    Paige Willingham says:

    Tiny squares necklace. Wonderful!

  202. 202

    I love the dew drop necklace with the little bit of aquamarine. also the owl…so cute :)

  203. 203
    Anonymous says:

    the petite family crest would be perfect for my daughters! (and me!)
    lilylakemom at gmail dot com

  204. 204
    House Queen says:

    There is no way to pick just one favorite! Love her! I like the family tree piece awfully well though!

  205. 205
    Sugar and Spice Mommy says:

    I just love the banner necklace!!

  206. 206

    i love the "mama" and the "my heart" necklaces

  207. 207

    What a fun give-a-way! I just ordered my first necklace from her and can't even wait to get it. I love the single tag with the little pearl. All of her stuff is amazingly beautiful!

  208. 208

    My favorite is the family tree… very much my style! Lovely lovely stuff!

  209. 209
    Erin @ Two Story Cottage says:

    Hard to pick just one but the From Up Here necklace strikes my fancy!

  210. 210
    melissa says:

    i have 2 of lisa's necklaces and have given many, many more as gifts. i would love to win to be able to give my husband her new leather wallet for father's day!

  211. 211

    i actually just got my first necklace for mother's day!! and i'm absolutely in love with it!! i really love the open circle necklace. and i would love a keychain too!

  212. 212

    you're the cream in my coffee, for sure!

  213. 213
    Ashley Coulon says:

    I'm loving the rectangle keychain "My daddy's a superhero" Perfect for Father's Day!

  214. 214
    Whitney says:

    I have been lusting after the "sweet & simple birdie necklace" for quite a while!!

  215. 215
    Desiree Wong says:

    it's a tie…for sure… between the open heart bracelet and the sweetheart tree… :)

  216. 216

    I have been on her site so many times… I drop a hint everytime there is a special occasion in hopes that I can get one of these faboulous necklaces…. The family tree is one of my favorites… crossing my fingers that I win!

  217. 217
    Amber Cullum says:

    How could I ever pick just one. If I won I would probably buy the beautiful necklace. However, I love so many of them

  218. 218

    i love the oval monogram necklace, the vintage frames necklace and the basic id bracelet, simple and elegant.
    how could i pick just one!?

  219. 219
    Forsythe says:

    I would love a custom necklace with a charm for each member of my family. So cute and thank you for the giveaway!

  220. 220

    Such beautiful stuff! I love the "loved" necklace…

  221. 221

    Oh man, that is awesome. I love the heartstrings necklace!

  222. 222

    I have always loved the family tree necklace…

  223. 223

    ooooh i would love to win a family crest necklace!

  224. 224

    I would love the Teenie Tiny Initials or the Tiny Squares. Love it all!

  225. 225

    I love the….Faith Hope Amor necklace

  226. 226

    Love her "hearstrings" necklace! Her jewelry is so beautiful!!

  227. 227
    violetsareblue says:

    absolutely the leather cuff. that is very cool. what a talented girl!

  228. 228

    I have to go with the Vintage Frame necklace-her stuff is so beautiful!

  229. 229
    amanda @ Rambling of an Empty Mind says:

    Oh I have seen these necklaces before, but have to admit I haven't made it over to visit yet…scared I'd buy too many! :)
    So my favours…do I have to pick just one…okay good:
    – family tree
    – heart strings and
    – together
    Okay, fine, really, I just love them all.

  230. 230

    I love them all!!!! Definately can't pick just one!

  231. 231
    kelliemorgan says:

    Love the tiny squares. Thanks!

  232. 232
    Heather says:

    I love so many! I've been loving "fly free" for a long time!

  233. 233

    so hard to choose…captured hearts necklace, dewdrops necklace, and everything!!

  234. 234

    so hard to choose…captured heart or dewdrops necklace are 2 of many I heart.

  235. 235
    she dreams big! says:

    Lisa always generates the biggest buzz with her jewelry! The tiny squares is the one I have had my eye on for some time! And the from up here and fly free necklace are on my wish list!

