master bath

this room may look familiar –
it’s where i take all my wiww pics.
so let’s get the first question out of the way:
what color is the paint on the walls?
answer: i don’t know!
it was from a swatch i had pulled years ago –
a martha stewart color from kmart, which no longer exists – sorry!
someday i think i’ll make up a packet of paint swatches for you all –
i get more questions about paint colors than just about anything else!
here’s the entry to my bathroom from my bedroom.
the master bedroom wall color is flax by restoration hardware.
the flooring is travertine tiles.
i love using beadboard on bathroom walls –
i think we’ve done it in all of our past houses.
the countertop is a travertine slab.
sinks are kohler from home depot.
the medicine cabinets were also from home depot.
the potty is just to the right of the sinks.
just across from the potty are these 3 pics.
i so badly need to change them out.  i still love the pic of sean and i, but the other 2 were just fillers for the time being…
3 1/2 years ago.
the frames are from aaron bros.
i love the dark wood tones with the light and airy wall color.
that’s the door back into the master, in case you’re getting turned around ;)
one of my favorite features in our house are the 5 panel doors – but man, do they collect dust!
wall hooks (that you can’t see) for the towels were the martha stewart collection for kmart – cheap and pretty!
our shower is fabulous, if i do say so myself.
my poor kids hardly EVER get to take baths.
it is so much faster and efficient for me to take them in with me and shower them all at once.
best feature #1: double shower heads.
best feature #2: niche for toiletries under the shower head (which is from home depot)
our neighbor owns a tile company and sold us our beautiful hand glazed tile – something we NEVER would have purchased on our own.
i still love the layout of the tile – the subway pattern with the framed diamond area.
the floor and the ceiling also have the diamond pattern on them,
but the floor is done in travertine.
funny story:
when the workers were here installing the glass in this shower and also in the other bathroom,
i had the flu.
i had to run between the bathrooms yelling at everyone to get out so i could throw up!
that flu turned out to be silas – surprise!
just an extra spot to hang more towels and my robes.
i have a summer robe and a winter robe.
i love wearing robes, almost as much as wearing jammies all day!
this is the door to the closet.
to the left is the washer and dryer and to the right is our closet.
straight ahead is another pocket door to the playroom.
this passthrough between the rooms was a happy accident.
it wasn’t drawn in the original plans and we just fiddled with it until it worked out!
i have very few accessories in this bathroom.
i just haven’t found something just right, and i haven’t really felt the need.
its kind of nice to have one room somewhat sparse.
these little bottles came from a trip to europe we took with my parents.
and the only other accessory is this little pottery barn knock off clock.
nicole introduced me to these great soap dispensers (from here).
i love love love them!
all of our door hardware is emtek.
in our past homes we have skimped on the knobs and done cheap stuff,
but there is a huge difference with quality knobs  – mostly in how quiet they are in comparison.
its like jewelry for the doors.
we also splurged on the cabinet hardware throughout the house.
for some reason i was set on using latches rather than traditional knobs.
i am so glad i did – i really love using them.
we tried out a few less expensive versions and the just felt cheap, less solid.
ok, so thats it!
i hope you enjoyed my little tour of our master bath!
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  1. 1
    twolittletots says:

    beautiful! thank you for sharing. i love the little details…the frames, the soap holder…need to get a few of those now…thanks!
    oh, i wish we had a master bath, but we don't…maybe someday.

    enjoy your weekend!

  2. 2
    Emily@remodelingthislife says:

    I love everything!

  3. 3
    Rebecca@This Present Life says:

    Your bathroom is beautiful! It's like a mini retreat in your own home! I agree that it's kind of nice to have it sparsely decorated in there. Let the beauty of the hardware, tile and fixtures be your decoration! Thanks for sharing!

  4. 4

    Your master bath is awesome.

  5. 5

    So, so pretty! I love the shower:)

  6. 6

    I love, love, love your master bathroom! I especially like the emteck knobs they are fabulous, and that shower is amazing, I would never give my daughter a bath either! You have great taste!

  7. 7
    Karen P. says:

    WOW, thanks for sharing. Awesome Master bath!! Love the tile in the shower!

  8. 8
    hiyaluv says:

    that was so much fun and you have a gorgeous bath!

  9. 9

    Love this bathroom…love love love it! :) While I was looking through it, my four year old daughter saw your kids' pictures on the side of the blog and said, "Oh mom…those kids are beautiful!" :) I agree!

    Thanks for sharing everything with us! Happy Friday!


  10. 10
    the VG huis says:

    Hi Lindsey…wow what a bathroom. I'd never leave it! I love everything about it especially your knobs and latches! I agree good hardware is good. Where did you find the knock off PB clock? I bought my sister a PB one but always seem to skimp on buying one for myself even though I really love it. Have a great weekend.


