a little kick

i’ve blogged before about some of my favorite things,
and one of them is my white couch.
the nester and pink & polka dot will back me on this.
it was, and still is, one of our very few newly purchased items (read: not used).
some of you may cringe at the idea of white, but let me tell you…
i throw it in the washer and the dryer and its all nice and white again.
now, i don’t do it nearly as often as i should.
in fact its pretty nasty right now.
but after a wash it’ll be back to white.
now it is starting to show some wear and tear, but after about 10 years, i think that’s expected.
but, the white was getting a little boring.
i haven’t had any cute pillows on it in forever because i was bored of all my old ones
and just never replaced them after taking them off.
so this weekend i finally carved out a little time to whip up some pillows
out of some of my current favorite fabrics.
most of these fabrics are from anna maria horner‘s drawing room collection and heather bailey‘s nicey jane,
with a little amy butler and joel dewberry thrown in for good measure.
why i didn’t immediately fall in love with anna maria’s line is beyond me!
i am head over heels about it now!
i even made a shirt out of it.
i grabbed random bits and pieces and just shoved them all together without putting too much thought into it.
note: making pillows is not hard.
here‘s a little tutorial.
however, what is hard is remembering the measurements in your head that you are cutting and having a conversation with your husband.
i made so many mistakes while he was watching me and chatting that it got to be pretty funny.
i almost threw in the towel, but then saw the blah couch and knew i had to finish.
and i am so thrilled with the result!
i love how it goes with the mustard dresser in the entry.
its so rewarding to do a project for myself every once in awhile.
it reminds me to do it more often!


  1. 1

    so pretty with the mustard dresser … love the combo of colors.

  2. 2
    xo, Kate @keeping up w/the Moreland's says:

    it looks great!! i do have a question, my couch looks similiar to yours…. how do you take the covers off??? mine looks so gross & I have no clue how to get it off!! Thanks!

  3. 3
    AMKreations says:

    I love your throws! I have a maroon couch…it's so hard to find pillows to match…I'm going to have to make my own like you!

  4. 4
    My Plate is Full says:

    'Love the new pillows and the mustard dresser!

  5. 5
    Kelly at I Dream of Decor says:

    looks great! and really pretty with your gorgeous dresser! I am still contemplating getting a white slipcovered sofa and of course everyone I tell thinks I'm crazy to get it with a two year old… I think I'll check out your tutorial too, I' hoping to make some pillows with my mom when we move into our new home next week!

  6. 6

    cuuuute. i love my white couch, too:).

  7. 7
    twolittletots says:

    really cute! and i love your white couch! i need to kick my butt into gear and make something for me too!

  8. 8
    Sourkraut says:

    Looks amazing, especially with the neat-o yellow dresser! I've been picturing something similar for my sofa but because I'm starting with a green sofa in a darker blue room it kind of limits my color options.

  9. 9
    nmassie218 says:

    Super cute!

  10. 10

    They look great what a fun idea!

  11. 11

    Very pretty! Great inspiration for updating my light tan sofa!

  12. 12

    Can I just tell you I think you are so great? I really have enjoyed your blog and think that you are such a wonderful, genuine, nice person. Yours is one of my favorite blogs to read because of this. I do have a question that I have to ask because I've been researching white couches/slipcovers forever on the internet. Did you buy the couches with the slipcovers? My couches look almost exactly the same shape but I can't find a slipcover that looks as great as yours. Keep up the wonderful blogging! :)

  13. 13

    Ooops, I didn't include my email above, its:

  14. 14
    Celeste says:

    love them! just so happens that those are my current fave fabrics too…the colors are just perfect.

    p.s. i have the exact same dresser – currently painted white – been actually wanting to paint it either gray or mustard…now – i think i'll go for the mustard!

  15. 15
    I Sew Lucky says:

    Cute pillows and I LOVE the dresser!