  236. 236

    I'd get the vintage frame necklace.

  237. 237
    The Clines says:

    I love everything, especially the Heartstrings necklace!

  238. 238

    I have been in love with her stuff forever!! I love it all!!!

  239. 239
    Amy Priddy :||: Priddy Creations says:

    There are too many things to list that I like! Beautiful jewelry!

  240. 240
    mandiegirl says:

    I love, love LOVE the sweetheart tree! :)

  241. 241
    ordinarilyextraordinary.com says:

    I love Lisa Leonard jewelry! I have 2 pieces of hers. I have been wanting the illuminate necklace. (amykiane@gmail.com)

  242. 242

    I love her work and would love the tiny squares necklace!

  243. 243
    Michele says:

    The "be still necklace" had me at hello. Beautiful and something to be reminded of daily!

  244. 244
    Samantha says:

    I love the Jumble of Charms necklace!

  245. 245

    I love the Large Initial Bracelet with a "P" on it!

    epfaulkner at gmail dot com

  246. 246
    Empty Nest Full Life says:

    Too many beauties to choose from, but I love the teeny initials necklace, and many more. Jackie

  247. 247

    I love the From Up Here Necklace

  248. 248
    Stephanie says:

    I love the from Up Here necklace and the Fly free design… Although all of them are really wonderful!

  249. 249

    LOVE the ittybitty hearts necklace!

  250. 250
    Ari, Hayley, Carson and Stratton says:

    Wow I love it all. The Be Still necklace is my favorite I must say.

  251. 251

    ::"marked by love":: no further explanation needed.

  252. 252

    I have always loved the "jumble of charms necklace". SO cute!

  253. 253
    Michele says:

    I love the family crest necklace!

  254. 254

    Love the wish necklace and the leather cuff!

  255. 255

    i love the thin sterling cuff. so beautiful.

  256. 256
    Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl says:

    The jumble of charms necklace is my favorite.

  257. 257

    I have to have the new MOB necklace that she is going to be selling! Yay boys!

  258. 258

    Love her jewelry!! I LOVE the new MOB Society necklace that is now available for preorder!!

  259. 259

    they are all absolutely beautiful but i love the illuminate necklace! So adorable.

  260. 260

    I love all her designs. I like the family tree,but would take anything. coleyclark30@yahoo.com

  261. 261
    Our Family says:

    Like many women, I've been coveting one of Lisa's beautiful necklaces for a while. If I won, I think I'd choose the together necklace, as it reminds me of the dog tags my soldier hubby wears!
    Thanks for another awesome offer!

  262. 262
    kendall says:

    I've been drooling over the open circle necklace.

  263. 263

    It's the every corner of my heart necklace. I've been saving for the one!

  264. 264
    Shelly Primm says:

    i have several pieces of lisa's jewelry (dandelion/wish and mama necklace). i would love my own family tree necklace. :)

  265. 265

    I have been keeping my eye on the family crest necklace for a while now!! The detail is just beautiful, so dainty and pretty!

  266. 266
    Ms. Beltran says:

    I love Lisa's jewelry. I have had my eye on the Ali Edwards inspired word necklace for a while. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  267. 267
    jdohertytx says:

    I love the sparkle necklace, it reminds me of my daughter

  268. 268

    I would love one with my husband and my name's on it. Her necklaces are so sweet, simple and emotional!

  269. 269
    Jeff and Robin says:

    I would love to replace my "push present" that I lost. My hubbie bought me a necklace with my daughter's name on it and gave it to me after she was born. I'VE LOST IT! I would love to replace my Lisa Leonard with a new Lisa Leonard that looked like my old Lisa Leonard.

  270. 270

    I love the personalized spoons. Great baby gifts!

  271. 271
    Denissa says:

    I love the "Together" necklace..so pretty :)

  272. 272
    BusyMomma says:

    I like the beautiful necklace along with many other pieces. Lisa's pieces are so awesome I would like to have them all.

