prototypes & wiww

i’m spending the week with nicole and we are having so much fun getting our craft on!
she is great for pushing me to try out new products,
so we have been working on a few prototypes for new products over the last couple days –
so fun!
i have a really hard time when my first try isn’t right, but i’m learning to move on and try again.
so far we’ve tried coin purses, fun new tea towels, and something too cute to even mention!
here’s some shots of our fun coin purses:
sorry what i wore wednesday is again so lame!
i managed only ONE photo of myself this week,
but fear not – i have excuses!
did you read my posts last week?
i was BUSY with lots of new products!
and we are visiting my best friend and her pile of kids this week,
so packing up my family for a week away
after having my husband gone for 3 days is another great excuse for no pictures.
of course, i could’ve taken pictures while i’m here,
but today i didn’t even get out of my jammies, so there!

tank – old navy
camera strap – shey b
shorts – target (i never wear shorts and i *love* these ones!)
sandals – target
sweater – target
and be sure to come back next week for a super special guest wiww blogger –
i can’t wait for you to meet her!
she’s super special and like a sister to me (hint hint).
oh, and i thought maybe i’d give all you participating a couple helps for posting pics of yourself.
first off is cropping your picture.
my pic above is more cropped than i’d like, but there’s not much else distracting in the pic, 
so i think its helpful.
if you’re taking a pic in a tiny mirror, 
try to crop out the wall its leaning against so all we see is you in the mirror.
another tip is adjusting the brightness of your pic if it seems too dark.
and the most important  tip of all is to post the biggest pics you can.
so many of you are participating and we love to hop over to each others’ blogs, 
but its such a bummer when the photos are so tiny we can’t even tell what you’re wearing.
i am thrilled that so many of you are joining me in this adventure to put more effort into taking care of ourselves, and having fun with it!
now’s your turn to link up, you crazy ladies!


  1. 1
    kpmattingly says:

    Those coin purses are so cute. I love how when you open them they have fun crazy fabrics/colors inside!

  2. 2

    I like the new products and thanks for the picture-taking tips.

  3. 3
    Laura PARING DOWN says:

    I love that polka dot glory inside. It would be a smile every time it opened (before the frown of spending the money inside).


  4. 4
    Cha Cha says:

    Thanks for the tips, I need them. So glad I wasn't the only one who didn't get many pictures this week. So happy for you to spend time with your best friend mine just move out near you and I miss her so bad.

    Have a fun week and enjoy saying yes
    Cha CHa

  5. 5
    406 Olivia says:

    How come your legs looks so good in flats? Mine turn into tree trunks…thanks for hosting!


  6. 6
    Wonder Mom says:

    I didn't get out of my jammies yesterday- but I bet you look SO MUCH CUTER in your PJ's than I do! :0)

  7. 7
    Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    That tank is super cute. Sigh. I'm way to embarrassed to post pictures of myself, but if I can get myself to the gym regularly, maybe I could join in too!! It seems like a lot of fun.

    Love the coin purses!

  8. 8
    Meet Virginia says:

    Love the new coin purses Lindsey!! Your outfit is too cute love it! Thanks so much for hosting!!


    Check out Meet Virginia's Wonderfully Wordy Vinyl Giveaway HERE!!

    Meet Virginia!

  9. 9
    teedle. says:

    I love this outfit, actually! So comfy yet very chic!

  10. 10

    So fun!! Hope you and Nicole have a blast together. Those coin purses are darling.

  11. 11

    so ute!! love the differnt fabrics on the inside :)

  12. 12
    Simply Created by Cole says:

    Umm…"Yes, Please!" for those CUTE coin purses! You do a wonderful job of mixing fabrics.


  13. 13

    Just came across your blog and love it. Love the photo 'what I wore' idea. I also love the coin purses. Are they big enough to hold business cards??? I'm a new follower.

  14. 14
    Justine says:

    Oh I love the fabric for the coin pouches! If you added a zipper on the back outside and maybe one inside, my mom would buy a whole bunch. Hers just broke recently so she's been looking for a replacement.

  15. 15

    I'm not new to your blog but I'm new to blogging and part of the reason why I started was because I so wanted to join in on WIWW! I love the idea. And your style. AND your blog. Just wanted to let you know :)

  16. 16

    This looks fun, I will plan on participating in the future for sure:)

  17. 17
    Building a House and Home says:

    I think I've said this before, but it bears repeating…you are funny.

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