  16. 16

    I love the pillows, I wish I was able to whip up such pretties! I really wanted a white couch but I "allowed" my husband to get the ugly black fake leather couch from big lots!! I will be getting a white couch when this one gives out, they are just so classic and chic to me.

  17. 17
    Lisa Renee says:

    YOU are stinking amazing. A fashion and interior designer! My degree and background is interior design but since having kids that seems like a lifetime ago and that maybe I even dreamt it! LOL! LOVE LOVE LOVE your taste. I just started following you and think we would be great friends if we lived in the same area. I can't wait to see what you 'whip up' next! Hope you have a great weekend~

  18. 18
    Lemonade Makin' Mama says:

    The fabrics are adorable and remind me a lot of Boden clothing.

  19. 19
    Pink and Polka Dot says:

    those fabrics are adorable! i should take the time to make some stuff! miss you! White slips rule!

  20. 20
    Lindsay says:

    LOVE all things white :) Cute pillows!

  21. 21

    LOVE it! Love the dresser especially. Could you share where you bought your sofa? Is it Ikea?

  22. 22
    glassgirl says:

    I love your blog! I also want to know where you got your couch.

  23. 23
    Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Very cute!!! They really do add a nice pop to your room. I've been mulling over doing something maybe out of a drop cloth (??) on our couch….

  24. 24

    I did the same thing over the weekend! I posted pictures here: http://emuf.blogspot.com/2010/07/my-creative-weekend.html
    It makes such a big difference in the whole living area to have those bright summer garden colors in the house. Such a happy project.

  25. 25
    Candace says:

    I LOVE THOSE!!! :) Just love them! :) I am a relatively new reader of your blog and you are now one of my top favorites! Thanks for sharing…I love all your stuff in your shop, too…the next time I have "extra" money I'm coming straight to you to shop!!

  26. 26
    Heather at Blessed Little Nest says:

    so so pretty in a very non frou frou way. i love that! and i love the gray wall with the mustard dresser. swoon! what color is the paint?

  27. 27
    What I Did Today says:

    I really need to do this as well. You're turned out lovely. I am so amazed that you have had the same slipcover for 10 years!!!! Wow! IS it potterybarn? What is it?


  28. 28
    thedomesticfringe says:

    I love the dresser and especially the pillows. It's beautiful!


  29. 29
    hiyaluv says:

    i love all the colors. great taste!

  30. 30

    Love the mustard dresser! The colors are awesome together!
    Stop by and check out my new blog!

  31. 31

    You are so clever and those cushions give the perfect splash of colour.
    I also love your blog and your style.
    I keep looking at your house and wondering how I can make mine look more like it.

  32. 32

    Honestly, I do not remember ever seeing the mustard dresser. I went to the original post and sure enough, no comment from me. I love it!!!! The pillows are fab, they go perfectly with the dresser.

  33. 33
    Trish @TheOldPostRoad says:

    Beautiful sofa pets! I love them and the white sofa!

  34. 34
    Michele says:

    Cute pillows!!! I’m loving that you can just whip up some pillows in a weekend. That would be a project that consumed me for weeks! This post is helping convince my husband that a sofa with a white slipcover really is practical for a home full of boys. It still looks in pretty great shape after 10 years.

  35. 35
    The Chubby Dove says:

    we have white couches, too. love them…and bleach.

    your pillows are so fun and colorful!

  36. 36
    mandiegirl says:

    Lindsey- They're so cute! I was just thinking this morning of doing something similar over the weekend! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. 37
    she dreams big! says:

    Now I love anna maria's line too! Hawthorne Threads, here I come!

  38. 38

    that is gorgeous!!! i love all the pops of color! i think you are all so brave to have white couches… they look great! i haven't mustered up the courage or funds to get one… YET. :o)

  39. 39
    Kia Gregory says:

    Lindsey, what's the paint color for your living room walls? Love it.

  40. 40
    pleated poppy says:

    kia – my living room walls are silver sage by restoration hardware.

  41. 41

    I love these pillows, they all look great together! What is that blue damasky looking fabric? I can't find that anywhere!


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