  273. 273

    I love the dewdrop necklace! I've got my fingers crossed to win this one!

  274. 274
    lovinsanta says:

    I love the "From Up Here" Necklace with the bird.

    Love it and so many others!


  275. 275
    Scrappycook says:

    The Family Tree – so lovely!

  276. 276
    Chelsea says:

    every corner of my heart is my favorite. I really want it and have "visited" it online many times LOL.

  277. 277

    I adore the "be still" necklace!

  278. 278
    ~*~ Stephanie ~*~ says:

    Oh my.. I love all of her pieces… but my favorite would be the "From up here" necklace.

  279. 279
    The Boese Family says:

    WOW! I love ALL of the earrings and the rectangle keychain! Thanks!

  280. 280

    i love the from up here necklace, so cute and whimsicle


  281. 281
    Mrs. Doodle says:

    whoo do you love – without a doubt my favorite:)

    I have been sooooooo wanting one of her necklaces for so long… so hope I win!

  282. 282
    dsharkins says:

    I love the tiny initials necklace!

  283. 283
    Crystal says:

    Obsessed with the new leather cuff! Her work is spectacular

  284. 284
    Crystal says:

    I would get the ruffly pjs for my niece Isabella:)

  285. 285
    Lawanda says:

    I love the jumble of charms necklace!

  286. 286

    Please count me in for this as I'm a huge fan of Lisa's designs. I'd love to use the certificate towards the illuminate necklace.

  287. 287

    i love the "from up here" and "you are loved" necklaces

  288. 288

    I love Lisa's designs,; my favorite right now is the Teeny Tiny Initials necklace.

  289. 289
    Simply Sara says:

    love ALL of lisa's jewelry…but am especially in love with "faith.hope.amor" or to have one with my kids names on it :)

  290. 290
    carmar76 says:

    Oh, these are sooo nice! Circle bracelet has to be my favorite. Love the chain link bracelet!

  291. 291

    I am in love with LL Design!!! There are only about 9 thousand things I love like the family crest necklace the baby spoons EVERYTHING!!! Love LOVE

  292. 292

    i really like the sparkle necklace!


  293. 293

    I love the open circle bracelet. And everything else :)

  294. 294

    I love all her stuff, but have wanted the family tree necklace for awhile:)

  295. 295
    The Russ Family says:

    I would love to have the jumble of charms necklace.

  296. 296
    Miss Anne says:

    hands down Lisa's stuff is AM-AZING!

    i am particularily in LOVE with her new line of men's stuff… with an upcoming son being born in August, i'd like to get my sweet pea a leather cuff with his name/date on it :)

    ty ty ty for this giveaway!

  297. 297
    Caitlin says:

    I like the sparkle and marked by love necklaces. Hard to choose though, there are so many pretties!

  298. 298
    Jessica says:

    would love a cuff for my husband for father's day!

  299. 299
    BrudFam says:

    Hands down, my favorite is the "from up here" necklace!

  300. 300

    I love Lisa's stuff! Her faves are the mama necklace and the open circle necklace.

  301. 301
    Erica Wyatt says:

    I have been coveting the family tree necklace for a long time!!

  302. 302

    My current favorite is the tag necklace. I want to get an updated necklace after baby #2 arrives in July :)

  303. 303

    i love ALL of her necklaces. super cute jewelry. i have to many favorites to list!

  304. 304

    I love all the jewelry, but the cream in my coffee could be the most meaningful.

  305. 305
    Kimmie @ live fancy. says:

    Quite possibly the most difficult decision! I love ALL of her work!

  306. 306

    I like the you are loved necklace

  307. 307
    Jeanette says:

    oh, the "You are the cream to my coffee" necklace is so sweet! love it!

  308. 308

    I really like the friendship necklace. So sweet.