  11. 11

    What a beautiful bathroom! My favorite touches are the subway tile, the 5 panel doors and the GORGEOUS doorknobs! Have a great weekend. :)

  12. 12
    simpledaisy says:

    It all looks great!!!!!

  13. 13
    The Tesdalls says:

    Wow….it's beautiful!!!

  14. 14
    stephanie says:

    Stunning!!!!!! The whole bathroom just stunning!! Gooseberry Patch has some really cute things, I'm going to have to go and find those soap dispensers-too cute!

  15. 15

    I agree. Love it all, and really love the soap dispensers. I couldn't find them on the site–do you know if they are called something particular, or if they are still available? Carole

  16. 16
    coolkids says:

    love it! I want to gut my bathroom.

  17. 17

    Want to trade houses? Because I just love yours too much. Seriously, jealous!

  18. 18
    Just Beachy says:

    That is seriously my favorite bathroom ever ,thanks for showing it all , it makes me want to add even more beadboard to mine gorgeous .

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    I recently found your blog through abeachcottage, and I just have to say I love your house. The colors, the lightness, all of it. It's exactly my taste, and it's been a big inspiration for me. So thank you!

  20. 20
    Dresden says:

    You have my dream bathroom! When we build a house-your bathroom just might be copied ;)

  21. 21

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bathroom!!! We're adding a master suite to our home beginning in July, and I will definitely be using some of your ideas. Thank you.


  22. 22

    your bathroom design is GORGEOUS!
    funny thing is ~ we have the SAME taste in paint colors for our bathroom :)
    the color is actually "pheasant" and it was originally a Sherwin Williams color!
    love it! thanks for sharing!

  23. 23
    macmomdaly says:

    Love the bathroom! We redid our bath and love it too. This is silly but how do you keep you glass so clean? I know silly question. We have clear/frameless doors as well with a water softener and I have the hardest time keeping them clean. Looking forward to your answer. Thanks! Melissa

  24. 24
    jOni lAnE says:

    gorgeous bathroom. i am seriously coveting the dual shower. looks like an adventure. ;)

  25. 25
    maría cecilia says:

    Beautiful bathroom , so comfortable!!!
    Maria Cecilia

  26. 26

    The shower is AMAZING! Lucky ducks! The whole bathroom is fabulous. I'd love to have a bathroom that looked this.

  27. 27

    Love it! Sherwin Williams can match pretty much anything I mix up and take in. Because that's what I do – fiddle around with samples until I get it just right, paint until I run out, then go in and joyously discover it's seamless. So, your readers could go there to get the retired Martha Stewart colors. All they need is a little swatch. THey use the color wheel, not the computer that other stores use and I find it to work. If you had a drop left of your gorgeous bathroom color, you could even make a sample and they could match it – AND provide a name for it. Bonus. That would make it easy when folks go in to match. I can't believe I just wrote this much, but I love all things paint.

  28. 28
    Scrappycook says:

    The don't see the soap dispensers on that website you linked. Any idea where I could but them?

  29. 29
    Paige Willingham says:

    Beautiful master bath. Thanks for posting. We re-did our bathroom recently and it is one of my favorite places to go. We did a bathtub though, because reading a good book with a hot bath the best for me. Wanted to ask, I went to gooseberry patch and couldn't find those soap dispensers anywhere. Do you know what I'm doing wrong??

  30. 30
    Michele says:

    Thanks for being so specific and sharing all of the details about where you guys purchased everything. We're hoping to build a new home in the near future and can use advice like this. Thanks for the great post! Love your bathroom :)

  31. 31
    Michelle Salz-Smith says:

    Very pretty and I love your sweet blog!

  32. 32
    noemile says:

    So in love with your shower! Im going to demand to have one put in like that when ever we buy a house! LOL Thanks for sharing with us!

  33. 33
    Mallerie Kristine says:

    Lets trade houses? This is beyond amazing! Love the colors of everything and the little "pocket door ways" too cute!

  34. 34

    I love your master bath. We should totally trade :)

  35. 35
    Donna and Joe says:

    Beautiful master bath! I wish I could clone it and transplant it into my house. Especially love the beadboard, paint color and your hardware selection.

  36. 36

    Love the bathroom! I grew up in a 200 year old home with doorknobs like that and fun latches too. It really inspires me to change out the knobs in our builder special ugly knobs even more!

  37. 37
    This Texas Momma says:

    Your bathroom feels just like a relaxing spa experience. How amazing that you get to feel that every day! I love my little house, but the one thing I didn't love was the master bath…I told myself it was okay, that no girl needs/gets her dream bath on her very first house. You've given me something to aspire to!

