hoho winner!

congrats to tara milligan!
you won the hoho monster giveaway!
i think your little girl is going to love chewing on this fuzzy little guy!
email me your address and i’ll get it to crystal.

and thank you crystal for your generous giveaway!
* * * * * 
did you see i’ve updated my shop with lots of new goodies?
i’ll be adding aprons this afternoon (hopefully!)
and i have a pile of bloom bags all ruffled up, waiting patiently for giant posies to be added!
* * * * *
and get your “what-i-wore wednesday” posts ready to link up with me tomorrow!


  1. 1
    nell ann says:

    So excited about your What I Wore Wednesday! My friend and I were discussing how much we love your WIWW posts and how much they've inspired us in the clothing dept. Keep them coming … and we're going to start photographing ourselves so we can link up, too!

  2. 2
    Craig and Steph Wardle says:

    i am leaving a a little hello on your blog to enter a little giveaway on http://www.littlebitfunky.com's website! i hope i win your awesome "scrumptious posey pins and one set of your darling posey barrettes"! thanks!

  3. 3

    i'm stopping by from little bit funky,you have an adorable blog!

  4. 4

    Glad to have found you through Little Bit Funky.
    I love your show displays, I am returning for my second season at a Farmers Market and love reusing thing for my displays and thankful to have some new ideas to put my crafts in for display-have got to go thrifting and raid my moms house some more! I especially love the wire baskets!

  5. 5
    The Misters Wife says:

    OHHHHHH Bloom Bags, I have Mothers day Money just waiting to buy me one!!! I am tickled pink over it!!!

  6. 6
    delliechan says:

    Hi there – just came here from Crystals blog – I love your posies. Especially the petal pusher in aqua – gorgeous!!

  7. 7
    Midwestern Gone Idahoan says:

    How cute is that!?!

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