  309. 309
    Wendy Rose says:

    I am sooooooo excited about this giveaway!
    I LOVE the necklace that says "LOVED"!

  310. 310

    Oh, I love everything! My favorite is the illuminate necklace, though!

  311. 311

    I love Lisa Leonard…all of her stuff. My favorites are the Heartstrings Necklace and the Thin Sterling Cuff.

  312. 312

    Heartstrings or Family tree. Happy Birthday!

  313. 313

    I love the open circle and family tree necklaces… – maybe this will be my lucky day!! :)

  314. 314

    whooo i don't have an of her jewelry, but I would love the have the "from up here" necklace.
    LOVE IT!

  315. 315

    i LOVE the family crest necklace!

  316. 316
    Tiffany says:

    I have always wanted the sparkle necklace! It reminds me of the picture I have in my head of my future sewing studio once I own my own home.

  317. 317

    The itty bitty heart necklace is adorable.

  318. 318

    i am just about to receive in the mail, the laundry line necklace with the names of my daughters on it. but i would also love to get the sweet and simple birdie necklace.

  319. 319
    I am Katy, says:

    The sterling ring is calling my name.

  320. 320

    I really like the heartstrings necklace.. but I've always loved that sparkle necklace!

  321. 321

    love this jewelry. right now my fav is the illuminate necklace.

  322. 322

    LOVE the ID tag bracelet!

  323. 323
    Michelle M. says:

    I LOVE the Illuminate necklace. Love!

  324. 324
    c. griffith says:

    i so want the you are loved necklace! :)

  325. 325
    Morph This says:

    i am love love loving the open circle bracelet!

  326. 326

    My Heart (with inscription "I hold your heart in mine.") and Marked by Love are my two favorites. I've always wanted to buy one to wear in honor of my little ones that have passed away. Thanks for the chance to win.

  327. 327

    ALL of them! or the keychain for father's day!

  328. 328

    I love Lisa's jewelry & I'm secretly hoping to win a giveaway one of these days! I have so many faves but one I do like is her Fly Free Necklace.

  329. 329

    The sweetheart tree necklace is so unique.

  330. 330

    I've been lusting after the Whoo Do You Love necklace for a while now!

  331. 331
    Susan L (lily40au) says:

    definitely the lots of love necklace. lisa's work is absolutely divine. thanks for the terrific giveaway.

  332. 332
    BixiandGoxi says:

    I love the family tree necklace – it's just perfect and so unique!

  333. 333
    Jessica says:

    i love her oval monogram necklace. so classic!

  334. 334
    Jax @ AlyandAsh says:

    The rectangle key chain could not be more perfect for my husbands 1st Father's Day! What a perfect/functional keepsake!

  335. 335

    I like from up here!

    racheldowd07 at gmail dot com

  336. 336

    I love the necklace with multiple name tags.

  337. 337

    I love it all! But I'd get one of her gorgeous, simple sterling rings. I wore my husband's ring while he was deployed, but he's going to want it back now that he's home! That finger will feel naked… and we can't have a naked finger!

  338. 338

    Wow, hard to choose. If I had to pick, I think my favorite is the dewdrop necklace. I actually found your blog through Lisa. Her jewelry, and her testimony, is beautiful!

  339. 339

    her owl piece is my favorite :) love everything else too…

  340. 340
    RN and OSHP says:

    I have been coveting the cream in my coffee necklace!

  341. 341

    My definite fav is the open circle necklace. BEAUTIFUL.

  342. 342

    My favorite is the together necklace. I love that it's family oriented…what a special piece for a mom!

  343. 343
    kristin fulghum says:

    i love the vintage frames necklace!

  344. 344

    I love so many of them but I think the lovebirds is my favorite.

  345. 345

    Love Lisa's jewelry. My favorite piece is the one around my neck – Teeny Tiny Initials with 3 discs, one for each of my children so they are always close to my heart.

  346. 346
    My name is Nan, says:

    This was so hard to choose one. I would have to choose the open circle bracelet or leather cuff.