  38. 38
    Whitney Hannah Hill says:

    That was fun! I didn't know you had a Silas, too! So, my question to you is…do people have the hardest time trying to figure out what you are saying when you introduce him? What do strangers call him when they see his name? I'm not one of those that wants to pick something sooo utterly unique that it's difficult, but apparently we did. Just today, in fact, the lady kept saying "Skyler…then Syler…" and calling him a girl. Sigh. I just never imagined people wouldn't know what I was saying, because I was always familiar with the name. My favorite pronunciation (or not)…Cialis. No joke.

  39. 39

    Wow – THANK you for posting this! We've started a renovation in our master bath & while I have a general idea of where I'm headed, I haven't quite mapped out all the details – I love what you've done (esp. the shower!) Beautiful.

  40. 40
    Christina says:

    This couldn't come at a better time! I need to order the hardware for our bathrooms and kitchen. The House of Antique Hardware store is amazing!! Thanks for the tip!!!! Beautiful bathroom too! :o)

  41. 41
    Celeste says:

    Love it. Totally "my style." :)
    …or master bath is the same color — very pretty (:

  42. 42

    I'd NEVER leave that bathroom!! No seriously. NEVER. I'd live there.

    "Where's Mom?"

    "In the bathroom!!!"

    It is GORGEOUS!!

    I just found you from Donna's giveaway. I'm telling everyone I know about YOU!!!!

    Love your blog and your creative handy work. It's superb!!!

    I'm jealous.


  43. 43

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful room :-) May I ask what the type of molding you have around the doors is called?

  44. 44

    Its' awesome!

    Just the other day i heard that martha stewart paint is in business agagin at home depot. soooo excited

  45. 45
    Jolanda says:

    I am in LOVE with you house and the bathroom is amazing. I have bookmarked it, so that maybe one day I can build a house and model is EXACTLY like yours…every detail…

  46. 46
    Emily@decorchick says:

    I just saw this link from Nester's Tumblr files. Wow, it is gorgeous!!! I want this bathroom. Exactly as is.

  47. 47
    Brianna says:

    I HAVE to have some of those soap dispensers… but I cannot seem to locate them through the link you provided. I'm in Canada too… I doubt I can get them shipped here :( so sad.

  48. 48

    Your double vanity cabinet would be perfect for my parents' bathroom reno. Any chance you know the make/model?

  49. 49

    shpatino – we had the cabinet custom made – sorry to be no help!

  50. 50

    No worries…your pictures were enough to inspire them. Thank you!

  51. 51
    carolzsays says:

    Beautiful bathroom! I just have to have that soap dispenser but can't find it on the gooseberry site. Any suggestions on where else to find it?

  52. 52

    i ordered the soap dispensers out of the catalog, so that may be a better place to start.

  53. 53

    It all looks so pretty. I love your huge shower. The tile is something I would have chosen too. I put bead board in our new half bath. Just love it. I have used an old Martha color called Atlantic before and it’s very similar. Maybe a little lighter. She has great colors.

  54. 54

    Wow. I love so many of your finishes, but especially the beadboard. Just a lovely and bright space!

  55. 55

    Beautiful bathroom. Love all the little details.

  56. 56

    I ADORE your bathroom…the beadboard going all the way to the ceiling is fabulous!
    I have the same hand soap thingy too…Love those!

  57. 57

    love your bath! want to do beadboard someday in one of ours!

  58. 58

    Your bathroom looks amazing!!!! Where did you get your beadboard? Thanks!!

  59. 59

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  61. 61
    Annie Farr says:

    Do you not have a bathtub? One in another bathroom? I would love to do away with my tub, and make the shower bigger like yours, but then I wonder about resale value. We have another tub in the “guest” bathroom, our other bathroom, but wondered about not having one in the master.

    I love your new bathroom, colors are beautiful!!

    Just let me know, thanks!!

    • 62

      we don’t have a tub in the master, but we do in the kids/guest bath. we really hardly ever takes baths, so it wasn’t even a thought for us to have one in our bathroom.

  62. 63

    Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you
    know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I
    think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

  63. 64
    Michelle says:

    Exactly what kind of head board did you use. I looked on lowes website and lots of different kinds came up. I’m looking to finish the walls in our bathroom and I love this

    • 65
      lindsey says:

      hi michelle!

      actually, i’m not sure of the exact kind. we didn’t do all the work on our house ourselves. it was just too big of a project at the time with having very young kids, so we hired out quite a bit. i know it was “real” bead board” though, not the sheets you can find easily at home improvement stores. it is real wood pieces of breadboard, maybe 2 planks wide per section, if my memory serves me right. i hope that helps!

  64. 67

    Sherwin Williams Willowtree seems close to what your paint color might be.

  65. 68

    I was wondering if you ever considered changing the
    layout of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two pictures.

    Maybe you could space it out better?

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