  347. 347
    jennifer says:

    Any necklace I can put my kiddos names on. Beautiful jewelry.

  348. 348

    i love the my heart necklace!!! i have always wanted one of her necklaces and always enter giveaways she does…but have yet to win…haha

  349. 349
    Christie says:

    I love anything that would have my children's name on it. So sweet

  350. 350
    redheadkate says:

    how in the world to pick just one…so I won't. I love the owl necklace, the beautiful necklace & the corner of my heart necklace.

  351. 351

    Whooo Do you Love is definitely my favorite but it was certainly hard to choose.

  352. 352

    I love the open cirlcle necklace.

  353. 353
    Liz Friesen says:

    My favorite is her "be still" necklace. A good reminder for all of us to CHILL OUT and LISTEN!

  354. 354
    shellybellylarson says:

    Love the family Tree…would LOVE a piece of her jewelry !

  355. 355
    Jessica says:

    I love the sweet & simple birdie necklace

  356. 356

    love. love. love lisa leonard! everything she has is fantastic! :)

  357. 357
    Patrick, Ashley & Audrey says:

    That is crazy! Who can choose just ONE favorite? I love teh family tree necklace, but I also love so many others! Her jewelry is classic and beautiful!!!

  358. 358
    Daines Fam says:

    sweet sisters if my favorite!

  359. 359
    The Popes says:

    I've been dying for one with my daughters initials on it. So special.

  360. 360

    i lover the dewdrops necklace!! but my favorite changes almost every day, which is why i haven't bought one yet, too hard to decide!!

  361. 361
    lulubloom says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! Hands down, my favorite LL necklace is the open circle necklace. I have been wanting it for a long while. I waited to get it until our third child was born (and we didn't decide on her name until after she was born). Now that she is 3 months old (and has a name! ha.) I can get my three daughters' names inscribed on it.

  362. 362
    Tara Milligan says:

    I love her stuff! I love the sweet and simple birdie necklace, so cute!


  363. 363

    I love the illuminate necklace. So different!

  364. 364
    Natalie says:

    i love the vintage frames necklace! and i love all these giveaways :)

  365. 365
    Lipe Family says:

    I really like her Jumble of Charms necklace!

  366. 366

    Love Lisa Leonard designs, I'd love to have the vintage frames necklace

  367. 367
    Sarah Halstead says:

    I love the laundry line necklace. Too cute!

  368. 368

    Love the dewdrop necklace, but this was a tough decision! Her items are all so lovely.

  369. 369
    The Albritton's says:

    i ADORE the petit family crest necklace!!


  370. 370
    christa says:

    I like the sparkle one, and the owl one… but everything she makes is gorgeous!

  371. 371
    The Irwins says:

    I love the friendship necklace.

  372. 372

    Hands down it's the family tree! I love that necklace!

  373. 373
    Lacy Key says:

    WOW, to pick only one is really hard but I really love the:
    faith. hope. amor. necklace.

  374. 374
    Biteofpunkinpie says:

    i've always loved her dewdrops necklace and forever necklace…

    …here's hoping!

  375. 375
    the kusters says:

    I LOVE the Together necklace!!!

  376. 376
    Angela P says:

    Whoo do you love? This necklace is one of my favorites, but it is a hard pick. I love my LL necklace I have it on almost every day.

  377. 377

    love the tiny squares necklace!


  378. 378
    The Ladies Lounge says:

    Sparkle necklace

  379. 379
    lulusparkles says:

    i keep saying i am going to treat myself to one of lisas fab pieces!
    love her blog :)
    i am a sparkly gal so i would pick the sparkle necklace but…..
    the lanterns make me smile everytime i see them

  380. 380
    JohnsonFamily says:

    I love the "you are loved necklace"

  381. 381

    I love the wish necklace and the marked by love one!


  382. 382
    The McClymont Family says:

    Beautiful! I would love the petite original necklace. I have one daughter and am expecting another in July. Would love to get this with each of their names.

  383. 383
    farmette dreamin' says:

    Whoo do you love!!! Lisa's jewerly is amazing.

  384. 384
    Christy says:

    the whoo do you love necklace!! Its dreamy!

  385. 385
    mandijwaters says:

    I love them all. There is really no way to chose :)

  386. 386
    erinlou80 says:

    Argh! Too many favorites! I like the Original necklace, but also like the wish and the captured heart a LOT too!
    So cool! This is great!! Thanks!

  387. 387
    stephanie says:

    I would love the large rectangle keychain for my husband's first father's day gift!!

  388. 388

    I love the family tree one!!!

  389. 389

    I just love the dewdrops necklace.

  390. 390
    Rebecca says:

    My favorite piece is the initial bracelet.

  391. 391
    Love Stitched says:

    I would love to win the leather cuff for my hubby for fathers day :)


  392. 392
    Sarah@VintageChic says:

    I have the hugs & kisses necklace and the Illuminate one. love them! I also love the Lovebird one along with a few others…

  393. 393

    would love anything from her shop! everything is adorable!!!!

  394. 394
    The Montes' says:

    I love that you can personalize the charms!!! Would love to own one of her necklaces!

  395. 395
    Caleb, Lindsey, Alexis, Caleb jr., & Colson says:

    I like the key to my heart. I've been looking for something to give my daughter for a purity necklace, but it's hard to find things that are fun, cute, and something she would want to wear.

  396. 396

    I love the open circle, I have wanted a piece of her jewelry for so long I can never really decide what I want first. I love all of them.

  397. 397
    plaidjenn says:

    i like the sweetheart tree necklace!

  398. 398
    Chance and Beth says:

    Love all the pretty necklaces, but I think I'd have to share with my husband and go with the leather cuff, it's awesome!

  399. 399

    The Wish necklace is my favorite!

  400. 400
    Krystle Brown says:

    you're the cream in my coffee necklace is awesome! i love coffee and now love this blog!!!

    Krystle Brown
    krystleleanna at gmail dot com

  401. 401
    Anonymous says:

    I love the open circle necklace! I have been dreaming about buying one of Lisa's necklaces for forever! Hope I win!!!!!!


  402. 402
    jacqueline says:

    What's not to love? All of her work is gorgeous! I think I would go for sweet and simple if I won, but I don't know, I love it all.

  403. 403
    LuckyStarHeather says:

    I want the Whoo Loves you necklace…But ANYTHING she makes would be my favorite jewelry!

  404. 404

    I love the teeny tiny initials neckalce but seriously….it's impossible to pick just one! They are all amazing!

  405. 405
    livelaughlove says:

    oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!! My fav. is her newer beautiful necklace!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  406. 406
    Anonymous says:

    I love the From Up Here necklace:)

  407. 407
    Justine says:

    The sweetheart three is so creative! I really like it. And yes, I've heard of Lisa's designs. And I've been eying them for a while now. I hope I don't have to wait any longer.


  408. 408
    Anonymous says:

    My sister is having a baby next month! The baby spoons would be perfect! The "Whoo do you love?" necklace is so cute tooo!


  409. 409
    Justine says:

    The "Elephant Ruffle Butt Onesie and Matching Bib" is so adorable! I would love to be able to give something like this to my aunt for her newborn.


  410. 410
    Brianna Heldt says:

    love all of lisa's stuff!

  411. 411

    Love her stuff and was lucky enough to win a necklace on some other blog one time….and it is so cute! I think I'd pick the little owl necklace, but would really have to think hard if I was so lucky!


  412. 412
    rarely David usually Lisa says:

    I love, love love her family tree necklace.

  413. 413
    TheFancyFritter says:

    I have seen so much of her in the blog world & love her stuff! I love the tiny initials custom necklace. Hope I win! Thanks!

  414. 414
    Maya in Eugene says:

    love love love love love her stuff – and her cool haircut (but you can't give that away…)! "Whooo do you love" owl necklace has been on my radar for awhile. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  415. 415
    Songberries says:

    I love Lisa's Jewelry!
    My favorite is from up here necklace!

  416. 416
    r- m val says:

    I love the family one you featured. I have no kids yet, but when I do… i would love their little names on a sweet necklace of hers.

  417. 417
    The Chubby Dove says:

    i own two pieces already, but i'm kinda selfish.
    i love the 'whoo do you love' necklace.

  418. 418

    lisa's blog is where i found yours one day way back when… i love all of her stuff… love the new dad gifts too.

  419. 419

    I think my neck could use some "open circle" action! Love her stuff, thanks for sharing her link!


  420. 420

    I really like the Family Tree necklace

  421. 421

    You really cannot go wrong with any of her designs. Right now I love the heart necklace she created for lil miss Audrey. I have a dear friend who lost her son last Oct 5th and I would love nothing more than to give her this necklace with his name of it.

  422. 422
    KKGhoffman says:

    from up here necklace

  423. 423

    I like the Friendship Necklace. =)

  424. 424
    aileendeo says:

    I would loooooove to get the Family Tree Necklace, plus the original necklace. I've had my eye on it for a while :)

  425. 425

    I love the Sweet and Simple Birdie necklace and the Heartstrings necklace. :)

  426. 426
    mommy2luke2008 says:

    I love the little feet and the dainty drops!
    maryw1981 at yahoo dot com

  427. 427
    Heather says:

    Love everything but especially the vintage frames necklace!

  428. 428
    Katie Petro says:

    I love the family tree…but, oyi! So hard to choose!!!

  429. 429
    Alicia King says:

    i love the laundry line & the illuminate necklaces! simply beautiful!

  430. 430

    Love them!! Toss up between the Daddy superhero key chain (great for father's day!) and the family tree necklace for me – fingers crossed so hard it hurts!!

  431. 431

    i adore lisa's jewelry! – SHannon K

  432. 432
    Our Busy Little Bunch says:

    I like the itty bitty hearts necklace. thanks for the chance – love her designs!!

  433. 433
    raising3princesses says:

    I love the wish necklace!

  434. 434
    Kristiina says:

    I love the hugs and kisses (xo) necklace :)

    Thanks for the chance!

  435. 435

    I want a family crest necklace. Also love the Redeemed necklace. A friend got it!

  436. 436
    Alisa D says:

    With father's day coming up, I would have to get the my daddy is a superhero key chain. But for myself, I always want the family crest necklaces!

  437. 437

    I would love a necklace with my son's name on it!

  438. 438
    Cole and Christy says:

    I want the family tree necklace so badly!!!!

  439. 439

    I love the petite family crest necklace! And the open circle and the original…

  440. 440

    I like the ones with your childrens names on them.

  441. 441

    I love the vintage frames necklace!

  442. 442

    i have been wanting the 'my heart' necklace for so long! maybe this is my chance!!

  443. 443
    Manon A says:

    My husband would look amazing in the leather cuff…..I mean the cuff would look even more awesome on my amazing husband. (:

  444. 444

    I love paper lanterns!!!!

  445. 445
    Kristin Sellars says:

    Love the jumble of charms necklace :)

  446. 446
    Mama Lungo says:

    I love the mama necklace

  447. 447

    I think captured heart might be my favorite? so hard to choose…

  448. 448
    Anonymous says:

    itty bitty hearts necklace

    barnessonya at gmail dot com

  449. 449
    Cindy Gibson says:


    My faves are:

    lovebird necklace

    mama necklace

  450. 450
    mallorymallorah says:

    I LOVE Lisa's jewelry. My all time favorite is the cream in my coffee. So cute.

  451. 451
    Amy@OCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder says:

    I love the sparkle necklace!!!

    lucky_march_girl AT yahoo DOT com

  452. 452

    The vintage frame necklace is to die for!! LOVE IT!

  453. 453
    Anonymous says:

    I've bought three pieces so far, but I just gave away one, so I need another. I love the sparkle necklace, but I'd have mine say "Shine on" Destiny

  454. 454
    Courtney Zadik says:

    From here up!!!! It's gorgeous!

  455. 455
    jOni lAnE says:

    lisa make unbelievably adorable necklaces. i own two of them, and get compliments ALL the time. crossing my fingers and toes for the win…would LOVE to add to my collection.

  456. 456
    Crystal says:

    I love so many of her necklaces, but I do think the heartstrings one is super sweet!

  457. 457

    So many gorgeous pieces over at Lisa's store but I am totally in love with the illuminate piece….so pretty!! xo

  458. 458
    WaselewskiFamily says:

    I am a new "stalker" of your blog Lindsey, can't start my day without my coffee and The Pleated Poppy now :D. I absolutely LOVE Lisa's designs… "Wish" is my favorite but I recently bought "Whoo do you Love" for my mother in law and when I got it I wanted to keep it for myself, it was so cute!!!

  459. 459

    i love the vintage frames! i ordered it and wear it all the time! lisa's jewelry rocks!!!

  460. 460
    Christi says:

    I love, love, love the sparkle necklace!

  461. 461
    Jennifer says:

    I love all her jewelry!! My favorite piece right now is the Sweet and Simple Birdie Necklace… :)

  462. 462
    fa11enan9e1 (Alice) says:

    My favorite is the Be Still Necklace. :)

  463. 463
    Clare Heuer says:

    I've heard so much about Lisa's jewelry. My favorite would be the up from here necklace.

  464. 464

    I have always loved the sweetheart tree necklace!

  465. 465
    Ry and Ally says:

    I am in love with her jewelry. Love the little initials. So charming!

  466. 466

    This may be odd…but I love the "Fly free" necklace because I have just been through a tough end to a 20 year marriage. This would really lift my spirits. familymonaghan@gmail.com

  467. 467

    Could I ever win with 475 entries? I sure hope so! I have loved Lisa's jewelry for so long and would love the chance to own a piece of it for myself!!


  468. 468
    smileyeyes says:

    Oh my goodness I love all of her work… but the chandelier is just my fave. -Katie

  469. 469
    Sara @ It's Good to be Queen says:

    i love the sterling ring. :)

  470. 470
    shannon says:

    i love the "beautiful" necklace and the doggie tag style necklace!

  471. 471
    Jenna Allen | The Indecisive Organizer says:

    Omgoodness I love the shop! My favorite is the "you are loved" necklace. It's so amazing!



  472. 472

    any necklace that I can put all three of my kids names on. I love them ALL

  473. 473
    Anonymous says:

    all her work is so unique and beautiful it is hard to pick one favorite…i would love to have one of each!!!

    kelly b


  474. 474

    Ummm. Yes. I'll take the Original Necklace, pleeeeeaase. Thank you.

  475. 475

    Jumble of Charms has always been my favorite! I love Lisa's designs!

  476. 476
    sewfunky says:

    love love love the cream in my coffee!

  477. 477
    Mique (as in Mickey) says:

    I love everything Lisa does…Dream a little bigger bracelet has always been my favorite. But that together necklace is adorable!

  478. 478
    Peek at My Paper says:

    Love all of it! The teeny tiny initials is so adorable!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  479. 479
    Brian and Kendra says:

    I love ALL her jewlery! But I really like the family Tree one! I don't own any yet but I sure plan too!

  480. 480
    Mallory's Mommy says:

    ok i have entered every giveway for LL that I have ever came across and I'm determined to win some day! The exact necklace I want isn't on there now but Im definitely going to request i if i win :D

  481. 481

    The family tree is awesome!

  482. 482
    Ashley Marie says:

    Im in love with the wish necklace! All of Lisa's jewelry is beautiful!

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